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Report on the implementation of the 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan of Sanming City and the 2018 National Economic and Social Development Plan (Draft)

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Xie Jiaqin, Director of Sanming Development and Reform Commission

Distinguished delegates:

Entrusted by the Municipal People's Government, I report to the General Assembly on the implementation of the 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan of Sanming City and the 2018 National Economic and Social Development Plan (Draft). Please consider and invite comments from members of the CPPCC and other attendees. .

I. Implementation of the 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan

In 2017, under the scientific decision-making and strong leadership of the municipal party committee, the whole city insisted on the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firmly grasped the general tone of steady progress, and conscientiously implemented the new development concept, the national economy and society. The annual development plan is generally implemented well, and the economy and society have achieved stability and improvement, progress in stability, and steady growth.

(1) The economic operation is stable and healthy, and the three industries are developing harmoniously. According to preliminary statistics, the annual gross regional product value reached 213.606 billion yuan, an increase of 7.9%; the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery was 46.735 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3%; the added value of industries above designated size was 84.718 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1%; and the added value of the service industry was 758.38 100 million yuan, an increase of 11.1%; fixed asset investment of 249.850 billion yuan, an increase of 16.7%; total retail sales of consumer goods of 53.343 billion yuan, an increase of 11.0%; foreign trade exports of 14.690 billion yuan, an increase of 12.1%; the actual use of foreign direct investment of 184 million US dollars, an increase of 7.9%; local general public budget revenue was 10.076 billion yuan, an increase of 6.4%; per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 32,261 yuan and 15,212 yuan, respectively, an increase of 8.7% and 9.3%, the consumer price index rose by 0.7%, and urban registration The unemployment rate is 2.35%. Except for the gross regional product, the gross output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and the industrial added value, all other economic indicators have completed or exceeded the annual target tasks. Modern agriculture with unique characteristics has developed steadily, vigorously implemented brand creation projects, and added 68 “three products and one standard” agricultural products. Accelerate the integration and development of rural industries. There are 558 leisure agricultural operators in our city. Youxi County has been selected as a national demonstration county for leisure agriculture and rural tourism. The pilot demonstration of national rural industrial integration development in Jianning County has been progressing steadily. Seven townships including Kouxiang were selected as pilot demonstration towns (towns) for the integration of rural industries in Fujian. The industrial economy is generally stable, and industrial enterprises have achieved a growth of 15.8% and 60% in total revenue from main operations. The equipment manufacturing industry and high-tech industries have grown rapidly, realizing added value of 9.853 billion yuan and 2.381 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 11.5% and 27.7%. The development of the service industry is in a good momentum, and the annual investment of 100 key service industry projects in the city is 10.5 billion yuan. Yong'an Minsun Trade Market was selected as the second batch of provincial service industry cluster demonstration zones in the province; Taining County “Internet + Tourism Industry” and Youxi County “Internet + Oil Tea Industry” were included in the provincial “Internet +” regionalization chain Pilot. The tourism industry maintained a good development trend. It received 27.57 million tourists throughout the year and achieved a total tourism revenue of 24.603 billion yuan, an increase of 20.2% and 28.9% respectively.

(2) The construction of key projects is progressing smoothly, and the development foundation is constantly consolidated. Actively play the key role of investment in stabilizing economic growth, constantly improve the "five batch" project working mechanism, carry out "five to five sun" project competitions throughout the city, and the city is included in the provincial "five batch" project management database 2975 projects, with a total investment of 850.03 billion yuan, of which 2125 new warehouse projects in 2017, with a total investment of 381.55 billion yuan. The annual investment of 290 municipal key projects was 59.32 billion yuan, and 74 projects were completed or partially completed. A number of projects including the construction of the Xiasha Expressway and the industrialization of the Hangxiao Steel Structure were completed. A number of projects including the Sanming section of the Xingquan Railway, the Yanyan Expressway, and the energy-saving and emission reduction system reform of the Sangang Group started construction; A number of projects such as the Sanming section, Ninghua Jigongyu Wind Power Generation Project, and the Taining Chitan Hydropower Plant Expansion Project are accelerating construction. The central government and the provincial budget for investment subsidies of 1.645 billion yuan were sought throughout the year.

(3) The reform and opening up were further advanced, and the vitality of development continued to increase. To deepen the reform of the medical and health system, our city was identified by the state as the first batch of national-level demonstration cities for comprehensive reform of public hospitals and "a pilot city for reforms that collect fees based on disease diagnosis-related groups." Formed 10 county-level general hospitals and 2 compact medical consortia in urban areas, completed the integration of grass-roots medical and health institutions, implemented unified management of human resources, properties, and promoted the "three sinks" of medical talents, medical resources, and diseases. The forest reform work continued to advance, and new inclusive forestry financial products "Fulin Loan" and "Post Forest Loan" were launched, adding 200,000 mu of forest rights circulation area and a transaction value of 400 million yuan. We will deepen the reform of "decentralization of services", implement parallel approval of investment projects, promote standardization of administrative services, "Internet + government services", and implement a system of convenience for the convenience of service windows on weekends and project appointments on weekends. The reform of state-owned enterprises was accelerated, and the asset reorganization of municipal state-owned enterprises was started. Facilitate the facilitation of commercial registration, adding 32,400 households of various market entities throughout the year, an increase of 12.1%. Expanded the direct financing of enterprises, 33 enterprises in the city were included in the provincial key listed (listed) backup enterprises, 3 companies including Keyuan New Materials, Wanfang Garden, and Shenlang Camellia Tea successfully landed on the "New Third Board"; SDIC successfully issued corporate bonds 1 billion yuan, the city urban investment successfully issued 800 million yuan of corporate bonds.

