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2019 Online Interview Schedule

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January 10

Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau

Promote the "Toilet Revolution" and showcase the new look of civilized cities

February 28

Municipal Education Bureau

Deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and promote high-level development of vocational education

March 7

Municipal Public Security Bureau

Raise the station, strengthen measures, and vigorously promote the special struggle to fight against evil

March 21

City Commerce Bureau

Persist in high-quality development and promote foreign trade work to a new level

March 28


Deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and develop a mixed ownership economy

April 11

Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs

Protect the legal rights and interests of workers and build harmonious labor relations

April 18

Municipal Transportation Bureau

Construction of "Four Good Rural Roads" to help rural revitalization

April 25

Municipal Development and Reform Commission

"Six Best" Benchmarking Benefits Enterprise and Creates First-class Business Environment

May 9

Civil Affairs Bureau

Deepening the reform of the management system of social organizations to promote the healthy and orderly development of social organizations

May 16

Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

In-depth implementation of the science and technology commissioner system to promote rural development

May 23

City Finance Bureau

How to do a good job in government procurement

May 30

Municipal Civil Defense Office

Talking about the problems of urban civil air defense

June 6

People's Bank of China Sanming City Sub-branch

Improving credit reporting services, helping small and micro private enterprises in our city and the development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers"

June 13

City Forestry Bureau

Forest and wellness

June 20

Citizens Bureau

Interpretation of Ethnic and Religious Policies

June 27

City Sports Bureau

Hosted the 7th Sanming Games

July 4

City Finance Bureau

Implementing tax and fee reduction policies to help Sanming develop with high quality

July 11

City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

Give full play to the advantages of the old industrial base, and promote "the old tree develops new branches"

July 18

City Tourism Bureau

Protection and inheritance of red culture

July 25

Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau

Implement the strategy of rural revitalization and promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas

August 8

Municipal Natural Resources Bureau

Do a good job in the prevention and control of disasters and highlight the characteristics of integration of mountains, water and cities

August 15

Financial Supervision Bureau

Strengthen financial services to the real economy and effectively prevent financial risks

August 29

Market Supervision Bureau

"Ming Chu Liang Zhuo" project, let you eat more assured

September 5

City Statistics Bureau

Number of 70th Anniversary of New China

September 19

City Justice Bureau

Adhere to Reconsideration and Promote the Construction of a Government Ruled by Law

September 26

City Veterans Bureau

Working hard for new age veterans

October 17

Municipal Water Resources Bureau

Accelerate the construction of safe ecological water systems, and create beautiful rivers and clear shores

October 24

Municipal Audit Bureau

Strengthening Auditing and Supervising to Reorganize and Upgrade Municipal State-owned Enterprises

October 31

Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau

Keep in mind the mission and promote the reform of the "three doctors" of medical insurance and medicine and medical treatment

November 14

City Health Committee

Comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases in Sanming

November 21

City Petition Office

Changxun visits the "main channel" to create a "through train" for the people

December 5

Municipal Emergency Bureau

Keep in mind responsibilities and missions, take the initiative to act, write a new chapter in disaster prevention and mitigation

December 12

City Ecological Environment Bureau

Defend the clear water to defend Sanming Green Water Qingbo

December 26

City Administration Bureau

Focus on "Civilized Cities" Articles to Improve Urban Management Quality

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