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Sanming Statistics Bureau's 2019 work plan

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In 2019, the Municipal Bureau of Statistics will adhere to Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics as the guide, and fully implement the important speeches of the Party's 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and leaders of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on statistical work. According to the instructions and instructions, in accordance with the work deployment of the Provincial Statistics Bureau, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, actively promote the reform of statistical methods and systems, solidly carry out the fourth national economic census of the city, continuously improve the quality of statistical data, and strive to strengthen the basic statistics and the construction of the rule of law. Improve the level of statistical services and provide a solid statistical guarantee for the city's adherence to high-quality development and implementation of catch-up.

I. Deepening the reform of the statistical system

(I) Do a good job in reforming the unified accounting of GDP. Use the results of the fourth economic census to make solid preparations for the accounting reform, continuously optimize the accounting reform plan, solidly promote the implementation of the new accounting system, and ensure that the aggregated data of the city and county GDP are integrated in the total, speed, and structure.

(2) Improve the preparation of the balance sheet of natural resources. Actively cooperate with the Provincial Statistics Bureau to do a good job in the preparation of the balance sheet of natural resources, strengthen coordination with relevant departments, actively carry out business guidance, give full play to the lead role, and ensure that the city's natural resources balance sheet is completed in a timely and smooth manner.

(3) Carry out green development evaluation. Establish a statistical work coordination mechanism with clear responsibilities and clear tasks to ensure the institutionalization and normalization of data collection and analysis of new economic statistics, and regular calculation and analysis of high-quality developments.

(4) Do a good job of the "three new" statistics. Strictly implement the national "three new" statistical survey system, integrate, summarize, and analyze the "three new" statistical data in accordance with the unified deployment of the state and provincial bureaus, and timely reflect the new situation, new problems and new results of the city's "three new" development. And use the results of the fourth national economic census to timely reflect the current situation of the city's emerging economic development.

2. Do a solid job in economic and general education

(5) Make every effort to complete the registration of the Four Classics. Carefully sort out and summarize the comprehensive pilot experience of the census, and coordinate the direct reporting of on-line reporting and on-site census registration of the “four above” units to carry out in an orderly manner.

(6) Do a good job in the review, random inspection and evaluation of the quality of the general data. Concentrate on strengthening data review and correction, query feedback in all links, do a good job of data processing, conduct quality spot checks after the fact, carefully analyze the data's rationality, structure and trends, etc., to ensure timely and quality reporting.

(7) Do a good job of applying the results of the economic and general education. The main data bulletin was released on time, and the development and utilization of the census data were solidly carried out.

Third, strengthen data quality assurance

(8) Adhere to the rule of law. In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important instructions on statistical fraud and fraud, and the spirit of the Central Committee ’s “Opinions”, “Measures”, “Provisions” and the Provincial “Implementation Opinions”, adhere to statistics according to law, rule by law, and carry out “double random” statistics Supervision and inspection, increase the investigation and punishment of statistical illegal cases, carry out statistical supervision and inspection on 3 counties in 2019, and resolutely prevent and punish statistical fraud and fraud.

(9) Strengthen training. Strengthen the training of grass-roots statisticians and enterprise statisticians and improve their quality, especially in accordance with the requirements of statistical laws, regulations, rules and statistical systems, further strengthen the statistical legal concepts and data quality awareness of statistical units and personnel, and promote enterprises to establish and improve statistical related systems To continuously improve the quality of source statistics.

(10) Strengthen departmental statistics. Constantly standardize, coordinate and manage the statistical work of the department, closely liaise with the competent department of the industry, strengthen the coordination and cooperation of the department, implement the mechanism of the joint meeting of departmental statistics, do a good job of updating and maintaining the inventory of statistical objects, strictly check the units into the warehouse, and continuously improve the inventory Library data quality to ensure that the data is well documented.

Fourth, optimize the statistical service level

(11) Strengthen early warning monitoring. Focusing on the economic work goals set at the beginning of the city, strengthen coordination and coordination with departments, strengthen monitoring of key professional and key enterprises, achieve early monitoring, early warning and early analysis, and improve the relevance and effectiveness of monthly and quarterly economic analysis. Staff assistant; and actively participate in the "advance high-quality development and implementation of catch-up" competition, to provide statistical services for high-quality development and implementation of catch-up.

(12) Strengthen thematic analysis. In response to the hot and difficult economic and social development issues that the party and government leaders and all sectors of the society are concerned about, we will conduct in-depth research and analysis on grass-roots enterprises and related departments to grasp first-hand information in a timely manner, and continuously enhance the depth and breadth of analysis and research, and make excellence and refinement. 2. Strengthen key analysis and create more statistical products.

(13) Improve service forms. Provide quick service channels in forms, text, pictures, etc .; Innovate statistical products, and timely compile and publish "Statistics Express", "Statistical Yearbook", "Statistical Summary", "Statistical Analysis", "Statistical Monthly" and "Statistics" Bulletin and other service products to broaden the field of statistical services and enhance service timeliness.

V. Strengthening the construction of statistical teams

(14) Strengthen the party's political construction. Always put the party's political construction in the first place, strengthen the party's leadership over statistical work, improve political standing, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", firm the "four self-confidences", resolutely achieve "two safeguards", and strictly observe political discipline And political rules, and always maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee on political positions, political directions, political principles, and political roads.

(15) Strengthen ideological and political education. Guided by Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, he thoroughly studied and implemented the Party ’s 19th National Congress, the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, and General Secretary Xi Jinping when participating in the deliberations of the Fujian delegation of the Second Session of the 13th National People ’s Congress The spirit of speech continued to generate a "big study" craze, solidly carry out the theme education of "not forgetting the original heart, remembering the mission" and "do it right now and do the work" and carry out the "entry into the farm, help enterprises, solve problems, dare to take responsibility, promote development" Activities, constantly using Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work.

(16) Do a solid job in building the party's work style and building a clean government. We will conscientiously implement the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction, and adhere to the same deployment, implementation, and assessment of party style and clean government construction and business work. Strictly implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and implementation rules and the implementation methods of provincial and municipal committees, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Office's "Notice on Resolving Prominent Formal Problems to Reduce Burdens at the Grassroots Level", and thoroughly search for "Four Winds" prominent issues, especially formalism The new manifestation of bureaucracy, taking centralized rectification of formalism and bureaucracy as the primary task and long-term task of upholding discipline and opposing the "Four Winds", adopting sound measures and resolutely rectifying them, so as to continue to improve the style of statistical cadres.

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