Report on the implementation of the 2018 budget in Sanming and the draft budget for 2019

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City's 13th National People's Congress

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年预算执行情况及 About the implementation of the 2018 budget of Sanming City and

年预算草案的报告 Report of the Draft Budget 2019

——At the Third Meeting of the 13th People's Congress of Sanming

Director of Sanming Finance Bureau Deng Yonghui

Distinguished delegates:

年预算执行情况和2019年预算草案,请予审议,并请市政协各位委员和其他列席人员提出意见。 Entrusted by the Municipal People's Government, to report to the General Assembly on the implementation of Sanming's 2018 budget and the 2019 budget draft, please review and invite the members of the CPPCC and other attendees to provide comments.

年预算执行情况 I. Implementation of the 2018 budget

In the past year, under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee, the financial and taxation departments at all levels throughout the city adhered to the general tone of steady progress, upheld the new development concept, implemented a proactive fiscal policy, worked solidly, took the initiative, and made steady progress in economic and social development The budget is performing well.

2018 年预算收支情况 (I) Budget Revenue and Expenditure in 2018

一般公共预算。 1. General public budget. 万元,占年度调整预算的105.95% ,比上年增收68,821万元,增长6.83%The city's local general public budget revenue was 10.764.2 billion yuan, accounting for 105.95% of the annual adjusted budget, an increase of 688.81 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 6.83% . 万元、上年结转收入223,841万元、调入资金556,038万元、地方政府一般债务转贷收入261,873万元,收入总计3,594,026万元;全市一般公共预算支出完成2,964,962万元,比上年增支55,312万元,增长1.90%Adding transfer income of 14.75854 million yuan, carry-over income of 2.341841 million yuan from the previous year, transferred capital of 5.556038 trillion yuan, and local government general debt reloan income of 2.619873 trillion yuan, total revenue of 35.492026 trillion yuan; the city's general public budget expenditure was 296.4962 million yuan. RMB, an increase of RMB 553.21 million over the previous year, an increase of 1.90% . 万元,补充预算稳定调节基金47,989万元,债务还本支出221,165万元,支出总计3,359,468万元。 In addition to the higher-level expenditures of RMB 125,352,000 , the supplementary budget stabilization fund of RMB 479.89 million, and debt repayments of RMB 2,21,165,000 , the total expenditure was RMB 33,589,468 . 万元。 The balance of revenues and expenditures was transferred to 2.45558 million yuan at the end of the year. 万元,全市一般公共预算总收入完成1,657,094万元,比上年增长10.04%The local general public budget revenue plus the central government's revenue of 58.674 million yuan, the city's general public budget revenue totaled 16.57094 million yuan, an increase of 10.04% over the previous year.

万元,占年初预算的112.63% ,比上年增收42,183万元,增长19.95%The city's local general public budget revenue at the city level was 2.536 billion yuan, accounting for 112.63% of the budget at the beginning of the year, an increase of 428.3 million yuan over the previous year, and an increase of 19.95% . 万元、上年结转收入53,016万元、调入资金105,052万元、地方政府一般债务转贷收入25,267万元,收入总计692,298万元;市本级一般公共预算支出完成469,712万元,比上年减支2,043万元,下降0.43% ,剔除地方政府债务因素,同口径增长7.08%Adding transfer income of RMB 2.55363 million, carry-over income of RMB 5.3016 million in the previous year, transfer of funds of RMB 1.00525 million, local government's general debt refinancing income of RMB 252.67 million, and total revenue of RMB 6.92998 million; the general public budget expenditure at the municipal level was completed It was RMB 47.712 million, a reduction of RMB 20.43 million over the previous year, a decrease of 0.43% . Excluding the factor of local government debt, it increased by 7.08% in the same caliber. 万元,补充预算稳定调节基金40,209万元,债务还本支出24,433万元,补助下级支出21,696万元,支出总计606,416万元。 In addition, the upper-level expenditures of RMB 503.66 million, the supplementary budget stabilization fund of RMB 40.209 million, the debt repayments of RMB 243.33 million, the subsidies of the lower-level expenditures of RMB 216.96 million, and total expenditures of RMB 6.06416 million. 万元。 The balance of revenues and expenditures was transferred to RMB 858.82 million at the end of the year. 万元,市本级一般公共预算总收入455,122万元,比 上年 增长18.92% The local general public budget income plus the central government's income of RMB 201,522,200 , and the municipal general public budget revenue of RMB 4,551,220,000 , an increase of 18.92% over the previous year .

政府性基金预算。 2. Government fund budget. 万元,占年度调整预算的108.09% ,比上年增收240,421万元,增长41.90%The city's government fund revenue was 8.141239 billion yuan, accounting for 108.09% of the annual adjusted budget, an increase of 240.421 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 41.90% . 万元、上年结转收入111,123万元、调入资金49,169万元、地方政府专项债务转贷收入375,993万元,全市基金收入总计1,398,460万元。 In addition to the fund subsidy income of 473.96 million yuan, the previous year's carry-over income of 111.123 million yuan, the transferred capital of 491.69 million yuan, and the local government's special debt reloan income of 37.59 million yuan, the city's fund revenue totaled 13.984.6 billion yuan. 政府 性基金支出完成974,114万元,比上年增支514,042万元,增长111.73% The city's government fund expenditures totaled 9.741114 million yuan, an increase of 5.10404 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 111.73% . 万元、债务还本支出7,293万元,支出总计1,262,522万元。 In addition to the transferred funds of RMB 2.11511 million and debt repayments of RMB 72.93 million, the total expenditure was RMB 12,262.52 million. 万元。 The balance of revenues and expenditures was carried forward to RMB 1,359.38 million.

