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Notice on the announcement of the fifth batch of "one trip without a run", "maximum run", and the list of high-frequency matters

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Municipal units, central and provincial units stationed in Ming:

According to the Provincial Examination and Reform Office "Notice on Deepening the" One Trip Without Run "Reform and Ensuring the Target Task of This Year's One Run Without Run" Reform (Fujian Examination and Reform Office [2017] No. 7) and "Implementation of High-frequency Matters During the Year" The "Not Need to Run" and "Notice of Up to One Run" Target Tasks document requirements, in order to further promote the implementation of the "Not One Run" and "Up to One Run" to-do list-related tasks, the municipal government's fifth batch of "one The list of trips without running "and" up to one trip "and 50 high-frequency items" not running at once "situation table, 100 high-frequency items" up to one trip "situation table are printed and distributed to you, please do according to the list in time The “Corporate Guide” for handling matters and the synchronous modification of the data in the online office hall, and strictly implement the “one trip without running” and “maximum one trip” requirements according to the list during the handling of related matters.

Administrative Committee of Sanming Administrative Service Center

August 28, 2019

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