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The 15th Cross-Strait (Sanming) Forestry Expo and Investment and Trade Fair Press Conference Held in Our City

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On the morning of October 31, the 15th Cross-Strait (Sanming) Forestry Expo and Investment and Trade Fair press conference was held in our city. The 15th Forest Expo will be held from November 6 to 10. At present, all preparations have been basically completed.

Lin Junde, deputy director of the fifteenth forest expo committee, deputy mayor of the municipal government, municipal party committee propaganda department, municipal forestry bureau, municipal commission Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office, municipal agricultural and rural bureau, municipal commerce bureau, Yongan Municipal People's Government and other relevant persons in charge Attend a press conference.

People's Daily, Economic Daily · China Economic Daily, Fujian Daily, Fujian Broadcasting and Television Group (News Center, News Channel), Southeast Network, Straits Metropolis Daily, Sanming Rong Media Center, Sanming New Weekly News, Sanming Overseas Chinese Newspaper, and Meilie, San Yuan, Yongan, and Shaxian Rongmedia Center participated in the press conference.

This forest fair is hosted by the China Forestry Industry Federation and the China Forest Products Industry Association. It is hosted by the Fujian Forestry Bureau, Fujian Province, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office, and the Sanming City People's Government. The National Association of Taiwan Compatriot Investment Enterprises, Taiwan Industry Federation, Taiwan Industry Co-organized by the Association for Advancement and Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprises Association.

Sanming has made full use of the green ecological advantages of the longevity of forest deep-water beauties to fully promote the development of the forest health industry. The theme of this year's forest expo is "construction of southern forest food base and development of the whole region's forest health care industry". The focus will be on highlighting the promotion and investment promotion of forest health care industry, highlighting the exhibition and ordering of forest food, showing the results of forestry reform and development, and launching project recommendations. Negotiate and sign agreements, promote forestry exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Straits, and promote high-quality forestry development.

Focus point one

Highlight forest food

The product exhibition of this year's Forest Expo mainly focuses on ordering trade and matching activities of forest food, which will change the phenomenon of cluttered products in the past. After several years of efforts, Sanming City has been established as a southern forest food base.

As an important forest food producing area in southern China, Sanming has a wide variety of forest food resources and a wide range of sources. After years of development, an industrial system based on 5 types of forest foods, such as forest grains and oils, forest medicinal materials, forest vegetables and fruits, forest beverages, and forest fungi, has basically been formed, and forest food brands with local characteristics have been developed.

At this forest fair, four activities were organized around forest food:

1. On-site sales. In the forest food exhibition exhibition and sales area, 7 exhibition areas including forest food brand exhibition area, forest food exhibition area, forest fungus exhibition area, forest drinking exhibition area, forest fruit exhibition area, forest medicine exhibition area, and forest e-commerce exhibition area were set up, and 211 standard booths and 8 booths were established. Specially decorated booths will have 229 forest food companies participating;

2. Trade docking between supply and marketing parties. Organized forest food suppliers and purchasers to carry out 4 matchmaking trades in forest food ordering. 84 suppliers have registered to participate in the conference, and 513 buyers from inside and outside the province have been invited.

3. To organize a forest food e-commerce conference, inviting experts and scholars from Hangzhou Taobao University, Taiwan Trade Center, and forest food entrepreneurs on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to share the theme and discuss the development path of forest food e-commerce in Sanming.

4. Carry out the selection of "Top Ten Green Foods". Through expert review and online publicity, "Sanming Green Food Top Ten" was selected from 54 products pushed by 12 counties (cities, districts).

At the same time, based on the characteristics of large output, variety and new development of the Sanming tea industry, the municipal party committee and government attach great importance to the development of the Sanming tea industry. For the first time, this year's Forest Expo has incorporated a large number of tea elements, and organized the Sanming regional characteristics Tea culture event. It aims to promote and disseminate Sanming tea culture, promote a healthy lifestyle, and promote the high-quality development of Sanming tea industry and forest health care industry.

The tea cultural activities of this year's Forest Expo include four contents: Tea King Competition, Tea Art Competition, Tea Art Performance, Tea Brand Exhibition and Tea Art Experience.

Focus two

Promote and promote the entire forest health industry

In order to promote the development of the forest health care industry in Sanming, and to show the achievements of forest health care bases in various places, this session of the forest fair will take forest health care as one of the theme of the exhibition, will set up a forest health care display area, and hold a forest health care forum. Organize a forest health promotion conference to comprehensively publicize and promote the forest health industry in Sanming.

This year's Forest Expo will increase special investment promotion activities for forest recreation. This event has three characteristics:

1. Highlight the theme of wellness. Focusing on the creation of the "China's Green Capital · The Most Oxygenous Sanming" forest health care brand, the city's entire forest health care, Sanming National Forest Health Care Base pilot construction unit and the city's "Top Ten Forest Health Care Base Construction" will be promoted. At that time, leaders of 12 counties (cities, districts) will be invited to make presentations, focusing on the advantages of forest recreation industries and cooperable projects.

2. Focus on the effectiveness of activities. In terms of the recommended projects, the focus is on selecting forest rehabilitation base projects with great development potential, cooperation needs, and unique themes. In the selection of businessmen, investors from both sides of the Taiwan Straits who are willing to invest in forest health care are invited to participate, so as to be targeted. At present, a total of 30 key forest health promotion investment promotion projects have been planned, and more than 120 merchants have been invited.

3. Carry out communication and interaction. After the promotion meeting, leaders from all counties (cities and districts) and owners of the Forest Recreation Base will conduct on-site interactive exchanges and docking negotiations on the preferential policies, base construction and investment issues with guests and guests to further deepen project cooperation. In terms of project docking, as of now, the city is expected to sign a total of 106 contracted projects with a total investment of 25.535 billion yuan.