万元,占年度调整预算的102.68% ,比上年增收79,120万元,增长60.34%The municipal government-level government fund revenues reached 2.102236 million yuan, accounting for 102.68% of the annual adjusted budget, an increase of 791.2 million yuan over the previous year, and an increase of 60.34% . 万元、上年结转收入6,549万元、调入资金22,607万元、地方政府专项债务转贷收入128,500万元,市本级基金收入总计375,656万元。 In addition to the fund subsidy income of 76.76 million yuan, the carry-over income of 65.49 million yuan from the previous year, the transfer of funds of 226.07 million yuan, and the local government's special debt reloan income of 285 million yuan, the city's fund revenue totaled 375.56 million yuan. 万元,比上年增支202,712万元,增长176.74% ,加上补助下级支出5,168万元、调出资金30,000万元,支出总计352,572万元。 The municipal government-level government fund expenditures totaled 3.147404 million yuan, an increase of 2.0271.2 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 176.74% . In addition to subsidizing lower-level expenditures of 51.68 million yuan and transferred funds of 30 million yuan, total expenditures were 3.52572 million yuan. 万元。 The balance of revenues and expenditures was carried forward to RMB 238.84 million.

国有资本经营预算。 3. State-owned capital operating budget. 万元, 占年度调整预算的100% ,收入总计 13,549 万元; 全市国有资本经营预算支出12,146万元,调出资金1,273万元,支出总计13,419万元,收支相抵, 滚存结转130万元 The city's state-owned capital operating budget revenue was 135.49 million yuan, accounting for 100% of the annual adjusted budget, and the total revenue was 135.49 million yuan. The city's state-owned capital operating budget expenditure was 121.46 million yuan, transferred funds were 12.73 million yuan, and the total expenditure was 134.19 million yuan. In contrast, 1.3 million yuan was carried forward .

万元, 占年初预算的100% 市本级国有资本经营预算支出10,505万元 收支相抵平衡。 The city's state-owned capital operating budget revenue was 105.05 million yuan, accounting for 100% of the budget at the beginning of the year. The city-level state capital operating budget expenditure was 105.05 million yuan , and the revenue and expenditure were in balance.

社会保险基金预算。 4. Budget of Social Insurance Fund. 万元, 占年初预算的100.9% 比上年增加21,884万元 增长7.22% The city's overall social insurance fund budget revenue was RMB 3,251.9 million, accounting for 100.9% of the budget at the beginning of the year, an increase of 218.84 million , or 7.22% over the previous year . 万元, 占年初预算的102.77% 比上年增加43,990万元 增长15.92% The city's overall planned social insurance fund budget expenditure was 3.223235 million yuan, accounting for 102.77% of the budget at the beginning of the year, an increase of 439.9 million yuan over the previous year , and an increase of 15.92% .

万元,占年初预算的101.01% ,同口径比上年减少3,308万元,下降13.5%The budgeted income of the endowment insurance funds of government agencies at the municipal level has reached 244.93 million yuan, accounting for 101.01% of the budget at the beginning of the year. The same caliber has decreased by 33.08 million yuan and 13.5% over the previous year. 万元,占年初预算的101.93% ,比上年增加4,004万元,增长9.33% ,当年收支相抵缺口22,437万元,通过上年结余和一般公共预算安排专项弥补。 The municipal government's overall budget for the pension insurance funds of government agencies and institutions has reached 469.30 million yuan, accounting for 101.93% of the beginning of the year, an increase of 40.04 million yuan and 9.33% over the previous year. And general public budget arrangements for special compensation.

年快报数,请各位代表参阅附件,待年度财政决算后,再向市人大常委会专题报告。 The implementation of the above revenue and expenditure budget is the number of quick reports in 2018. Delegates are invited to refer to the annex. After the annual financial accounts are finalized, they will report to the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress.

(II) Implementation of the budget resolution of the Municipal People's Congress

年,全市各级财税部门按照市委决策部署,认真落实市人大有关决议,贯彻实施减税降费政策,支持实体经济发展,防范政府债务风险,做好“生财、聚财、管财、用财、理财”文章,促进经济提质增效和社会事业协调发展。 In 2018 , the city's fiscal and taxation departments at all levels in accordance with the municipal Party committee's decision-making arrangements, carefully implemented the relevant resolutions of the Municipal People's Congress, implemented tax and fee reduction policies, supported the development of the real economy, prevented government debt risks, and made good use of "Finance and financial management" article, to promote economic quality and efficiency and coordinated development of social undertakings.

多方生财,聚力发展促赶超。 1. Multi-party to make money, and work together to promote catch-up. With the goal of changing the way, adjusting the structure and increasing financial resources, highlight the key points of support, strengthen the focus of funds, and promote the implementation of high-quality development. First, increase investment in key areas. 亿元,保障“五比五晒”项目竞赛,实施“一十百千万”工程,推动重大基础设施、重大产业项目提速提效。 Highlight project support, raise funds of 1.494 billion yuan, guarantee the "five to five sun" project competition, implement the "10 billion" project, and promote the acceleration of major infrastructure and major industrial projects. 亿元,支持化解过剩产能,推动工业稳增长调结构,促进主导产业做大做强,传统产业转型升级,新兴产业、现代服务业加快发展。 Focus on industrial transformation, coordinate and integrate various funds of 273 million yuan, support the elimination of excess capacity, promote the steady growth and adjustment of the structure of the industry, promote the expansion and upgrading of leading industries, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and accelerate the development of emerging industries and modern service industries. 亿元,支持科技研发平台建设、科技成果转移转化和“双高”企业培育,加大高层次人才培养和引进力度,为产业转型、企业创新提供技术和人才支撑。 Highlight innovation drive, raise funds of 85 million yuan, support the construction of scientific and technological research and development platforms, the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and the cultivation of "double high" enterprises, increase the training and introduction of high-level talents, and provide technical and talent support for industrial transformation and enterprise innovation. The second is to support the development of the real economy. 亿元,有效降低企业成本。 Implementing tax reduction and fee reduction policies, the city's total tax reduction and deduction of 2.634 billion yuan, effectively reducing corporate costs. We have introduced policies for supporting the innovation and development of tens of billions of leading enterprises and 10,000 small and micro enterprises, fostering and expanding leading enterprises, consolidating and enhancing the achievements of small and micro innovation, and enhancing the vitality of market players. 亿元,发放“公转商”贷款24.63亿元,支持房地产平稳健康发展。 The city implemented a financial subsidy of RMB 15 million for the housing provident fund “public transfer business” and issued a “public transfer business” loan of 2.463 billion yuan to support the stable and healthy development of real estate. Strengthen financial and banking cooperation and guide finance to increase efforts to serve the real economy. The third is to promote coordinated urban and rural development. 亿元,保障打好“城市双修”和市区“和谐征迁”攻坚战;安排8.39亿元专项债券资金,用于棚改和土地储备,推动市区基础设施建设和社会事业发展;筹集资金3.76亿元,支持园区建设,增强市区经济发展后劲。 Coordinated funds of 1.107 billion yuan to ensure that the “Urban Double Repair” and urban areas “harmonious requisition” battles well; Arrange 839 million yuan of special bond funds for shed reform and land reserve to promote urban infrastructure construction and social development; Raised funds of 376 million yuan to support the construction of the park, and strengthen the economic development of urban areas. 亿元,向上争取涉农资金30.15亿元,重点支持现代农业产业、农村饮水安全、农村“厕所革命”、农村公路、土地综合整治,以及深化农村综合改革、林业改革和农村土地“分权分置”改革;落实一事一议财政奖补资金1.46亿元,推进乡村振兴示范村和美丽乡村建设。 The municipal level arranged a total of 117 million yuan for agricultural support, and sought 3.015 billion yuan in agriculture-related funds, focusing on supporting modern agricultural industries, rural drinking water safety, rural "toilet revolution", rural roads, comprehensive land improvement, and deepening comprehensive rural reforms and forestry. Reform and reform of "separation of powers and rights" in rural land; implementation of one-on-one discussions, financial awards of 146 million yuan, and promotion of rural demonstration villages and beautiful villages.

