Data from "Three Year Book (2018)"

Sanming City is located in the northwestern part of the central Fujian Province, between 25 ° 30 ′ ~ 27 ° 07 ′ North Latitude and 116 ° 22 ′ ~ 118 ° 39 ′ East Longitude. It is bordered by Fuzhou City in the east, Jiangxi Province in the west, Quanzhou City in the south, Nanping City in the north, and Longyan City in the southwest. The area of Sanming City is dominated by low and medium mountains and hills. The northwest is the Wuyi Mountains, the middle is the Lao Mountains, and the southeast corner is near the Daiyun Mountains. It covers a total area of 22,965 square kilometers; it has jurisdiction over 1 county-level city (Yong'an City), 2 city-administered areas (Meilie District, Sanyuan District), 9 counties (Mingxi County, Qingliu County, Ninghua County, Ning County, Taining County, Jiangle County, Sha County, Youxi County, Datian County).

Data from "Three Year Book (2018)"

The stratigraphic structure of Sanming City is complete. There are 12 systems from the Lower Proterozoic to Cenozoic, and 37 stratigraphic units include four major rock types: metamorphic rocks, intrusive rocks, volcanic rocks, and sedimentary rocks. The oldest rock layer is distributed in the Late Archean Tianjingping Formation in the Jianning area. It is a component of the Huaxia ancient land core and represents the oldest rock layer in Fujian Province.

Because the Sanming area spans the three major structural units in Fujian, there are four fault zones in the geological structure: Shaxian-Nanri Island northwestward fault zone, passing through Taining, Jiangle, Shaxian, Youxi and other places; Yongan-Jinjiang northwestward fault zone, Passing through Mingxi, Yong'an, Datian and other places; Shaowu-Heyuan north eastward fault zone, passing through Taining, Jianning, Ninghua and other places; Zhenghe-Haifeng northeast fault zone, running through Youxi, Datian, Yongan, Shaxian And Sanming City.

The territory of Sanming is dominated by low and medium mountains and hills, the northwest is the Wuyi Mountains, the middle is the Qiong Mountains, and the southeast corner is near the Daiyun Mountains. Peaks and ridges are towering, hills are undulating, rivers are densely packed, river valleys and basins are interspersed between them. The whole terrain is generally high in the southwest, low in the northeast, and the highest altitude (Jianning Baishiding) is 1858 meters and the lowest is 50 meters.

Data from "Three Year Book (2018)"

年,三明市土地总面积229.65万公顷,其中:耕地面积19. Land resources By 2017 , the total land area of Sanming City was 2.296 million hectares, of which: the cultivated land area was 19. 60,000 hectares ;园地面积6.88万公顷,占土地总面积3 % ;林地面积182.92万公顷,占土地总面积79.65% ;草地面积3.41万公顷,占土地总面积1.48% ;城镇村及工矿用地面积5.38万公顷,占土地总面积2.34% ;交通运输用地面积2.84万公顷,占土地总面积1.24% ;水域及水利设施用地面积4.51万公顷,占土地总面积1.96% ;其他土地面积4.11万公顷,占土地总面积1.79%, Accounting for 8.53% of the total land area; 68,800 hectares of garden land, 3% of the total land area; 1,829,200 hectares of forest land, 79.65% of the total land area; 34,100 hectares of grassland, 1.48% of the total land area; urban villages and The area of industrial and mining land is 53,800 hectares, accounting for 2.34% of the total land area; the area of transportation land is 28,400 hectares, accounting for 1.24% of the total land area; the area of water and water conservancy facilities is 45,100 hectares, accounting for 1.96% of the total land area; other land areas 4.11 10,000 hectares, accounting for 1.79% of the total land area.

