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"Wind-showing Red Flag Picturesque, Riding in the Green Capital of Sanming" China Sanming Bicycle Open and "Tour Tour, Rewarding the City" The 2nd China Shaxian Bicycle Open

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On the morning of October 27th, it was hosted by the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau and the Sanming Municipal People's Government; the Fujian Social Social Sports Guidance Center, the Sanming Sports Bureau, the Sanming Culture and Tourism Bureau, and the Shaxian People's Government's "Windshow Red Flag Picturesque, Riding The "China Sanming Bicycle Open" and the "Tour Tour, Touring the City of Appeal" Sansha China's second bicycle open competition officially started. Nearly 1,000 athletes and enthusiasts from all over the country participated in the race. Deputy Magistrate Guo Xianhui attended the opening ceremony.

The starting and ending point of the competition is at the North Square of Shaxian Sports Park. The specific route is (starting point) North Square of Sports Park → Kangcheng International → Traffic Lights of Changtai North Road → Jinming East Road → Jinsha Road Central Beauty District (Return) → Jinming East Road → Traffic Lights of Changtai North Road → Kangcheng International → Sports Park North Square (final).

There are four categories of men's highway elite, women's highway elite, mountain youth and mountain masters.

The starting gun fired, and the high-profile men's road elite team took the lead. Players from teams around the country quickly rushed out of the starting point and began to indulge on the track. From time to time they climbed uphill, dived downhill, and sometimes turned corners. After intense competition, Liu Zhenlong from Minlian Civil Defence Team, Liao Binbin from Mai Teng Innova Tire Team, individual runner Chen Long, and Zhejiang United Team Wu Mingjun won the men's road elite group, women's road elite group, and mountain youth respectively. Group, Mountain Masters Championship. (Huang Shengze)

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