Enterprise preferential support

Support for technological innovation enterprises

1. Pilot demonstration enterprises at various levels of intellectual property rights, high-tech enterprises or leading enterprises of small giants in science and technology. 2. Has a clear intellectual property development strategy .... [Details]

Fiscal and tax incentives

The newly recruited qualified personnel for the small secured loan application that year reached 30% of the total number of existing employees of the enterprise (up to 100 companies .... [Detailed information]

Financing protection benefits

I. Support private enterprises to expand the scale of direct financing. Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Fujian Securities Regulatory Bureau organize related institutions to carry out various forms of ... [Detailed information]

Financial reward

I. Definition of M & A of foreign high-end brands
According to Fujian Economic and Trade Technology [2012] No. 655, the acquisition of foreign high-end brands refers to the province ... [Details]

Talent introduction policy

In December 2008, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China forwarded the “Opinions of the Central Talent Work Coordination Group on the Implementation of Overseas High-level Talent Introduction Program”. Development around the country ... [Details]

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