mineral resources   Sanming City is rich in mineral resources, but due to the difference in geological structure, the mineral resources are unevenly distributed, resulting in uneven spatial distribution of resources. Coal mines are mainly distributed in Datian, Yongan, Qingliu, Jiangle and other places, and the species is single; iron ore is mainly distributed in Datian, Yongan and other places; gold mines are mainly distributed in Youxi, Taining, Jianning; lead, zinc, copper Pyrite is mainly distributed in Datian, Youxi, Yongan and Jiangle; tungsten ore is distributed in Ninghua and Qingliu; barite is distributed in Yongan and Mingxi; limestone is mainly distributed in Yongan, Datian and Qingliu , Jiangle, Ninghua, Sanyuan and other places; fluorite is mainly distributed in Jianglechangkou, Mingxi Hufang, Qingliu Peng. The minerals occupying an important position in the mining economy are: anthracite, iron ore, barite, lead-zinc ore, gold ore, tungsten ore, limestone, marble, etc. The ore quality is good and has been mined in large quantities. 年年底,全市发现各类矿产79种,其中探明储量的矿产49种,主要有:煤、铁、铅、锌、钨、锡、金、银、石灰岩、重晶石、萤石、钾长石、高岭土、硫铁矿、蓝宝石等。 As of the end of 2017 , 79 types of minerals were found in the city, of which 49 were proven reserves, mainly: coal, iron, lead, zinc, tungsten, tin, gold, silver, limestone, barite, fluorite, Potash feldspar, kaolin, pyrite, sapphire, etc. 个,中型矿43个,已开发利用矿产43种。 Among the mining areas with proven reserves, there are 6 large-scale deposits, 43 medium-sized mines, and 43 kinds of mineral resources have been developed and utilized. 家,矿山从业人数10868人, 2017年产矿石量2268.21万吨,原矿总产值25.81亿元左右。 There are 410 registered mining enterprises of various types in the city, and the number of mining employees is 10,868 . In 2017, the output of ore was 22.6821 million tons, and the total output value of raw ore was about 2.581 billion yuan.

Natural resources   Sanming is a national key forest area in the province, a national collective forest area reform pilot area approved by the State Council, a national collective forest comprehensive reform pilot area, and the only national forest city nationwide cross-strait modern forestry cooperation experimental area. Sanming has rich forestry resources and superior forest ecological environment. 年,全市林地面积190.27万公顷、占土地总面积82.5% ,森林覆盖率76.8% ,森林蓄积量1.65亿立方米。 In 2017 , the city's forest land area was 19.027 million hectares, accounting for 82.5% of the total land area, the forest coverage rate was 76.8% , and the forest volume was 165 million cubic meters. 处,省级6处、保护小区800处,省级以上自然保护区数量占全省的1/3 。 There are 5 national-level nature reserves, 6 provincial-level and 800 protected communities in the city. The number of nature reserves above the provincial level accounts for 1/3 of the province. 处、省级森林公园19处,国家湿地公园2处,森林康养旅游形势向好。 There are 6 national forest parks in the city, 19 provincial forest parks, and 2 national wetland parks. The situation of forest recreation tourism is improving. ,林业是三明经济支柱产业之一。 Sanming Forestry builds a bridge from green water to green mountains to Jinshan Yinshan. The output of major forest products accounts for about 1/4 of the province's total. Forestry is one of the pillar industries of Sanming's economy.

Travel Resources   Sanming has beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery. 个;省级重点风景名胜区有宁化天鹅洞风景名胜区、梅列瑞云山风景名胜区、沙县七仙洞—淘金山风景名胜区、清流九龙湖风景区等4个。 There are 3 national-level scenic spots in China: Danxia • Taining Global Geopark-Taining Jinhu Scenic Area, Jiangle Yuhua Cave Scenic Area, Yong'an Taoyuan Cave-Linyin Stone Forest Scenic Area, etc .; Provincial key scenic spots are Ninghua Swan Cave Scenic Area, Meilie Ruiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Shaxian Cave-Taojinshan Scenic Area, Qingliu Jiulong Lake Scenic Area and 4 others.

个;省级历史文化名镇名村有永安市吉山乡、永安市贡川镇、宁化县石壁镇、建宁县溪源乡上坪村、三元区岩前镇忠山村、大田县济阳乡济阳村、宁化县曹坊乡下曹村、将乐县万全乡良地村、永安市槐南镇洋头村、永安市西洋镇福庄村、尤溪县台溪乡书京村、大田县桃源镇东坂村、大田县华兴乡杞溪村、大田县屏山乡许坑村14个(其中永安市吉山乡行政建制已撤销,现为燕西街道吉山村)。 National historic and cultural towns include Guifeng Village, Yangzhong Town, Youxi County, Laifang Village, Laifang Township, Qingliu County, Dayuan Village, Xinqiao Township, Taining County, Zhongshan Village, Yanqian Town, Sanyuan District, Sanming City, Fujian Province, and Fujian Province. Liangdi Village, Wanquan Township, Jiangle County, Yulian Village, Xiayang Township, Mingxi County, Fujian Province, and Shibi Town, Ninghua County, Fujian Province. Famous historical and cultural towns and villages are Jishan Township, Yong'an City, Gongchuan Township, Yong'an City, Shibi Town, Ninghua County, Shangping Village, Xiyuan Township, Jianning County, Zhongshan Village, Yanqian Town, Sanyuan District, Jiyang Village, Jiyang Township, Datian County, Cao Village, Caofang Countryside, Ninghua County, Liangdi Village, Wanquan Town, Jiangle County 14 、 Yantou Village, Huainan Town, Yongan City, Fuzhuang Village, Xiyang Town, Yongan City, Shujing Village, Taixi Township, Youxi County, Dongban Village, Taoyuan Town, Datian County, Qixi Village, Huaxing Township, Datian County, and Xukeng Village, Pingshan Township, Datian County (Among them, the administrative system of Jishan Township in Yong'an City has been abolished and it is now Jishan Village in Yanxi Street).