有效聚财,内集外争壮实力。 2. Efficiently gather money, gather strength inside and outside. Facing the impact of tax and fee reduction policies, all levels strengthened their collection and management services, proactively sought support, and worked hard to gather revenue and increase their financial strength. The first is to focus on organizing income. 家重点税源企业联系制度,强化对重点企业、重大项目、重点税源的跟踪服务、政策指导,积极稳妥做好非税收入职责划转工作,确保税收和非税收入稳定。 Implement the system of contacting 300 key tax source enterprises, strengthen tracking services and policy guidance for key enterprises, major projects, and key tax sources, and actively and steadily transfer non-tax revenue responsibilities to ensure the stability of tax and non-tax revenue.105.95% ,全市和市本级税性比重较2017年分别提高4.083.76个百分点。 The city's general public budget revenue and local general public budget revenue both exceeded the budget adjustment targets, accounting for 106.24% and 105.95% of the budget adjustment, respectively. The city-level and city-level tax revenues increased by 4.08 and 3.76 percentage points from 2017 , respectively. The second is to vigorously strive for support. 亿元,比上年增长5.75%The city strived for 15.22 billion yuan in various types of transfer payments and special subsidies from higher levels, an increase of 5.75% over the previous year. 亿元(其中:新增债券53.05亿元,置换债券11.84亿元),年可节约利息支出超2亿元。 Strive for 6.489 billion yuan of local government bond funds (including 5.305 billion yuan of new bonds and 1.184 billion yuan of replacement bonds), and annual interest savings can exceed 200 million yuan. 亿元,通过争取省上调整配套比例,项目实施期可多获省级补助8.54亿元。 The central government issued the first and second batches of subsidy funds of 635 million yuan for the mountains, waters, forests, lakes and grasses project. By seeking to adjust the matching ratio at the provincial level, the provincial government will receive an additional 854 million yuan in project implementation. The third is to actively revitalize the financial stock funds. 亿元,全部调整用于急需的民生事业和其他领域。 We will increase the integration of fiscal funds and clean up the fiscal funds deposited in various fields. The municipal level will carry forward and carry over 110 million yuan of surplus funds, all of which will be used for urgently needed people's livelihood and other fields.

精心管财,打好三大攻坚战 3. Carefully manage your finances and fight the three major battles . Insist on managing your finances, make overall planning for financial resources, focus precisely, target your efforts, and fully support the three major battles. The first is to further prevent and resolve the risk of government debt. We will improve mechanisms for government debt risk prevention, emergency response, and hidden debt conversion, implement the main responsibility of debt management and control, resolutely curb hidden debt increments, strengthen government debt budget management, properly resolve hidden debt stocks, and standardize debt financing. 年债务指标口径初步测算, 2018年债务率进一步下降,市本级和部分县(市、区)预计将退出政府债务风险预警或提示。 According to the preliminary calculation of the 2018 debt indicator caliber, the debt rate will further decline in 2018 , and the city level and some counties (cities, districts) are expected to withdraw from the government debt risk warning or alert. The second is to advance targeted poverty alleviation. 亿元,支持国家扶贫改革试验区建设,推动扶贫造福工程易地搬迁、产业、就业、金融、健康、教育、低保兜底等综合扶贫政策落实,开展扶持村级集体经济发展试点,促进贫困村特色产业扶贫、村财增收。 Raise 466 million yuan of financial poverty alleviation funds through multiple channels, support the construction of the National Poverty Alleviation Reform Pilot Zone, promote the implementation of comprehensive poverty alleviation policies such as relocation of the poverty alleviation projects, industry, employment, finance, health, education, minimum living allowances, etc., and support for village-level collectives Pilots of economic development will promote poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken villages with special industries and increase village revenue. Promote the trial operation of the city, county, and township three-level poverty alleviation funds online supervision system to monitor the flow, flow, and flow of funds in real time. The third is to increase pollution control. 亿元,推进山水林田湖草生态保护修复试点工程实施;积极争取重点流域专项资金6.38亿元,促进流域生态保护、污染治理,生态环境持续改善;统筹整合综合性生态保护补偿资金,加大对重点生态保护区域补偿力度。 Throughout the year, 2.1 billion yuan of funds were raised to promote the implementation of the pilot project for ecological protection and restoration of landscapes, forests, lakes, and grasses; actively sought 634 million yuan in special funds for key river basins, to promote ecological protection and pollution control in the river basin, and to continuously improve the ecological environment; to coordinate and integrate comprehensive ecological protection compensation Funding to increase compensation for key ecological protection areas.

