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Sanming is located in the west and northwest of Fujian. In 1958, the Sanming Heavy Industry Construction Committee was established to start industrial construction. In 1960, the provincial city of Sanming was established. In 1963, the Sanming District Office was established. The natural outline is "eight mountains, one water and one sub-field", with 12 counties (cities, districts) under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 22,900 square kilometers and a total population of 2.89 million people. The characteristics of the market situation can be summarized into four aspects: First, the central Soviet Union ... [Details]
  • Natural environment

  • Organizational history and division

  • National economy and social development

Municipal Development and Reform Commission Municipal Education Bureau Municipal Science and Technology Bureau City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology
Municipal Religious Affairs Bureau Municipal Public Security Bureau Civil Affairs Bureau City Justice Bureau
City Finance Bureau Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs Municipal Natural Resources Bureau City Ecological Environment Bureau
Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau Municipal Transportation Bureau Municipal Water Resources Bureau Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau
City Commerce Bureau City Tourism Bureau City Health Committee City Veterans Bureau
Municipal Emergency Bureau Municipal Audit Bureau SASAC City Forestry Bureau
Market Supervision Bureau City Sports Bureau City Statistics Bureau Municipal Civil Defense Office
Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau City Petition Office City Administration Bureau Financial Supervision Bureau