处。 National Forest Parks include Xianrengu National Forest Park in Meilie District, Sanyuan National Forest Park in Sanyuan District, Maoershan National Forest Park in Taining County, Tianjie Mountain National Forest Park in Jiangle County, Jianning Minjiangyuan National Forest Park, Yongan Kowloon Zhuhai National Forest Park and 6 other places. 处,省级文物保护单位56处。 National key cultural relics protection units include Taining Shangshudi Architectural Complex, Yong'an Anzhen Fort, Wanshouyan Paleolithic Cultural Site in Sanyuan District, Lexi Zhengshun Temple in Sanming City, and 5 former sites of the General Political Department of Jianning Red Army, at the provincial level There are 56 cultural relics protection units. 个。 National science education bases include the Lelong Qishan National Nature Reserve, Taining Dajin Lake World Geopark, Fujian Minjiangyuan National Nature Reserve, Shaxian Tianbaoyan Nature Reserve, Sanming Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Sanming Xianren Valley National Forest Park and 6 others. 处,省级爱国主义教育基地有三明市精神文明建设展览馆、尤溪县博物馆、宁化县革命纪念馆、三明市万寿岩遗址博物馆等4处。 The national patriotism education base includes the former site of the leading army of the Red Army in Jianning County (Headquarters, General Former Committee, and General Political Department) and an anti- "encirclement and suppression" memorial. The provincial patriotism education base has the exhibition of spiritual civilization construction in Sanming. Museum, Youxi County Museum, Ninghua Revolution Memorial Hall, Sanshou Wanshouyan Site Museum, etc. 处;国家地质公园有宁化天鹅洞国家地质公园、永安国家地质公园、三明郊野国家地质公园、清流温泉国家地质公园4处。 There are 1 Global Geopark in Taining; 4 National Geoparks in Ninghua Swan Cave National Geopark, Yongan National Geopark, Sanming Country National Geopark, and Qingliu Hot Spring National Geopark.

级旅游景区1处(泰宁风景旅游区),国家AAAA级旅游景区有永安桃源洞—鳞隐石林、梅列瑞云山、三元格氏栲、将乐玉华洞、沙县小吃文化城等12处。 One national AAAAA -level tourist attraction (Taining Scenic Tourist Area). The national AAAA -level tourist attraction includes Yong'an Taoyuan Cave-Scabbey Stone Forest, Meilie Ruiyun Mountain, Sanyuan Geshiya, Jiangle Yuhua Cave, and Shaxian Snack Culture. City and other 12 places. 个(峨嵋峰国家级自然保护区、将乐龙栖山国家级自然保护区、天宝岩国家级自然保护区、闽江源国家级自然保护区、君子峰国家级自然保护区);国家级水利风景区2个(永安桃源洞、尤溪闽湖);国家级农业旅游示范点1个(建宁修竹荷苑)。 There are also five national nature reserves (Emei Peak National Nature Reserve, Jianglelong Qishan National Nature Reserve, Tianbaoyan National Nature Reserve, Minjiangyuan National Nature Reserve, Junzifeng National Nature Reserve Protected areas); 2 national water conservancy scenic spots (Yong'an Taoyuan Cave, Youxi Minhu); 1 national agricultural tourism demonstration site (Jianning Xiuzhuhe Garden).

个,分别是传统戏剧类的永安大腔戏、泰宁梅林戏,舞蹈类的龙舞(大田板灯龙)、民俗类的祭祖习俗(石壁客家祭祖习俗),传统技艺类的竹纸制作技艺;省级非物质文化遗产项目有31个。 There are 5 national-level intangible cultural heritage projects in the city, namely Yong'an Grand Opera, Taining Meilin Opera, Dragon Dance (Datian Banlong) and Folk Customs of Ancestor Worship (Shibi Hakka Ancestor Worship) Customs), traditional paper-making techniques of bamboo paper; 31 provincial intangible cultural heritage projects.