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Zhang Yuanming, male, Han nationality, born in May 1970, Ninghua, Fujian, joined the work in October 1991, joined the Communist Party of China in December 1993, graduated from the Central Party School (graduated from the Central Party School in July 2011), Chief editor, currently Deputy Mayor of Sanming Municipal People's Government.

Former deputy director of the reporter department of Sanming Daily, deputy mayor of Gaoqiao Town, Sha County, deputy director and director of Sanming Radio Station; November 2001, director of Sanming Television Station; February 2004, Sanming Radio and Television Bureau Deputy Director, Director of Sanming TV Station; April 2007, he served as Director of Sanming Radio and Television Bureau and TV Station Director of Sanming City; in July 2009, he served as Deputy Secretary of the Youxi County Committee of Sanming City (at the director level); in October 2009 Deputy Secretary of Youxi County Party Committee and Deputy County Mayor of Sanming City; He served as Secretary of Taining County Party Committee of Sanming City in June 2011;

Division of labor

Responsible for human resources and social security, business (port), health, market supervision and management (intellectual property), medical insurance, foreign affairs, counterpart support, and anti-smuggling.