合理用财,补齐短板惠民生。 4. Use money rationally to make up for the shortcomings and benefit the people. We will continue to increase our financial resources towards the cause of people's livelihood, and strive to ensure the basics, the bottom line, make up for shortcomings, and promote fairness . 年,全市民生支出234.77亿元,占一般公共预算支出的比重为79.18%In 2018 , the total living expenditure of the entire population was 23.477 billion yuan, accounting for 79.18% of the general public budget expenditure. The first is to speed up the construction of the social security system. 亿元,弥补机关事业单位养老保险基金收支缺口,确保机关事业单位离退休人员养老金发放到位。 The city's general public budget arrangement at the municipal level is 199 million yuan, to make up for the gap between the income and expenditure of the endowment insurance funds of institutions and institutions, and to ensure that pension funds for retirees of institutions and institutions are put in place. Raise the standard of pensions for government agencies, corporate retirees, and basic pensions for urban and rural residents, and fully realize the integration of urban and rural minimum guarantee standards. 亿元,落实困难残疾人生活补贴和重度残疾人护理补贴制度。 A total of 64 million yuan was raised to implement a living subsidy for the disabled and a subsidy for the severely disabled. 亿元,重点支持高校毕业生、农民工、建档立卡贫困劳动力等群体就业创业。 Focusing on "stabilizing employment", a special employment fund of 134 million yuan was arranged to focus on supporting employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, migrant workers, and poor labor force who set up files. 亿元,支持保障性安居工程建设。 Coordinate 460 million yuan to support the construction of affordable housing projects. 亿元,支持全国居家和社区养老服务改革试点工作。 A total of 35 million yuan was raised to support the pilot reform of home and community care services across the country. The second is to vigorously promote medical reform. 亿美元,支持我市医改和医疗补短板。 Strive for provincial distribution of World Bank loans of $ 82 million to support the city's medical reform and medical supplements. 收付费改革,将17种国家谈判抗癌药品纳入医保目录。 The reform of packaged payment of medical insurance funds and C-DRG collection and payment was implemented, and anti-cancer drugs negotiated in 17 countries were included in the medical insurance catalog. 元提高到55元,城乡居民医保人均补助标准从450元提高到490元。 The per capita subsidy standard for basic public health services will be increased from 50 yuan to 55 yuan, and the per capita subsidy standard for medical insurance for urban and rural residents will be increased from 450 yuan to 490 yuan. 元封顶。 The province took the lead in implementing the new policy of precision medical assistance for poverty alleviation, and implemented a cap of 300 yuan for the poor to pay personally for the poor. 万人、 0.4亿元。 The third precise subsidy was implemented for patients with serious illness, and the city's total subsidy was 14,400 yuan and 40 million yuan. The third is to support the development of education. 亿元,及时兑现高校、中职和高中国家奖助学金及免学费资金0.44亿元。 We implemented 197 million yuan of "two exemptions and one supplement" for compulsory education, and timely honoured 44 million yuan in scholarships and tuition-free funds for colleges, vocational schools, and high schools. 亿元,推进义务教育薄弱学校改造、中小学扩容和校安工程建设。 Raise funds of 225 million yuan to promote the reconstruction of weak compulsory education schools, expansion of primary and secondary schools, and construction of school security projects. 亿元,用于市属学校班主任津贴、培优补差、教学质量考评和名师名校长及学科带头人奖励。 The implementation of positive incentives totaled 11 million yuan, which was used for the subsidies for head teachers of the municipal schools, the training of excellent students, the evaluation of teaching quality, and the awards of famous teachers and principals and subject leaders. The fourth is to promote cultural and sports undertakings. 亿元,推进地方公共文化服务体系建设和重大文化产业项目建设,巩固提升全国文明城市创建成果。 Raise funds of 33 million yuan, promote the construction of local public cultural service system and the construction of major cultural industry projects, and consolidate and enhance the achievements of the nation's civilized cities. We will increase funding guarantees and support the success of the ninth ethnic minority traditional sports games in the province and the tenth senior fitness sports games in the city. Fifth, innovate social governance. 亿元,完善社会治安防控体系,保障扫黑除恶专项斗争顺利实施,进一步提升“平安三明”建设水平。 Arrange 109 million yuan for comprehensive governance and safety construction, improve the social security prevention and control system, ensure the smooth implementation of the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil, and further improve the construction level of "Safe Sanming." Support the reform of the judicial and supervisory systems, do a good job in transferring personnel funds, and promote the transfer of slaves.

