Notice on the use of sports lottery funds in 2018

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According to the "Lottery Management Regulations", "Implementation Rules of the Lottery Management Regulations", "Measures for the Management of Lottery Public Welfare Funds" and other requirements, the 2018 Sanming City Sports Lottery Public Welfare Funds are notified as follows:

According to the budget arrangement at the beginning of the year, 2.88 million yuan was carried forward in 2017, and 10.19 million yuan in revenue in 2018, of which: 9.658 million yuan was spent in the sports sector, 672,000 yuan was spent in other sectors, and 2.74 million yuan was carried forward in 2018. The expenditures of the municipal sports department were mainly used to implement mass sports work and carry out competitive sports work.

(I) Mass Sports

1. To improve and maintain public sports venue facilities and sports to the countryside 552,400 yuan. Mainly used for national fitness path maintenance, sports donated equipment to the countryside, sports stadium skylights, etc.

2. Mass sports organization and team building was 201,500 yuan. Mainly used for marathon associations, qigong associations, badminton associations, fishing associations, football associations and other social subsidies and training of social sports instructors.

3. Organize and carry out national fitness activities of 6,693,000 yuan. It is mainly used to participate in the 16th provincial Games mass group competition, youth sunshine sports, provincial and municipal health clubs, and organize the development of the Sanming National Fitness Games.

4. Organize and carry out 280,000 yuan of scientific research and publicity for national fitness. Mainly used for national fitness monitoring station training, testing, equipment maintenance, sports promotion and other tasks.

(Two) 1.953 million yuan in competitive sports

1. To organize and host sports events at or above the district and county level for 1.25 million yuan. Mainly used to host the city's children's championships and primary and secondary leagues.

2. Organize to participate in international and domestic sports games, etc. 528,000 yuan. It is mainly used to form teams to participate in the youth competition of the 16th Fujian Provincial Games.

3. Sports reserve talents training is 175,000 yuan. It is mainly used to subsidize the training sites of the “County Team and City Office”.

(Three) achieve results

1. Significant results in mass sports

The construction of public sports facilities has been actively promoted. Support two districts to update and maintain national fitness path equipment that has expired and been damaged; donate sports equipment to municipal departments and poor villages. In the year, 15 multi-functional sports fields in urban communities, 7 indoor gyms, 9 cage football fields, 4 gate courts, and 1 sports park were completed, adding 2946 square meters of stadium area to the community.

National fitness activities are colorful. In conjunction with the city's "Monthly and Monthly Competitions", with the theme of "New Era, New Weather, and Fitness for All", Sanming City's National Fitness Games were held and 25 fitness events were completed. At present, the number of people consciously participating in regular fitness exercises is increasing, accounting for more than 40% of the city's population. According to statistics, the city has organized more than 380 national fitness activities at all levels and directly participated in more than 100,000 person-times. The city sent more than 1,700 athletes to participate in international, national and provincial fitness competitions and won 50 gold, 59 silver and 60 bronze medals. Actively carry out sports activities in the community. In 2018, carry out the "five-entry" community activities of sports public services in the city. More than 200 fun fitness activities, more than 50 scientific fitness lectures, and the second community fitness games have been held in 100 communities. The number of participants reached more than 30,000, which further enriched residents' cultural and sports activities. Actively carry out fitness activities for the elderly, successfully held the tenth municipal fitness meeting, and steadily promote the establishment of "elderly fitness and recreation homes". At present, the city has a total of 106 provincial "kangle homes" and city-level "kangle homes" "320, county-level" recreation homes "423, the creation of work has become normalized, institutionalized and diversified.

The construction of sports organizations has been continuously improved. In 2018, there were two new sports associations in the city, including one at the municipal level. At present, 13 sports associations above the county level and 165 individual sports associations (clubs) have been established, forming cities, counties (cities, districts). , Township (street), village (community) four-level national fitness organization network. Strengthen the training of social sports instructors, adding 446 social sports instructors at all levels in 2018, including 12 national-level social sports instructors, 29 at first level, and 390 at third level. As of 2018, there were 6510 social sports instructors in Sanming. Social sports instructors at all levels in the city account for 2.34 per thousand of the city's population. At the same time, actively carry out the "five-entry" activity of Health Qigong, select 15 people to enter the institutions, enterprises and schools to conduct fitness training and guidance work, the number of trainees reaches more than 500; organize training courses for square dance, sports dance, radio gymnastics In 63 sessions, the number of participants reached 23,000.

2. Steady growth in competitive sports

Competitive sports results are good. The results of the provincial games have improved. In this Games, a total of 684 athletes were sent to participate in the 21 major events of the Youth Department and the 10 major events of the Ministry of Mass. Among them: the sports delegation of our city won 81.5 gold, 31 silver and 40 copper in the Youth Department competition, with a total score of 1985 points, which was 38.5 gold, 35.5 silver, and 44.5 copper with a total score of 1537 points compared to the previous provincial games. Promotion. Highlights of the World Series results. In 2018, Deng Wei participated in the Turkmenistan Weightlifting World Championships and won the women's weightlifting 64kg grab, jerk, and total results. Liu Cheng won the championship in the Badminton World Mixed Team Championship and the Asian Men's Team Competition. The women ’s 4 × 100m relay in the 18th Asian Games won the runner-up. The elite athletes trained and transported in our city still have strong competitiveness in the world competition.

Strengthen youth sports work. The city's children's championship and primary and secondary school students' football, weightlifting, track and field and other 13 events were held. A total of more than 2,000 people participated in the contest to promote the discovery and cultivation of sports reserve talents. Cooperate with the Provincial Sports Bureau to carry out the identification of "Fujian Sports Reserve Talent Base" in the period of 2018-2021. This week, Jianning, Sanyuan and Yong'an Majors declared and passed the inspection.

Promote the healthy development of "Sunshine Sports". The sports and education departments jointly organized primary and secondary student leagues, and teamed up to participate in the provincial middle school student league and the provincial youth "Future Star" sunshine sports conference to promote the healthy development of youth sunshine sports.

Sanming Sports Bureau Sanming Finance Bureau

June 17, 2019

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