2018 Sanming Municipal Social Security Center Department Budget Statement

2018-02-28 17:26 Source: Sanming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

年部门预算经市十三届人大二次会议审议通过,现将我单位 2018 部门预算说明如下: The 2018 department budget was reviewed and approved by the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress of the City .

部门主要职责 I. Main Department Responsibilities

、负责贯彻执行国家和省、市有关机关事业单位养老保险的各项方针政策和法律法规; 2 、负责我市机关事业单位养老保险制度改革的组织实施工作; 3 、负责市级机关事业单位养老保险业务经办工作; 4 、指导和检查本市各县(市、区)机关事业单位养老保险经办机构工作;5 、完成市人力资源和社会保障局交办的其他工作。 The main responsibilities of the Sanming Municipal Social Security Center are: 1. Responsible for implementing the policies, laws, and regulations of the endowment insurance of the state, provincial, and municipal agencies; 2. Responsible for the organization and implementation of the reform of the endowment insurance system of the municipal institutions Work; 3. Responsible for the management of endowment insurance business of municipal agencies and institutions; 4. Guidance and inspection of the work of endowment insurance agencies of government agencies in all counties (cities, districts) of the city ; 5. Completion of human resources and social security in the city Other tasks assigned by the Bureau.

Composition of departmental budget units

三明市机关社保中心为参照公务员法管理的事业单位,内设6个科室,经费性质为财政核拨,人员编制数18人,在职人数16人。 From the perspective of the composition of the budget unit, the Social Security Center of the Sanming Municipal Government is an institution managed with reference to the Civil Service Law. It has 6 sections, the nature of funding is financial appropriation, the number of staff is 18 , and the number of employees is 16 2018 年部门预算编制范围的单位详细情况见下表: Of which: Details of the units included in the scope of the 2018 departmental budget preparation are shown in the table below :

company name

Nature of funding


Number of employees

Sanming Municipal Social Security Center

Financial appropriation



Third, the main tasks of the department

年, 三明市机关社保中心主要任务是:以“抓好改革,服务发展、改善民生、维护稳定”为工作主线,扎实做好改革方案实施和新老制度平稳衔接。 In 2018 , the main task of the Social Security Center of the Sanming Municipal Government is to take “the reform, service development, improve people ’s livelihood, and maintain stability” as the main line of work, and do a good job in implementing the reform plan and smoothly connecting the old and new systems. Focusing on the above tasks, focus on the following tasks:

(1) Strengthening efforts to implement the reform plan of the government's pension system and the smooth connection between the old and new systems, and to do a good job of pension insurance and occupational annuity business in accordance with the provisions of higher-level documents.

(2) The Spring Festival condolences and holiday expenses for retirees of participating units will be issued.

(3) Strengthen business and financial training.

(4) Strengthen fund management to ensure the stable operation of the fund.

(5) Strengthening the construction of organs' efficiency and spiritual civilization.

Fourth, the overall budget revenue and expenditure

According to the principle of comprehensive budget, all income and expenditure of the department are included in the department budget management., 三明市机关社保中心 收入预算为 160.91 万元,比上年增加 33.65 万元,主要原因是在职人数比上年增加 In 2018 , the revenue budget of the Social Security Center of the Sanming Municipal Government was 1.6091 million yuan, an increase of 336,500 yuan over the previous year , mainly due to the increase in the number of employees . 160.91 万元,基金预算财政拨款 0 万元,财政专户拨款 0 万元,其他收入 0 万元,单位结余结转资金 0 万元。 Among them: the general public budget appropriation of 160.91 million yuan, the fund budget financial appropriation of 100,000 yuan , special financial account appropriation of 100,000 yuan , other income of 100,000 yuan , unit balance carry-over of 100,000 yuan of funds . 160.91 万元,比上年增加 33.65 万元,其中:人员支出 122.78 万元,对个人和家庭补助支出9.66万元,公用支出 15.13 万元,项目支出 23 万元。 Correspondingly, the expenditure budget was 1.6091 million yuan, an increase of 336,500 yuan over the previous year , of which: personnel expenditure was 1.2278 million yuan, personal and family subsidy expenditure was 96,600 yuan, public expenditure was 115,300 yuan, and project expenditure was 230,000 yuan.