依法理财,规范管理提绩效。 5. Manage finances according to law, standardize management and improve performance. Adhere to the concept of legal, standardized and efficient financial management, promote the innovation of management systems and mechanisms, and further improve the level of financial operation. The first is to actively accept supervision. Consciously accept the supervision of the People ’s Congress in accordance with the law and democratic supervision of the CPPCC, report to the Municipal People ’s Congress and the Standing Committee of the Municipal People ’s Congress in a timely manner about the implementation of the budget adjustment plan, the resolutions of the People ’s Congress, and the implementation of suggestions and proposals. Do a good job of rectifying audit issues and standardize the implementation of budget preparation. 严控“三公”经费 The second is to strictly control the "three public" funds . Conscientiously implement the various provisions of strict economy, review and control the budget of the "three public" funds of municipal departments, and the "three public" funds continue to show a downward trend. 严控行政成本。 Administrative measures were introduced to strictly control the cost of food for travel, transportation costs in the city, and expenditure standards for tea used by the municipal government. The third is to improve budget performance. Improve the budget performance management system and build an information system for budget performance management. The city's special funds at all levels compile performance targets to achieve full coverage of performance targets. 个专项、 11.65亿元财政资金进行绩效监控评估。 Establish a performance evaluation mechanism for the use of special funds, and perform performance monitoring and evaluation on all 465 special funds and 1.165 billion yuan of financial funds. Steadily expand the scope of performance evaluation, and basically achieve full coverage of budget units. The fourth is to optimize financial services. Implementation of reform requirements such as "six best" business environment, "decentralization of management services", formulation of a "Work Plan to Strengthen Financial Services, Optimize the Business Environment and Promote High-Quality Development," Starting with Improving Budget Implementation and Funding Efficiency, Focusing on Fiscal and Tax Policies Implement the "last mile". Establish an online government procurement supermarket, promote full coverage of the online operation of government procurement business, allow more information to run, and allow service customers to run fewer errands, and further improve the level of financial service guarantee. Fifth, strengthen financial supervision. ”专项督查和财政扶贫领域监督执纪问责等专项工作,进一步严肃财经纪律。 We carried out in-depth work on accounting information quality inspection, fiscal revenue quality inspection, " 1 + X " special inspections, and supervision and discipline accountability in the field of fiscal poverty alleviation, further tightening the law of financial brokerage. Issuing the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Management of State-owned Assets in the Reform of Municipal Institutions", standardizing the management of state-owned assets during the institutional reform and ensuring the safety of state-owned assets. 个预、决(结)算项目评审,送审金额11.42亿元,审减金额1.35亿元,审减率达11.86%We strengthened financial investment review, completed the review of 91 pre-determined and final (settlement) projects, and submitted a review amount of 1.142 billion yuan, a review reduction amount of 135 million yuan, and a review reduction rate of 11.86% .

While affirming our achievements, we also see the problems and deficiencies in the current fiscal work: the growth rate of fiscal revenue has slowed down, the pressure for continued growth has increased, and the contradiction between revenue and expenditure is still more prominent; although government debt is controlled within the provincial limit However, due to the excessive concentration of government debts due to repayment in individual counties (cities, districts), the pressure on debt repayment has increased; the efficiency of the use of fiscal funds needs to be improved, the breadth of performance management is insufficient, the role of budget performance incentives is not strong, and the allocation of financial resources is not strong Efficiency needs to be improved. In this regard, we attach great importance to it and will work hard to resolve it through a series of solid and effective measures such as deepening reforms, improving systems and strict management.

年预算草案 Draft budget for 2019

年我市财政预算安排的指导思想是: 以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,认真落实市委九届八次全会精神,坚持稳中求进工作总基调,以供给侧结构性改革为主线,坚持高质量发展落实赶超,加力提效实施积极的财政政策,进一步加大减税降费力度,着力培植财源,优化支出结构,牢固树立过“紧日子”思想,突出保障重点,全面实施绩效管理,积极防范政府债务风险,增强财政可持续性,为把三明建设成为绿色发展的先行区、产业转型的集聚地、深化改革的排头兵、区域协同的桥头堡、宜居宜业的生态城提供财力支撑。 The guiding ideology of our city's fiscal budget arrangement in 2019 is: Guided by Xi Jinping's new era socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Eighth Plenary Session of the Ninth CPC Committee, adhere to the general tone of the work of steady progress, and take the supply-side structural reform as the Main line, adhere to high-quality development, implement catch-up, increase efficiency and implement active fiscal policies, further increase tax and fee reduction efforts, focus on cultivating financial resources, optimize expenditure structure, firmly establish a "tight day" ideology, and highlight the focus of protection. Comprehensively implement performance management, actively prevent government debt risks, and enhance financial sustainability. In order to make Sanming a leading area for green development, a gathering place for industrial transformation, a vanguard for deepening reforms, a bridge for regional cooperation, and a livable and ecological environment City provides financial support.

2019年全市及市本级预算安排如下: According to the above-mentioned guiding ideology and the city's expected economic and social development goals, comprehensive consideration of various income and expenditure increase and decrease factors, and in accordance with the principle of active and prudent, the budget arrangements for the city and municipal level in 2019 are as follows:

(1) General public budget

万元,比上年实际完成数增加74,506万元,增长4.5%The city's general public budget revenue totaled RMB 171.316 billion , an increase of 745.06 million yuan or 4.5% over the actual completion in the previous year. 万元,比上年增加32,280万元,增长3.0%Of which: the city's local general public budget revenue for the preparation of the budget was 11.108 billion yuan, an increase of 322.8 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 3.0% . 万元、上年结转收入234,558万元、调入资金199,656万元、调入预算稳定调节基金132,746万元,全市收入总计2,562,597万元。 Local general public budget income plus estimated transfer income of 8.68737 million yuan, carried forward revenue of 2.345558 million yuan last year, transferred funds of 19.9566 million yuan, transferred to the budget stability adjustment fund of 1.274746 million yuan, and the city's total revenue was 25.257597 million yuan. 万元。 In accordance with the principle of balance of income and expenditure and slight savings, the city's general public budget expenditure was arranged to be RMB 23,283.9 million.

万元,比上年实际完成数增加20,478万元,增长4.5%The city's general public budget revenue at this level is estimated at RMB 475.6 million, which is an increase of RMB 204.78 million over the previous year's actual completion and an increase of 4.5% . 万元,比上年增加7,600万元,增长3.0% ,地方一般公共预算收入加预计转移性收入205,596万元、上年结转收入85,882万元、调入资金32,300万元、调入预算稳定调节基金25,663万元,市本级收入总计610,641万元。 Of which: the city's local general public budget revenue budget is 261.2 million yuan, an increase of 76 million yuan over the previous year, an increase of 3.0% ; the local general public budget revenue plus the estimated transfer income of 2.055596 million yuan; 3. Transferred funds of RMB 323 million and budget stability adjustment funds of RMB 256.63 million, total municipal revenue of RMB 6.1641 billion . 万元。 Arrange the city's general public budget expenditure at the level of 5.247759 trillion yuan.

