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Pre-approval announcement of the "Sanming Hotel · Jiangbin Plaza" project "Change of Construction Project Planning License" of Sanming City Investment Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

2019-12-09 17:38 Source: Sanming Natural Resources Bureau Website Font Size: Large, Medium and Small Reading: {{pvCount}} times

Upon the application of Sanming Urban Investment Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., under the conditions of planning and design, our bureau intends to agree to the change of the construction drawings of the “Sanming Hotel Jiangbin Plaza”. The main content of the change will be publicized before approval. During the publicity period, if the relevant unit or individual has any comments or suggestions on the approval of the project, they can report to our office in written form and other legal forms during the publicity period. Our bureau will go through the approval procedures according to law.

I. Main contents of publicity

Local changes in construction drawings

2. Publicity period: December 09, 2019-December 18, 2019

Third, the feedback method:

1. Letter and Visit: 16th Floor, Longquan Building, Meilie District, Sanming City (Postal Code: 365000)

2. Phone: 0598-8289012 0598-7500058 Phone: 0598-7500052

Drawings: location map, change map

Sanming Natural Resources Bureau

December 09, 2019

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