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Notice on carrying out special rectification work on issues related to the construction of the city's human society system

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County (city, district) human resources and social security bureaus, bureaus, departments and units directly under the bureau:

开展人社系统行风建设有关问题专项整改 工作的部署,打造群众满意的人社服务,形成“办事不求人”的长效机制。 According to the deployment of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department to carry out special rectification work on issues related to the construction of human resources and social systems , we will create satisfactory social services for the masses and form a long-term mechanism of "doing nothing for others". After research, it was decided to carry out special rectifications on issues such as the existence of a large number of certification materials, long queues, long deadlines, poor work discipline, inconvenient facilities, and poor hotlines in the construction of the city's human society system.

1. Simplify the certification materials. The list of administrative examination and approval and public service items and certification materials of the human society system shall be implemented, and the unqualified service items and certification materials shall be resolutely eliminated, and further reduced in accordance with the actual situation.

Second, reduce queue time. Streamline and optimize the process, and accelerate the one-window through-the-window model of "comprehensive reception at the front desk, classified approval at the backstage, and integrated window submission". 为老弱病残孕等特殊人群设立“绿色通道”;推动人社服务事项全流程(受理、办理、反馈、办结)网上办;加强线上线下有效衔接,避免网上办不好、窗口不受理。 For staged peak business, strengthen forecast and pre-judgment, add temporary windows, extend service hours, promote appointment processing , set up "green channels" for special groups such as the elderly , the sick , the disabled , and the pregnant; and promote the whole process of human and social service matters (acceptance, handling , Feedback, and closing) online office; strengthen effective online and offline connection to avoid poor online office and window rejection.

Third, reduce the deadline for closing. Clarify the time limit for the settlement of each administrative service of the human society and take the initiative to make it public. Vigorous implementation of immediate settlement, application procedures that are complete, complete, and meet the requirements should be received immediately; if procedures and materials are not uniform, all matters and the list of required materials should be notified at one time, and completed immediately after completion Knot. 个工作日办结。 For those that cannot be settled immediately, it is necessary to strengthen technological innovation, process reengineering, and further reduce the settlement time limit. If laws and regulations and policies have stipulated the settlement time limit, all will be reduced to the shortest in the province. It takes no more than 7 working days to complete.

4. Strict work discipline. 岗制度,不得无故脱岗离岗。 Strict window unit work and rest time, to prevent late and early departure, implement the AB post system, must not leave the post without reason. The staff members behave in a civilized manner, with clear and clear language expressions, a friendly and gentle service attitude, and accurate and easy-to-understand business explanations. Implement methods such as scene monitoring, on-site evaluation, and complaint reporting, and increase the evaluation of window service satisfaction.

Fifth, promote facilities to facilitate the people. Put an end to "squatting, sloping, and lying down" counters. No isolation glass shall be provided during new construction and reconstruction. For the people in need, we must take the initiative to provide services. Promote standardized and intelligent service guidelines, optimize service guidelines, and widely release through portals and other channels, so that the masses can understand and operate.

6. Ensure that the hotline is unblocked. Increase the hotline telephone service supply, reasonably equip consultants, implement venue facilities, improve the hotline function, and eliminate functions without services. 服务热线的首层功能菜单开设投诉举报选项,接受群众对行风建设的监督。 Improve the complaint reporting mechanism, set up a complaint reporting option on the first-level function menu of the 12333 service hotline, and accept the masses' supervision of the conduct of construction.

市、区)人社局,局机关各科室、直属各单位要高度重视,迅速行动,齐心协力抓好行风建设有关问题专项整改工作的落实。 The counties ( cities, districts ) Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, bureaus, departments, and units directly under it must attach great importance to prompt action and make concerted efforts to implement the special rectification of issues related to the construction of work styles. 类表现及整改打算》; 5月报送每个问题的前3类表现, 12月报送整体整改情况。 Focus on the issues related to government service issues, such as the existence of a large number of certification materials, long queue time, and long time to settle, and conduct self-inspection and self-correction. Carefully sort out government service issues that reflect the outstanding performance of the concentration or serious problems. The six issues reflect the concentrated first three categories of performance and rectification plan; "The first three categories of performance of each issue are reported in May , and the overall rectification situation is reported in December . The Office's Work Style Office will strengthen supervision, inspection, and accountability, and timely report on the rectification work to ensure that work style construction is progressing steadily and effectively.

22日和129日前认真填写并通过OA报送市局机关党委办公室。 Implementation of specific work: The forms in the annex should be filled in carefully before May 22 and December 9 and submitted to the Municipal Party Committee Office through the OA .

Phone: 7506658


类表现及整改打算 Attachment: The first three categories of performance and rectification plans reflected in the six questions



Sanming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

520May 20 , 2019

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