Notice on the release of special funds for the development of modern agricultural characteristics in 2019

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Relevant county finance bureaus, agricultural and rural bureaus, and Sanming Zhongmin Forest Rights Collection and Storage Co., Ltd .:

In order to effectively promote the characteristics of modern agriculture, according to the Provincial Department of Finance and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department, "Notice on Issue of Special Funds for Facility Agriculture and Other Features of Modern Agriculture Development in 2019" (Min Cai Nong Zhi [2019] No. 32), and "On Issue of 2019 Notice of the Special Fund for Modern Agricultural Development (Min Cai Nong Zhi [2019] No. 33) The spirit of the document, after research, a special fund for modern agricultural development with special characteristics for 2019 is RMB 2.122 million, of which: the farmers' productive loan guarantee institutions risk compensation The funds amounted to RMB 912,200, and the fund for the development of farmers' cooperatives was RMB 1.4 million, which were listed in the "2130199-Other Agricultural Expenditure" subject.

Please strengthen the fund management in accordance with the "Special Fund Management Measures for Modern Agricultural Development with Fujian Characteristics" (Min Cai Nong [2019] No. 19) and related project implementation plans, and allocate funds in a timely manner, on the premise of completing the performance targets assigned at the provincial level. The remaining funds shall be in accordance with the requirements of the "Fujian Provincial People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Integration and Consolidation of Agricultural-Related Funds in Fujian Province (Trial)" (Minzheng [2018] No. 13), and do a good job of integrating funds.


1. Sanming City 2019 Farm Household Productive Loan Guarantee Agency Risk Compensation Project Fund Allocation Table

2. 2019 Sanming City Farmer Cooperative Development Project Fund Allocation Table

3. Performance target table of risk compensation projects for peasant household productive loan guarantee institutions in Sanming in 2019

4. Performance target table for the development of farmers' cooperatives in Sanming in 2019

Sanming Finance Bureau

November 26, 2019

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