V. General public budget appropriation

年度一般公共预算拨款支出160.91万元 ,比上年增加 33.65 万元,主要原因是 在职人员增加,主要支出项目(按项级科目分类统计)包括: The general public budget appropriation expenditure for 2018 was 1.6091 million yuan , an increase of 336,500 yuan over the previous year , mainly due to the increase in in-service personnel. The main expenditure items ( by item-level subjects ) include:

社会保险经办机构( 2080109138.93万元。 (1) Social insurance agency ( 2080109 ) : RMB 1.389 million. It is mainly used for unit employees' expenditures, personal and family subsidy expenditures, public expenditures and special administrative expenditures.

行政单位医疗( 21011016.28万元。 (2) Medical treatment in administrative units ( 21,101,101 ): 62,800 yuan. It is mainly used for medical insurance units to bear part of the expenditure.

机关事业单位基本养老保险缴费支出( 208050515.7万元。 (3) Expenditures for basic endowment insurance of government agencies ( 2080505 ): 157,000 yuan. It is mainly used for the payment of basic endowment insurance for the unit.

Expenditure of the government fund budget

年度没有使用政府性基金预算拨款安排的支出。 The unit did not use the government fund budget appropriation arrangements in 2018 .

7. Basic expenditures of fiscal appropriation budget

年度财政拨款基本支出160.91万元,其中: The basic fiscal appropriation for 2018 was RMB 1.6091 million, of which:

万元,主要包括:基本工资、津贴补贴、奖金、伙食补助费、绩效工资、机关事业单位基本养老保险缴费、职业年金缴费、其他社会保障缴费、其他工资福利支出、离休费、退休费、抚恤金、生活补助、医疗费、奖励金、住房公积金、提租补贴、购房补贴、采暖补贴、物业服务补贴、其他对个人和家庭的补助支出。 (1) Staffing costs of 11.312 million yuan, mainly including: basic wages, subsidies, bonuses, meal subsidies, performance wages, basic pension insurance contributions for institutions, professional annuity contributions, other social security contributions, other wage and welfare expenditures, retirees Expenses, retirement expenses, pensions, living allowances, medical expenses, awards, housing provident fund, rent increase subsidies, house purchase subsidies, heating subsidies, property service subsidies, and other subsidies for individuals and families.

万元,主要包括:办公费、印刷费、咨询费、手续费、水费、电费、邮电费、取暖费、物业管理费、差旅费、因公出国(境)费用、维修(护)费、租赁费、会议费、培训费、公务接待费、专用材料费、劳务费、委托业务费、工会经费、福利费、公务用车运行维护费、其他交通费用、税金及附加费用、其他商品和服务支出、办公设备购置、专用设备购置、信息网络及软件购置更新、其他资本性支出。 (2) Public funds of RMB 153,300, which mainly include: office expenses, printing expenses, consulting fees, handling fees, water charges, electricity costs, post and telecommunications costs, heating costs, property management costs, travel expenses, expenses for traveling abroad (border), maintenance (Protection) fee, rental fee, meeting fee, training fee, official reception fee, special material fee, labor fee, commissioned business fee, union fund, welfare fee, official vehicle operation and maintenance fee, other transportation cost, tax and additional cost, Other goods and services expenditures, office equipment purchases, special equipment purchases, information network and software purchase updates, and other capital expenditures.

“三公”经费支出情况 Expenditure of the "three public" funds in the general public budget

因公出国(境)经费 (1 ) Expenses for going abroad (border) for business   年预算安排 0 万元。 The budget for 2018 is set at 100,000 yuan. Same as last year.

    公务接待费 (2) Official reception fees   年预算安排 2.45 万元。 The budget for 2018 is 24,500 yuan. It is mainly used for reception activities of investigation and inspection in provincial-level agencies, prefecture-level agencies and counties (cities, districts) . 年相比支出下降5% ,主要原因是: 减少接待人数及降低接待标准 Compared with the previous year , expenditure decreased by 5% , mainly due to the reduction in the number of receptions and the reduction of reception standards .