(2) Budget of government funds

万元,比上年实际完成数减少142,239万元,下降17.47% ;全市政府性基金支出代编预算为494,639万元,比2018年初预算代编数增长7.31%The city's government fund revenue compilation budget is 6.72 billion yuan, a decrease of 14.223 billion yuan, or 17.47% compared with the actual completion of the previous year; the city government fund expenditure agency budget is 494.639 million yuan, an increase of 7.31 compared to the beginning of 2018 . % .

万元,比上年实际完成数减少13,153万元,下降6.26% ;市本级政府性基金支出预算为168,618万元,比上年调整预算数下降44.94%The municipal government-level government fund revenue budget was 1,978.3 million yuan, a decrease of 131.53 million yuan or 6.26% over the actual completion of the previous year; the municipal-level government fund expenditure budget was 1,681.8 million yuan, a decrease of 44.94% from the previous year's adjusted budget .

(3) Operating budget of state-owned capital

万元,加上年结转130万元,全市国有资本经营支出代编预算为15,030万元,当年收支平衡。 The city's state-owned capital operating income budget was 149 million yuan, plus an annual carry-over of 1.3 million yuan. The city's state-owned capital operating expenditure budget was 153 million yuan, and the revenue and expenditure for that year were balanced.

户,比上年增加3户。 79 municipal-level enterprises were included in the state-owned capital operating budget, an increase of 3 from the previous year. 万元,安排支出12,147万元,当年收支平衡。 The city's state-owned capital's operating income budget is 121.47 million yuan, and expenditure of 121.47 million yuan is arranged.

(4) Budget of Social Insurance Fund

万元,比上年增加26,150万元,增长7.48%The city's social insurance fund revenue budget was 3.756662 million yuan, an increase of 261.5 million yuan over the previous year and an increase of 7.48% . 万元,比上年增加35,724万元,增长9.73%The city's social insurance fund expenditure budget was 4.028889 million yuan, an increase of 357.24 million yuan over the previous year and an increase of 9.73% .

万元,同口径比上年增加62万元,增长0.25%Among them: the city's overall budget for the pension funds of government agencies and institutions is 245.55 million yuan, an increase of 620,000 yuan and a 0.25% increase over the previous year. 万元,比上年增加9,757万元,增长20.79%Expenditure budget was 568.87 million yuan, an increase of 97.57 million yuan or 20.79% over the previous year. 万元,通过动用上年结余和一般公共预算安排专项弥补。 The gap between revenue and expenditure was 321.32 million yuan, which was specifically made up by using the balance of the previous year and the general public budget arrangement.

For the above income and expenditure items, please refer to relevant conference documents.

年财政工作有利条件不少,但仍面临一些困难和问题, 经济运行稳中有变,下行压力加大,新的减收增支政策还将出台,财政改革和保障任务仍然十分繁重,财政收支形势较为严峻。 Generally speaking, there are many favorable conditions for fiscal work in 2019 , but there are still some difficulties and problems. The economy is stable and changing, downward pressure is increasing, and new revenue reduction and expenditure policies will be introduced. Fiscal reforms and guarantees The tasks are still very arduous, and the fiscal revenue and expenditure situation is more severe. 年钢材、水泥、化工和采矿业税收高增长形成了较大基数,税收增长有一定难度,预计2019年财政收入只能保持 “微增长”。 In terms of revenue, there are still many uncertain factors restricting the increase of fiscal revenue. The central government has introduced a larger tax and fee reduction policy, which will have a greater impact on fiscal revenue.At the same time , the steel, cement, chemical and mining industries have high tax revenue in 2018 . A large base has been formed, and it is difficult to increase tax revenue . It is expected that fiscal revenue in 2019 can only maintain a "slight growth." 都需要增加大量支出 In terms of expenditure, the continuous increase of fiscal rigid expenditures, coupled with the promotion of supply-side structural reforms, in the context of the current state's increased management of local government debt, not only must we meet the funding needs of the three major battles, the improvement of people's livelihood, and the reform of important areas. It is also necessary to resolve the hidden debts of local governments, all of which need to increase a lot of expenditure . 年全市和市本级的财政收支面临着巨大的压力。 Fiscal revenues and expenditures at the city and municipal level in 2019 are under tremendous pressure.

年, 市本级财政预算遵循“量力而行、精打细算、全面推进预算绩效管理”的原则来安排,牢固树立过“紧日子”的思想,严格控制和压减一般性支出,除保障人员工资待遇及落实中央、省、市重大决策部署外,原则上不新增加支出。 In 2019 , the municipal budget is arranged according to the principle of “do what you can, do a good job, and comprehensively promote budget performance management”, firmly establish the idea of “tight days”, and strictly control and reduce general expenditures. In addition to the treatment and implementation of major decisions made by the central, provincial, and municipal governments, in principle, no new expenditures should be added. In accordance with the above principles, this year's municipal finance will give priority to guaranteeing the following key expenditures: First, to ensure wages and operation. 亿元,用于保障人员经费和单位正常运转。 The general budget arranges funds of 1.728 billion yuan to guarantee personnel expenses and the normal operation of the unit. The second is to make up for shortcomings and protect people's livelihood. 亿元,全面落实各项民生和社会事业发展政策。 A total of 2.308 billion yuan of funds were raised to fully implement various livelihood and social undertaking development policies. 亿元,用于离休干部、城镇企业职工、机关事业单位参保退休干部及城乡居民养老保险等社会保障支出;安排11.86亿元,继续支持医疗卫生体制改革;安排0.41亿元,支持保障性安居工程建设;筹集0.3亿元,用于市区公共交通事业发展;统筹土地基金5.18亿元,用于完善市区基础设施、推动城市建设发展。 Of which: 533 million yuan will be allocated for social security expenditures such as retired cadres, urban enterprise employees, government agencies and institutions insured retired cadres and urban and rural residents' endowment insurance; 1.186 billion yuan will be continued to support the reform of the medical and health system; Support the construction of affordable housing projects; raise RMB 30 million for the development of urban public transportation; coordinate the Land Fund of RMB 518 million to improve urban infrastructure and promote urban construction and development. The third is to promote reform and ensure development. 亿元,支持转方式、调结构、增财源。 The overall arrangement of 107 million yuan will support transfer methods, structural adjustments and increase of financial resources. 亿元,第三产业发展资金400万元,文化产业发展资金0.1亿元,旅游产业发展资金800万元,重点项目前期经费和总部经济发展800万元,农业产业化专项0.16亿元,商贸专项480万元,优先支持财源建设项目;安排人才工作专项经费0.1亿元,支持人才聚集。 Among them, 46 million yuan was earmarked for enterprise development, 4 million yuan for the development of the tertiary industry, 10 million yuan for the development of the cultural industry, 8 million yuan for the development of the tourism industry, 8 million yuan for key projects and headquarter economic development, and the agricultural industry. A special project of 16 million yuan for chemical and 4.8 million yuan for commerce and trade will be given priority in supporting financial resources construction projects; a special fund of 10 million yuan for talent work will be arranged to support the gathering of talents. The fourth is to prevent risks and reduce debt. 亿元用于消化政府隐性债务和项目还本付息支出。 The overall arrangement of 417 million yuan was used to digest hidden government debt and project repayment of principal and interest.

