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The 15th Cross-Strait (Sanming) Forestry Expo and Investment and Trade Fair Opens

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On the morning of November 6, the 15th Cross-Strait (Sanming) Forestry Expo and Investment and Trade Fair opened at the Convention and Exhibition Center. Guests from all parties gathered in Sanming and continued to write "Taking the forest as a bridge, communicating across the Straits, strengthening cooperation and common development "Wonderful chapter.

Former director of the State Forestry Administration, former director of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on Population, Resources and Environment, Jia Zhibang, chairman of the China Forestry Industry Federation, deputy governor of the provincial government, Li Dejin, leader of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, director of the National Park Management Office, Zhang Hongwen, honorary vice chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party Jiang Xiaoyan, Chairman of the Presidium of the Central Review Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, and Chairman of the Cross-Strait Women's Economic and Cultural Exchange Association Cai Linglan, Director of the Provincial Forestry Bureau Chen Zhaoyu, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative Zhang Zuoxing, Professor Qiu Yi of Taiwan Chinese Culture University, Secretary of the Provincial Committee for the Promotion of Trade President Chen Zhen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., Chen Yangbiao, Chairman of the China Nuclear Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd., Wang Junfeng, and other leading guests, and city leaders Lin Xinglu, Zhan Jifu, and Zhu Changxian attended the opening ceremony. Mayor Yu Hongsheng presided over the opening ceremony.

Mr. Jiang Xiaoyan spoke at the opening ceremony. He said that Sanming's fresh air, green mountains and clear water, and convenient transportation make it a good place for long-lived beauties in Linshen. I feel very familiar and very kind along the way from Taiwan. Taiwan and Fujian are only separated by a shallow strait. Mingtai has deep roots and has nostalgia and homesickness. The Wanshouyan site, the Yongan Anti-Japanese War cultural sites, and the influence of Master Cihang on Taiwan ’s Buddhism are all very important. Good testimony. Although we come from different places and have different growth backgrounds, we have one family on both sides of the strait. We must continue to work towards the goals that the people expect, and work together to rejuvenate China.

Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Lin Xinglu delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, he extended a sincere welcome to the leaders and guests attending the conference, and expressed his long-term interest in supporting the hosting of the Expo and supporting the economic and social development of Sanming. Sincere thanks. He said that in recent years, we have kept in mind the important advice of General Secretary Xi Jinping, exerted comparative advantages, implemented the "four articles", promoted the "four efforts", deepened the "five-to-five sun exposure", and accelerated the construction of mechanisms, industry excellence, and the people. Rich and ecologically beautiful Sanming. The Cross-Strait (Sanming) Forestry Expo and Investment and Trade Fair has become an important platform for exchanging Xi Jinping ’s thoughts and achievements in ecological civilization. It is an important channel to deepen Ming-Taiwan exchanges and cooperation, explore new paths for integration and development, gather guests from all directions, and promote investment and trade. We warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to visit Sanming for sightseeing, project negotiation, investment and business development, and work together for a better tomorrow.

At the opening ceremony, the Sanming Training Base of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration Bureau Management Cadre Award was awarded. A comprehensive agreement on the education and training cooperation between the National Forestry and Grassland Administration Bureau Management College and the municipal government officials was held, and the Provincial Forestry Bureau and the Municipal Government promoted Sanming. The framework agreement for the development and cooperation of forest health care industry in the whole region and the signing ceremony of 24 investment promotion projects announced the release of the "Top Ten", "Green Tea", "Tea King" and "Tea Art Contest" of Sanming Forest Health Care Base Construction, Sanming "Moso Bamboo King" winners list.

It is understood that the theme of this year's Forest Expo is to "build a forest food base in the south and develop a forest health industry in the entire region", and strive to build the "China Green Capital · Most Oxygen Sanming" forest health brand, and set up the main venue and branch venues. The Sanming main venue displays and displays forest food and specialty snacks across the Taiwan Straits, invites forest conservation experts from both sides of the Taiwan Straits to give keynote speeches at the Forest Recreation Forum, holds key project intensive signing ceremonies, leads meetings with important merchants, and promotes forest conservation projects. 4 special procurement matchmaking conferences, forest food e-commerce conferences, tea culture display activities, and cross-strait sports exchange activities were held. Women on both sides of the strait exchanged and displayed nursing skills. The Yongan branch venue hosted activities such as the 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo Residence Space Design Competition, the International (Yong'an) Bamboo World Forum, the China Bamboo Industry Brand Innovation Conference and the 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo Residence Expo. Scientific and technological achievements, Yongan agricultural and by-products, held the 3rd Fujian (Yong'an) Fujian Bamboo Shoots Trade Fair, and carried out activities such as "Walking into Bamboo Village Yong'an · Finding the Most Beautiful Bamboo King" and other activities.

This forest fair is co-sponsored by the China Forestry Industry Federation and the China Forest Products Industry Association. It is sponsored by the Provincial Forestry Bureau, the Provincial Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office, and the Municipal Government. Co-organized by Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprises Association. (Luo Mingzao and Zhou Zhihong)

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