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Highlights of ethnic and religious work in the city in 2019

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In 2019, the overall requirements for ethnic and religious work in the city are: under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, comprehensive implementation of the central and provincial and municipal committees' decision-making and deployment of ethnic and religious work. The main line is the theme of promoting national cultural traditions and building a common spiritual homeland, consolidating the results of poverty alleviation in ethnic and rural areas, strengthening the service management of ethnic minorities' floating population, promoting the exchanges and integration of various ethnic groups, promoting the building of a window for the unity and progress of the Chinese nation, and focusing on creating national work A new situation; religious work should take the opportunity of the central religious work supervision feedback as an opportunity, with the theme of standardized management of religious sites and the creation of harmonious temples and churches, and strive to build a long-term mechanism to guide the sinicization of religion, further improve the level of legalization of religious work, and further Solve outstanding problems in the field of religion, further strengthen the self-construction of the religious community, actively guide the religious community to play an active role, strive to achieve new practical results in religious work, and make new contributions to adhere to high-quality development, implement catch-up, and work hard to promote the construction of the new Sanming To greet the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with excellent results.

Focusing on the above goals and requirements, combined with the actual situation of our city, we will focus on the following tasks:

1. Improve the assistance work mechanism and help the rural areas to rejuvenate and develop. It is necessary to continue to do a good job of implementing the various policies to help ethnic and rural areas that have been issued by provinces and municipalities, and actively assist local minority villages in linking with assistance units to help projects; actively promote the use of city and county linked assistance units The advantages of various departments, deepen the connotation of assistance, improve the quality of assistance, and help speed up the development of ethnic and rural areas. It is necessary to make good use of the livelihood assistance policy, timely complete the allocation and allocation of special funds for central and provincial ethnic minorities and the application of special subsidies for municipal minorities to help ethnic villages improve infrastructure and develop economic and social undertakings. It is necessary to strengthen the skills training for the backbone of the development of ethnic and rural areas, organize qualified ethnic minority village cadres and masses to participate in the province ’s ethnic minority practical skills training and the city ’s ethnic village backbone training, and vigorously train ethnic and rural leaders to get rid of poverty and become rich.

2. Carry forward national cultural traditions and actively build a common spiritual homeland. Guiding ethnic villages, ethnic primary and secondary schools through conducting ethnic cultural exchange seminars, writing and speaking, compiling and printing school-based teaching materials, building cultural walls, cultural corridors, and carrying out the traditions of “March 3”, “June 6”, and “Dong Nationality Festival” Activities and other forms, further excavate and inherit the excellent traditional culture of ethnic minorities, and bring the national cultural tradition into the countryside and into schools, into the mind and the scene. Deeply carry out national unity and progress to create the "six advances" activity, guide the normalization of "national unity and progress education bases" to carry out a variety of series of activities, cultivate a number of demonstration sites, focus on the "national unity and progress propaganda month", Ledong The Tibet Department of the Middle School "to celebrate the 20th anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to the school" and other activities. Do a good job in recommending and propagating the model collectives (model individuals) of national unity and progress throughout the country, and play a typical exemplary role. Vigorously carry out education on the core values of socialism and national unity and progress, guide the people of all ethnic groups to establish a correct outlook on the motherland, ethnicity, religion, culture, and history, and continuously increase the people of all ethnic groups towards the great motherland, the Chinese nation, the Chinese culture, and China. The identification of the Communist Party and socialism with Chinese characteristics to build a common spiritual home.

Third, do a good job of heritage protection and construction, and create fine ethnic villages. Adhering to the principle of "planning and pursuing culture, constructing and making culture, creating today's fine products, and making it a tomorrow's cultural relic, the inheritance of the day after tomorrow", it guides the cities of Yong'an, Cangshui, Tinghai, Keshan, Baiqiqiu, Ji In the beginning, 13 ethnic minority villages including pilot villages in Zhiping, Hubeijiao, Xiasha, Mingxi County, Dongban in Datian County, Changrong in Sha County, Baishui in Sanyuan District, and pilot villages in Ninghua County have planned and constructed well. Pay attention to staying blank, staying green, staying old, staying at home, staying at home, staying homesick, planning landscapes, creating scenic spots, telling the stories of ordinary people, improving the construction level of ethnic minority villages, and making our city rich in local characteristics and A fine ethnic village with rich ethnic cultural connotation. Focus on guiding the Ninghua County Zhiping Dai people's township to do a good job in the overall planning and control regulations of the market towns, integrate traditional ethnic culture and Dai elements in the construction of the market towns, and strive to build a “Dun Village” ethnic minority town.

Fourth, do urban ethnic work well and continue to promote exchanges and integration. Establish and improve the service management mechanism for ethnic minorities and improve the informationization level of service management. Taking Meile Gaoyan Community, Yong'an Xin'an Community, Sanyuan Jingdong Community and other provinces and municipalities as the starting point for contacting ethnic minority floating population services, they will do a good job of managing the ethnic minority floating population and promote the construction of an embedded social structure. With the community environment, create a good social pattern of cohabitation, learning, working together, and fun of all ethnic groups.

5. Further promote the standardized management of places for religious activities. Promote financial information and standardized management of religious places. Organize safety supervision and inspection of religious venues to eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers. The inspection of illegal religious publications in places of religious activities was carried out randomly. Strengthen the review and approval of establishment of religious venues in accordance with law. Carry out joint law enforcement and comprehensive law enforcement with relevant departments. Continue to implement the policy on religious real estate. Promote the identification of 3-5 places in counties (cities, districts) as key demonstration sites, and strive to create a number of places with beautiful environment, orderly activities, standardized management, correct teaching style, harmony and stability.

6. Further strengthen the self-building of patriotic religious groups. Focusing on the in-depth development of harmonious temple and church building activities, we have promoted the establishment of sound rules and regulations in various religious groups, continued to strengthen organizational construction, ideological construction, work style construction, and talent construction, and continuously improved the ability to contact and serve faculty members and correctly guide the believers Level. Guide the Municipal Buddhist Association and Taoist Association in organizing lecture exchanges and Xuanmen lectures, guide the city's religious circles to promote the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, work hard to integrate religious teachings with Chinese culture, and promote the religious community to further increase the construction of teaching style. Promote the gradual solution of the "three no" problem for religious groups. Support the Municipal Buddhist Association to promote the construction of Huayan Temple, a directly-affiliated site. Guide the Municipal Taoist Association to carry out the general election. Encourage and guide the religious community to participate in social charity, promote the normalization of charitable activities in the religious community, and help precision poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation. Support the religious community to play an active role in foreign exchanges, and deepen the exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan ’s religious culture and folk beliefs, focusing on “Cihang Culture” and “Xiao Gong Culture”.

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