年预算任务 3. Overcome difficulties and increase efficiency to complete the 2019 budget task

年是新中国成立70周年,是决胜全面建成小康社会、推进高质量发展落实赶超的关键之年,做好财政工作意义重大。 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is a crucial year for the successful establishment of a well-off society in an all-round way and the promotion of high-quality development. We must follow the decision-making arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee, emancipate our minds, act actively, and work hard to ensure that we complete the various tasks.

(A) with . Coordinate and guide all kinds of funds and resources to focus on key projects, the real economy and other key areas to provide support and guarantee for enhancing economic vitality and consolidating the foundation for development. The first is to safeguard key projects. “城市双修”、“和谐 行动顺利推进, 进一步提升城市功能、改善人居环境。积极向上争取政策和资金支持,推进快速铁路、高速公路和国省干线建设,进一步改善区域交通环境。二是支持实体经济发展。落实创新驱动发展战略,支持科技研发平台建设和高新技术企业发展,继续实施“海纳百川”人才计划,为企业创新发展提供更加有力的支撑。打造双创升级版,推动小微企业发展提质增效,加快培育经济发展新动能 发展。 落实民营企业健康发展政策措施,支持民营经济发展。支持深化金融改革,引导金融服务实体经济。继续落实减税降费政策,进一步减轻企业和社会负担。 三是推进乡村振兴 。坚持把农业农村作为财政支出的优先保障领域,创新农村基础设施和公用事业投融资体制机制,吸引社会资本参与乡村振兴,着力构建多元化乡 Efforts will be made to ensure the smooth advancement of "urban dual repair" and "harmonious actions, to further enhance urban functions and improve the living environment. Actively seek policy and financial support, promote the construction of fast railways, highways and national and provincial trunk lines, and further improve the regional transportation environment. To support the development of the real economy. Implement the innovation-driven development strategy, support the construction of scientific and technological research and development platforms, and the development of high-tech enterprises. Continue to implement the "Hainanbaichuan" talent plan to provide more powerful support for innovation and development of enterprises. Create an innovative version of dual innovation and promote small and micro Enterprise development improves quality and efficiency, accelerates the cultivation of new driving forces for economic development . Development. Implements healthy development policies and measures for private enterprises to support the development of private economy. Supports the deepening of financial reforms and guides financial services to the real economy. Continues to implement tax and fee reduction policies to further reduce business and social burden. Third is to promote rural revitalization. adhere to give priority to agriculture and rural areas as financial expenditure, innovation infrastructure and public utilities investment and financing in rural areas of institutional mechanisms to attract social capital to participate in the revitalization of rural, focused on building a diversified rural 四是支持生态文明建设。 深入开展山水林田湖草生态保护修复试点工程,加快生态环境治理和保护。推动资源节约和减排降碳,集中力量打好大气、水、土壤三项污染防治“攻坚战”。完善生态公益林补偿制度。 Revitalize investment pattern, support rural living environment, and the "four good rural road", village-level organizations operate to protect the village collective economic development, the construction of rural village public welfare undertakings. Fourth, to support the construction of ecological civilization. Depth landscape Hayashida The lake grass ecological protection and restoration pilot project accelerates the ecological environment governance and protection. It promotes resource conservation, emission reduction, and carbon reduction, and concentrates on the "tough battle" for the prevention and control of three pollutions of the atmosphere, water, and soil. The compensation system for ecological public welfare forests is improved.

完善政策激励措施, 深入实施“一十百千万”工程。 (2) Improve policy incentives and implement the "10 billion" project in depth. We will implement measures to nurture 10 billion leading enterprises, 100 billion industry clusters, and support the development of 10,000 small and micro enterprises, promote more enterprises to become "golden dolls", and develop and grow the main financial resources . Enhance urban economic vitality. 巩固和提升支柱税源。 Optimize fiscal and taxation services, support Sansteel to build a 100 billion group, and consolidate and enhance pillar tax sources. 企业集团做大做强做优,加快成长为市区骨干税源。 Promote the asset reorganization and resource integration of municipal state-owned enterprises, support enterprise groups to become bigger and stronger and be superior, and accelerate the growth of urban backbone tax sources. Innovate financial support methods, promote the development of the park, and cultivate subsequent financial resources in the urban area. Economic development of headquarters. Implement headquarters economic support policies, strengthen tracking services and policy guidance for key enterprises, encourage leading enterprises to grow bigger and stronger existing headquarters, strive for the return of Ming and Shang companies, and attract central and large private enterprises to set up regional headquarters in Ming Dynasty. The tax source services of regional operating enterprises promote the accumulation of financial resources. 五是盘活土地资源。 We will improve the fiscal reward and compensation policy, give play to the leading role of the emerging industry fund, and promote the four resource-based strategies of rare earth, graphite (ene), new fluorine materials, and biomedicine . Fifth, revitalize land resources. Strengthen the economical and intensive use of land resources, increase the disposal of unused land and idle land . Make scientific and reasonable arrangements, orderly supply of land, maintain a stable operation of the land market, and increase income from land transfers.

