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2019 Fujian National Fitness Paddleboard Open and Fujian University Students' First Dragon Boat Championship and Fujian Sanming Shaxi Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament Open

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On November 9th, the opening ceremony of the Fujian National Fitness Paddleboard Open Competition and the Provincial College Student's First Dragon Boat Championship and the Sanming Shaxi Four Place Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament opened at the Minxue Cultural Square in front of Dongming Station in Sanming City.

Lin Yuan, President of the Fujian Dragon Boat Association, Wang Zigang, Deputy Director of the Fujian Province Kayak Sports Management Center, Chen Lihong, Researcher of the Department of Health, Health, Education, and Language of the Fujian Provincial Education Department, Secretary-General of the Fujian University Sports Association, and College of Physical Education, Huaqiao University Dean Xing Zunming, Tang Zhongmin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen Ocean Workers College of Technology, Qin Deping, Dean of the School of Sports and Recreation, Sanming University, Wu Guining, Deputy Dean of the School of Physical Education, Huaqiao University, Huang Lifen, Secretary General of the Fujian Longzhou Association, and Zhang Qingshui, Director of the Sanming Sports Bureau, Huang Liandong, deputy general manager of Sanming City Investment Group, Huang Yong, secretary general of Fujian Provincial Boat Sports Association, Ye Jinsong, director of Xiamen Wenguang Sports Co., Ltd., Huang Huihuang, general manager of Mingyou (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd., and Sanming Mingxing Orthopedics Liao Shaoshi, general manager of the hospital, and other guests, and district leaders Chen Xiaoxiang and Fan Liqin attended the opening ceremony.

Chen Xiaoxiang, deputy secretary of the district committee, addressed the opening ceremony. He said that in recent years, with the completion of the opening of the Sanming Station in the Sanyuan Jurisdiction, it is striving to create a 5A-level scenic spot in Wanshouyan and Gongcheng District. The brand advantage of the tourism industry is being accelerated, and Sanyuan District is ushered in a period of historical opportunities for great development and great development. The Fujian National Fitness Paddleboard Open in 2019 and the First Dragon Boat Championship of Fujian University Students and the Fujian Sanming Shaxi Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament rely on the carrier of “New Era Fitness” to fully demonstrate the remarkable results of the harmonious economic and social development of Sanyuan District and the people's efforts Good looks.

This event is another new business card for the innovation of local mass and professional sports events in the process of actively exploring the popularization and development of the sports industry and mass sports by the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau, the Fujian University Sports Association and the Sanyuan District Government. Based on the professional special events that people like to hear and have an interest in participating, it truly interprets the practical manifestation of national fitness as an important driving force for the comprehensive development of sports, making people happier, making events easier and making the experience more professional.

It is understood that national and provincial professional water sports expert teams were invited to participate in the competition. The competition implemented the SUP paddleboard competition rules and the 2014 Dragon Boat Association Rules of the Dragon Boat Association from Sanming College, Huaqiao University, Jimei University, Xiamen. Colleges and universities such as Ocean University, Nanping, Yong'an, Sanyuan, Meilie, Shaxian, etc. 24 dragon boat teams and 300 SUP enthusiasts participated.

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