Focus Three

First main and branch venue

In the history of the Sanming Forest Expo, the main venue and branch venues were set up for the first time this year. The main venue is located in Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center, and the branch venue is located in Zhutianxia Cultural Square in Yong'an.

Of particular concern is that Yongan upgraded the International Bamboo Design Competition for the first time to the Bamboo Residence Space Design Competition.

The upgraded contest has three major features:

First, the competition specifications have been improved. In addition to the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization, the International Bamboo and Rattan Center, and the China Bamboo Industry Association, the organizers of the design competition this year include the Fujian Forestry Bureau and the Sanming Municipal Government.

The second is to upgrade the theme of the contest. Breaking through the previous collection of bamboo furniture, the theme of "bamboo living space", soliciting space design works such as hotels, homestays, etc., presents the charm of bamboo in a more three-dimensional and comprehensive manner, and promotes the extension of the bamboo industry chain.

The third is the transformation of the competition direction. New ideas, new ideas, and new technologies emerging from 1,038 design competition works have changed the limitations of the original single product design and production, provided a complete solution for bamboo space decoration and decoration, and guided enterprises to use integrated delivery models to expand hotels, Engineering orders such as B & B and forest health care fully demonstrated the new advantages of bamboo Shengmu, allowing more market investors and designers to use bamboo and enjoy bamboo, and further expanded the procurement and supply chain cooperation with Yongan Bamboo Enterprises.

Focus Four

Promote the implementation of Huitai policies

Since 2018, the central government and Fujian have issued a number of policies to benefit Taiwan. Sanming combined with the actual situation, promoted the implementation of various Taiwan benefits policies, and strived to provide compatriots in Taiwan with the same treatment as local residents.

Up to now, there have been 25 cases of concrete implementation of Huitai policy in our city. Among them, Fujian Taiming Casting Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. obtained a syndicated loan of 240 million yuan from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, which is the first case in our province where banks across the Taiwan Straits made loans to Taiwan-funded enterprises through syndication. The implementation of these policies to benefit Taiwan has created a favorable environment for the development and growth of Taiwan-funded enterprises in our city, and has provided greater convenience for the majority of Taiwan compatriots to come to work and live in Ming.

This year's Lin Bo will be attended by important guests from Taiwan. At the same time, some Taiwan media will also participate in news reports.

Specific event arrangements

I. Sanming main venue


Opening ceremony (the morning of November 6, 2019, Sanming Exhibition Center Plaza)

There are melodrama performances, project signings, release of featured selection results, and speeches by leaders.


Exhibition and Sales (November 6-9, 2019, Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center)

Market-oriented display of forest food across the Taiwan Straits, display of forest health products, green financial products, tea products, etc.


Forestry project investment promotion (November 6, 2019, Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza, Meiyuan International Hotel)

① At the opening ceremony, a centralized signing ceremony of key projects was held on the podium of the Convention and Exhibition Center.

② After the signing ceremony, the city leaders meet with important customers.

③Special promotion and investment promotion activities for forest recreation projects.


Forestry order trade (November 6-9, 2019, Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza)

Forest food suppliers, buyers, and distributors across the Taiwan Strait are invited to conduct trade negotiations at the exhibition site and hold 4 special procurement matchmaking sessions.


Hosting the Forest Recreation Forum (November 5, 2019, Tianyuan International Hotel)

With the theme of "Practice the" Two Mountains "Theory, Develop Forest Rehabilitation, and Promote Rural Rejuvenation", we invited experts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to provide keynote speeches.


Hosted the Forest Food E-Commerce Conference (the morning of November 7, 2019, Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza)

E-commerce experts from both sides of the Taiwan Straits and forest food vendors are invited to exchange information on the development of forest food e-commerce.


Tea Culture Exhibition (Morning on November 7, 2019, Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center)

Four events including the Tea King Contest, Tea Art Contest, Tea Art Show, Tea Brand Show and Tea Art Experience were held.


Women's Rehabilitation Nursing Skills Exchange Activity on Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits (Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center Square in the afternoon of November 6, 2019)

Carry out the exchange and display of nursing skills for women on both sides of the Taiwan Straits with the theme of forest rehabilitation.


Cross-strait sports exchange activities (early November 2019, Sanming Gymnasium, Sanming College)

Holding traditional martial arts competitions and Mingtai college basketball league matches.


Cross-Strait Special Snacks Exhibition (November 5-10, 2019, Sanming Telecom Plaza)

Market-oriented sales of specialty snacks across the Taiwan Strait.


Sanming Linxia Economic Industry Precision Business Matching Event (afternoon on November 6, 2019, Sanming Convention and Exhibition Center Plaza)

Relevant suppliers and buyers from the forest industry are invited to come to participate in precision business matching activities.

Second, Yongan branch venue

(November 6-9, 2019, Yongtian Zhutianxia Cultural Square)

1. Opening ceremony

2. Held the 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo Residence Space Design Competition

3. Held the International (Yong'an) Bamboo World Forum

4. Hosted the China Bamboo Industry Brand Innovation Conference and the 2019 International (Yong'an) Bamboo Residence Expo.

5. Organize exhibition of practical scientific and technological achievements of bamboo

6. Held the 4th Yong'an Agricultural and Sideline Products Exhibition

7. The 3rd Fujian (Yong'an) Fujian Bamboo Shoot Fair

8. Carry out the "Go to Bamboo Village Yong'an, Find the Most Beautiful Bamboo King" Campaign of 2019

9. Carry out cultural and tourism promotion activities

10. Launch a township theme day

Source: Sanming City into the media center (Author: Shi Feifei Luoya Hui)

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