调整优化财政支出结构,重点保障扶贫攻坚、社保、医改、教育、文化、社会治理等民生方面的资金需求。 (3) Efforts should be made to adjust and optimize the structure of fiscal expenditures, and focus on guaranteeing the needs of the people's livelihood in poverty alleviation, social security, medical reform, education, culture, and social governance. The first is to win the battle against precision poverty alleviation. Continue to increase financial investment, promote the construction of the National Poverty Alleviation Reform Experimental Zone, accurately implement poverty alleviation projects, and support the five major battles of industry, employment, education, health poverty alleviation, and housing security. The second is to improve the social security system. We will steadily increase the standards of social assistance and pensions, including social assistance in urban and rural areas, and social security benefits such as pensions. We will support the construction of pilot cities for the reform of home and community pension services in the country, and give full play to the role of fiscal subsidies to promote the increase in supply and quality of pension services. Fully implement the unemployment insurance fund job stabilization subsidy policy to promote employment and entrepreneurship. The third is to continue to deepen medical reform. 收付费改革,支持把更多救命救急的好药纳入医保。 Efforts will be made to improve the government investment mechanism of public hospitals, gradually improve the "general hospital" operating mechanism, deepen the reform of packaged payment for medical insurance funds and C-DRG collection and payment, and support the inclusion of more good medicines for life and emergency into medical insurance. The fourth is to support fair and high-quality education. Support the implementation of public kindergartens, urban primary and secondary school expansion projects, support vocational education integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, support the connotative development of higher education, and improve the level of education development. The fifth is to promote the development of cultural and sports undertakings. Increase investment in public cultural construction, further improve the level of public cultural service supply, and support the success of the 7th Sanming Games. Six is to strengthen social governance. Do a good job of guaranteeing funds for institutional reform departments and support the orderly progress of institutional reform. We will continue to ensure funding guarantees for the special struggle against evil and evil, continue to deepen the comprehensive supporting reform of the judicial system, increase public safety funding, support food and drug supervision, promote the formation of effective social governance, and coordinately advance the construction of a higher level of "safe sanming."

(4) Efforts to deepen reform of the fiscal and taxation system. Take deepening reform as a powerful driving force, focus on innovation, focus on breakthroughs, and accelerate the establishment of a modern financial system. 深化预算管理改革。 The first is to deepen the reform of budget management. 大政府性基金预算、国有资本经营预算与一般公共预算的统筹力度,整合预算资源,优化资源配置。 Increase the coordination of government fund budgets, state capital operating budgets and general public budgets, integrate budget resources, and optimize resource allocation. 对支持方向和用途相同相近的部门专项资金进行整合,盘活存量资金,集中用于支持高质量发展。 Strictly implement the municipal financial special fund management measures, integrate the special funds of departments with similar support directions and uses, revitalize the stock funds, and focus on supporting high-quality development. We will further accelerate the progress of fiscal expenditures and guarantee expenditures in key areas. 推进国库管理改革 The second is to promote the reform of treasury management . Completely complete the goals of the construction and promotion of the integrated financial management information system, and establish a dynamic budget monitoring system covering budgets at all levels. In accordance with the requirements of “decentralization and management services”, the approval process and fund allocation process for unit use plans will be simplified, the time limit for appropriation will be shortened, and the efficiency of appropriation will be improved . 是做好财政体制和税制改革前期准备工作。 The third is to make good preparations for the reform of the fiscal system and tax system. We will closely track the central and local income division plan, the progress of fiscal system adjustment below the provincial level, carry out forward-looking research, and propose policy recommendations. Pay close attention to the development trend of personal income tax reform, actively follow up the legislative process of real estate tax, cultivated land occupation tax and other taxes, and make preparations for reform.

(5) Efforts to improve the level of financial management. Focusing on the new situation and new requirements of financial work, we will continue to consolidate the foundation of financial management, improve the long-term mechanism, and improve the performance of financial operations. The first is to prevent and resolve debt risks. Strengthen government debt limit management and budget management, and improve the government borrowing and financing mechanism that is unified, open, transparent, and binding. 统筹资金积极消化隐性债务 Implement the hidden debt digestion plan and coordinate funds to actively digest hidden debt . 争取专项债券资金, 优化债务结构,缓解政府支出压力,着力优化政府债务指标,确保不发生区域性风险。 Implement the work plan for preventing and controlling government debt risks, strive for special bond funds, optimize the debt structure, alleviate pressure on government spending, and strive to optimize government debt indicators to ensure that regional risks do not occur. The second is to fully implement budget performance management. Accelerating the establishment of an all-round, full-process and full-coverage budget performance management system in accordance with the requirements of "effective spending must be accountable and invalid accountability". Implement “dual monitoring” on the degree of achievement of performance targets and the progress of budget implementation, and promote the self-evaluation of overall performance and key performance evaluations. Strengthen rigid constraints on performance evaluation results, and speed up the establishment of performance evaluation results linked to budget arrangements and policy adjustments. The third is to strengthen financial supervision. ”专项督查工作,注重改进督查方式,调动多方力量参与检查,加强部门之间信息共享,强化成果运用。 Continue to advance the " 1 + X " special inspection work, focus on improving the inspection method, mobilize multiple forces to participate in inspections, strengthen information sharing between departments, and strengthen the use of results. We will improve the joint supervision and inspection mechanism in the field of poverty alleviation, and actively do a good job in upgrading and optimizing the online supervision system for poverty alleviation funds. Strengthen the review of fiscal investment and further improve the efficiency of fiscal funds.

年财政工作任务艰巨、使命光荣。 Distinguished delegates, to do a good job of fiscal work in 2019 is arduous and glorious. Under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, under the supervision of the Municipal People's Congress and the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, we will strengthen our confidence, rise to the challenge, forge ahead with reform, forge ahead, and give play to the role of fiscal escort for high-quality development and implementation of catch-up. Make new and greater contributions to striving to promote the construction of a new era and a new Sanming!


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