City leaders went to Ninghua County to investigate the construction of "three ten" major projects

On December 5, according to the unified arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee, Xiao Mingguang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Sanming Municipal Party Committee and the United Front Minister, went to Ninghua County to conduct a research on the "three ten" major projects in 2019. Xiao Mingguang and his party went deep into the Ninghua Overseas Chinese Economic Development Zone and visited private enterprises such as Changning Textile and Yuetu Air Conditioner to coordinate and resolve issues such as financing loans and market development. Xiao Mingguang emphasized that all departments at all levels must conscientiously implement the customs ... [detailed]

Recently, a number of projects in Qingliu Mingxi Youxi have begun construction

(1) Qingliu 600,000 laying hen breeding base project started construction On December 1, Qingliu County's "five batches" of tackling projects-Litian 600,000 laying hen breeding base project started construction. The total investment of the project is 150 million yuan, and 2 modern broiler houses, 9 laying hen houses, and supporting facilities such as feed production workshops and cold storage will be constructed. (II) Construction of Mingxi high-end sandalwood production project started ... [Details]