公务用车购置及运行费 (3) Purchase and operation costs of official vehicles   年预算安排0万元,其中:公务用车运行费0万元,公务用车购置费0万元。 The budget for 2017 is set at 100,000 yuan, of which: the operating cost of official vehicles is 100,000 yuan, and the purchasing cost of official vehicles is 100,000 yuan. Same as last year. The main reason is that the unit has no official car.

Nine, other important matters

(1) Operational expenses

三明市机关社保中心 一般公共预算拨款安排的机关运行经费支出 4.34 万元,比 2018 年增加 0.62 万元,主要原因是 在职人数增加。 In 2018 , the general public budget appropriation arrangement of the Sanming Municipal Government Social Security Center was 43,400 yuan, an increase of 60,200 yuan over 2018 , mainly due to the increase in the number of employees.

(II) Government procurement

三明市机关社保中心 政府采购预算总额 19.83 万元,其中:政府购买服务项目 采购预算额 0 万元。 In 2018 , the total government procurement budget of the Sanming Municipal Government's Social Security Center was 198,300 yuan, of which: the government procurement service project procurement budget was 0 million yuan.

(III) Occupation and use of state-owned assets

2018 年底, 三明市机关社保中心 本级及所属的预算单位共有车辆 0 辆。 As of the end of 2018 , there were 0 vehicles in this level and budget units of the Sanming Municipal Social Security Center .

(IV) Setting of performance targets

三明市机关社保中心 共设置绩效目标 2 个,涉及财政拨款资金 23 万元。 In 2018 , the Social Security Center of Sanming Municipal Government set a total of 2 performance targets , involving 230,000 yuan in financial appropriation funds .

X. Terminology

财政拨款收入:指财政当年拨付的资金。 1. Financial appropriation income: refers to the funds allocated by the fiscal year.

事业收入:指事业单位开展专业业务活动及辅助活动所取得的收入。 2. Business income: refers to the income obtained by public institutions from carrying out professional business activities and supporting activities.

经营收入:指事业单位在专业业务活动及其辅助活动之外开展非独立核算经营活动取得的收入。 3. Operating income: Refers to the income from non-independent accounting business activities carried out by public institutions in addition to professional business activities and auxiliary activities.

其他收入:指除上述财政拨款收入事业收入经营收入等以外的收入。 4. Other income: refers to income other than the above-mentioned " financial appropriation income " , " business income " , " operating income ", etc. It is mainly income from house sales and interest income from deposits.

用事业基金弥补收支差额:指事业单位在当年的财政拨款收入事业收入经营收入其他收入不足以安排当年支出的情况下,使用以前年度积累的事业基金(事业单位当年收支相抵后按国家规定提取、用于弥补以后年度收支差额的基金)弥补本年度收支缺口的资金。 5. Use the business fund to make up the balance between income and expenditure: refers to the case where the " financial appropriation income " , " industrial income " , " operating income " , and " other income " of the public institution in the current year are not enough to arrange the current year's expenditure. Utility funds (funds that are drawn according to national regulations after the current year's revenue and expenditures are offset by the government units and are used to make up the difference in revenues and expenditures in subsequent years) are funds that make up the current year's revenue and expenditure gap.

年初结转和结余:指以前年度尚未完成、结转到本年按有关规定继续使用的资金。 6. Carry-over and balance at the beginning of the year: refers to funds that have not been completed in previous years and carried over to the current year and continue to be used in accordance with relevant regulations.

结余分配:指事业单位按规定提取的职工福利基金、事业基金和缴纳的所得税,以及建设单位按规定应交回的基本建设竣工项目结余资金。 7. Balance allocation: Refers to the employee welfare fund, business fund and income tax paid by the public institution in accordance with regulations, and the balance of capital construction completed projects that the construction unit shall return in accordance with regulations.

年末结转和结余:指本年度或以前年度预算安排、因客观条件发生变化无法按原计划实施,需延迟到以后年度按有关规定继续使用的资金。 8. Carry-over and balance at the end of the year: This refers to funds that were budgeted for the current year or previous years and could not be implemented as originally planned due to changes in objective conditions. They must be postponed to future years in accordance with relevant regulations.

