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Lin Junde, male, born in October 1960, Yongchun, Fujian. In July 1982, he graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Fuzhou University.

He was once a technician of the Construction Committee of Sanming City, and a deputy section chief and section chief of the Urban and Rural Planning Section of the Sanming Civilization Committee. In June 1994, he went to the Urban Planning Department of Yamasaki Prefecture, Japan for training. After September 1996, he served as Director (Deputy Division) of Sanming City Planning Bureau and Assistant Investigator of Sanming City Construction Committee. During that period, he studied at the Yamanashi Institute Graduate School in Japan from September 1998 to August 2000, and obtained a master's degree in MPA in Public Administration. After August 2000, he served as deputy director of the Sanming Municipal Construction Committee and director of the Sanming Urban and Rural Planning Bureau. Since December 2002, he has been Deputy Mayor of Sanming Municipal Government.

Division of labor

Responsible for civil affairs, retired military affairs, natural resources, ecological environment, housing and urban and rural construction, agriculture and rural areas, forestry, water conservancy, flood and drought resistance, civil defense, urban management, food and material reserves, earthquakes and other work.