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2012-04-16 Source: City Government Website Editorial Department Font Size: Large, Medium and Small Reading: {{pvCount}} times

1. The portal of the Sanming Municipal People's Government is hosted by the Sanming Municipal People's Government Office, hosted by the Sanming Digital Sanming Construction Office, and the Sanming Municipal Government website editorial department is specifically responsible for the information collection, editing, web page production, release updates, and maintenance management of this website. The purpose of this website is "open government affairs, convenient services, and publicizing Sanming."

2. The editorial department of the website of the Sanming Municipal Government wholeheartedly publicizes and reports the new measures, new experiences, and achievements of the reform, opening up, and socialist modernization of all walks of life in our city. Welcome all levels of government departments, enterprises, and institutions in Sanming. E-mail and other forms (units and individuals with a large amount of information uploaded, this website can provide information upload account, password directly upload), and submit all kinds of useful information to my website.

3. This website warmly welcomes netizens to provide comments and suggestions to my website through various forms.

4. Contact information: Editorial Department of Website of Sanming City Government Address: 5th Floor, Building 1, Gaoyan New Village, Meilie District, Sanming City

Zip code: 365000 Tel: 0598-8296041, Email: smzfwz@163.com

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