基本支出:指为保障机构正常运转、完成日常工作任务而发生的人员支出和公用支出。 9. Basic expenditures: refers to personnel expenditures and public expenditures incurred to ensure the normal operation of the organization and complete daily tasks.

项目支出:指在基本支出之外为完成特定行政任务和事业发展目标所发生的支出。 10. Project Expenditure: Expenditure incurred to complete specific administrative tasks and career development goals in addition to basic expenditures.

经营支出:指事业单位在专业业务活动及其辅助活动之外开展非独立核算经营活动发生的支出。 11. Operating Expenditure: refers to the expenditure incurred by a public institution in carrying out non-independent accounting business activities in addition to professional business activities and its auxiliary activities.

三公经费:纳入财政预决算管理的三公经费,是指使用财政拨款安排的因公出国(境)费、公务用车购置及运行费和公务接待费。 12. " Three public " funds: The " three public " funds included in the management of financial budgets and final accounts refer to the use of financial appropriations for overseas (boundary) expenses, official vehicle purchase and operation expenses, and official reception expenses. 含车辆购置税、牌照费)及燃料费、维修费、过桥过路费、保险费、安全奖励费用等支出,公务用车指车改后单位按规定保留的用于履行公务的机动车辆,包括领导干部用车、一般公务用车和执法执勤用车等;公务接待费反映单位按规定开支的各类公务接待(含外宾接待)支出。 Among them, the expenses for business travel abroad (boundary) reflect the unit's business travel abroad (boundary) international travel expenses, foreign city transportation costs, accommodation costs, food costs, training costs, public miscellaneous expenses, etc .; official vehicle purchase and operation costs, refer to the unit Official vehicle purchase costs ( including vehicle purchase tax, license fee ) and fuel costs, maintenance costs, bridge and toll fees, insurance costs, safety reward costs, etc. Official vehicle vehicles refer to those reserved by the unit for performance after the reform. Official motor vehicles, including those for leading cadres, general official vehicles, and law enforcement duty vehicles, etc .; official reception fees reflect the various types of official reception (including foreign guest reception) expenditures incurred by the unit in accordance with regulations.

机关运行经费:为保障行政单位(含参照公务员法管理的事业单位)运行用于购买货物和服务的各项资金,包括办公及印刷费、邮电费、差旅费、会议费、福利费、日常维修费、专用材料及一般设备购置费、办公用房水电费、办公用房取暖费、办公用房物业管理费、公务用车运行维护费以及其他费用。 13. Agency operating expenses: To ensure that administrative units (including public institutions managed with reference to the Civil Service Law) operate the various funds used to purchase goods and services, including office and printing expenses, post and telecommunications expenses, travel expenses, conference expenses, welfare expenses, daily expenses Maintenance costs, special materials and general equipment purchase costs, office room water and electricity costs, office room heating costs, office room property management costs, official vehicle operation and maintenance costs, and other costs.

2018 年度 收支预算总表 Attached Table: 3-1 2018 Revenue and Expenditure Budget Summary

      2018 年度 收入预算总表 3-2 2018 Annual Revenue Budget

      2018 年度 支出预算总表 3-3 2018 Expenditure Budget

2018 年度 财政拨款收支预算总表 3-4 2018 Budget Appropriation Budget

2018 年度 一般公共预算拨款支出预算表 3-5 General public budget appropriation budget for 2018

      2018 年度政府性基金拨款 支出预算表 3-6 2018 Government Fund Appropriation Budget

      2018 年度 一般公共预算支出经济分类情况表 3-7 Economic Classification of General Public Budget Expenditure in 2018

      2018 年度 一般公共预算基本支出经济分类情况表 3-8 Economic Classification of Basic Public Budget Expenditure in 2018

       2018 年度 一般公共预算“三公”经费支出预算表 3-9 Expenditure Budget of the "Three Public" Funds for the 2018 General Public Budget

2018 年度专项资金绩效目标表 3-12 2018 Special Fund Performance Targets


Social Insurance Management Center of Sanming Government Institutions

228 February 28 , 2018

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