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Brief Introduction of "Sanming Municipal Government Bulletin"

The "Sanming Municipal People's Government Bulletin" has the purpose of "transmitting government orders, publicizing policies, guiding work, and serving the society". It mainly publishes municipal government regulations, regulatory documents, and other proactive public documents, and issues municipal government and work department ordinances. The masses of the city provide a new way to understand government affairs information. The communique will give free access to government information inspection places such as the National Archives, public libraries, and real government affairs halls, as well as grassroots units such as township governments, street offices, communities, village (neighborhood) committees, and judicial institutions such as courts and procuratorates , Its electronic version is also online at the municipal government portal.

  • Issue 6 (Total Issue 9)

  • 5th Issue (Total 8th Issue)

  • Issue 4 (Total Issue 7)

  • Issue 3 (Total Issue 6)

  • Phase 2 (Total Issue 5)

  • Phase 1 (Total Issue 4)

  • Issue 3 (Total Issue 3)

  • Phase 2 (Total Issue 2)

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Address: 5th Floor, Building 1, Gaoyan Xincun, Meilie District, Sanming City

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