(4) The pace of transformation and upgrading was accelerated, and innovation-driven in-depth implementation was implemented. The “three go, one drop, and one supplement” progressed steadily, eliminating outdated production capacity of 9 foundry companies, 4 cement companies, and 1 ferroalloy company throughout the year, closing 11 exits from coal mines and reducing 610,000 tons of coal production capacity; industrial enterprises above designated size Asset-liability ratio dropped by 2.78 percentage points compared with the same period of last year; commercial housing and commercial housing de-removal cycles decreased by 3.95 months and 3.41 months respectively compared with the previous year; reduced various costs for enterprises by 1.5 billion yuan; 30 short-term investment project packages were completed The investment is 11.85 billion yuan. The pace of upgrading and upgrading traditional industries is accelerating. Three companies including Sansteel Group are listed as provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises. Over 310 million yuan of technological transformation projects have completed an investment of 20 billion yuan and 200 projects have been completed or put into production. Cultivate and expand emerging industries such as new fluorosilicon materials, graphite (ene), new rare earth materials, biomedicine, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the strategic emerging industries will realize an output value of 65 billion yuan. Increased innovation and development vitality, 5 new provincial engineering technology research centers, 6 provincial intellectual property advantage enterprises, 1 national-level creative space, 3 national-level star-creation worlds, 2 provincial-level creative spaces, and 2 Provincial science and technology business incubators have been put on record, and five R & D institutions have been selected as the first batch of new-type R & D institutions in Fujian Province.

(5) Urban planning and construction have been comprehensively strengthened, and ecological and environmental protection has achieved practical results. The “Master Plan for“ Double Urban Rehabilitation ”in Sanming City” was compiled, focusing on the two major tasks of “Ecological Restoration” and “Urban Remediation”, and implemented 41 “Urban Double Rehabilitation” projects, and completed an investment of 1 billion yuan. Promote the construction of a livable environment. The city has added 118 kilometers of roads, 157 kilometers of greenways, 3653 parking berths, 161 kilometers of rainwater pipes, 139 kilometers of sewage pipes, 104 kilometers of water pipes, and 73 kilometers of old water pipes. The city's domestic sewage treatment plant has achieved full coverage for the safe disposal of sludge, and the leachate reconstruction of domestic waste landfill sites has been completed. Focusing on the construction of the National Ecological Civilization Experimental Zone and completing 18 annual reform tasks, the city was successfully included in the National Low-Carbon City Pilot and was rated as one of the 32 typical national ecological protection and construction demonstration zones. Implement an action plan for the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution. The air quality status of urban areas is 98.9%, and the ambient air quality in 10 counties (cities) has reached or surpassed the national secondary standard; the river length system has been comprehensively deepened, and the Minjiang River Basin has been further promoted (Sanming section) Water environmental protection and comprehensive treatment, taking the lead in eliminating inferior Class V water in the province. The city's centralized drinking water source above county level reached 100% of the water quality standards. The water quality of the control sections of the three water systems of Shaxi, Jinxi and Youxi in the jurisdiction reached the standards. The rate reached 96.4%.

(6) The people's livelihood work has been advanced steadily, and social undertakings have developed in an all-round way. The city has completed 25 annual tasks for private projects. We will make overall plans for the employment of various key groups, and add 18,500 jobs in cities and towns. The reform of the endowment insurance system for government agencies and institutions was steadily advanced. The city's urban and rural residents 'medical insurance, urban and rural residents' social endowment insurance, basic endowment insurance for urban employees (on-the-job), work-related injury insurance, and unemployment insurance participated in 2.121 million people, 1.2085 million people, and 42.14 people, respectively. Million people, 400,400 people and 330,800 people. 19 home-based elderly care centers and 50 rural happiness homes were completed and put into use. Deepen the construction of the National Poverty Alleviation Reform Pilot Zone, push forward the poverty alleviation and solid progress, complete the benefit project for the whole year and relocate 10,972 people. It is estimated that 28,000 people will be lifted out of poverty in the whole year. The village took off its hat and launched the "trial pilot for precision assistance for urban families in difficulty" in Sanyuan and Meilie. A total of 4,361 units of affordable housing projects were started in the city, and 4,136 units were basically completed. The achievements of the demonstration area of the national public cultural service system were consolidated and enhanced. Wanshouyan was successfully selected as the third national archaeological site park. Ninghua, Qingliu, and Mingxi were included in the national Hakka culture (Western Fujian) ecological protection experimental area. Implemented 89 projects such as "overall thinning", public kindergarten, primary and secondary school expansion projects, long-term mechanism construction of school security, weak ordinary high school construction, etc. The municipal demonstration comprehensive practice base and the municipal vocational park public training base were completed and put into use . The medical and health service system continued to improve, and the construction of the first hospital's surgical ward comprehensive building and community medical and nursing integrated health service stations were accelerated.

In 2017, the city's economic and social development was basically the same as that of the country and the province, and it maintained a steady and healthy development trend. While fully affirming our achievements, we still have to keep on worrying and knowing the difficulties, and see that the current economic development of our city is still facing many difficulties. For example, the industrial structure needs to be further optimized, and the ability of independent innovation of enterprises needs to be further enhanced; there are not many good projects for large projects supporting Sanming's development, especially few high-tech projects; the financing of physical enterprises and key projects has become more difficult, and so on. In the face of these situations and problems, we must maintain a sober understanding, have the courage to assume responsibility, and actively and effectively respond.

2. Major Expected Goals of National Economic and Social Development in 2018

2018 is the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and a crucial year for the success of building a well-off society in an all-round way and for implementing the 13th Five-Year Plan. The government work report proposes a 8.5% increase in GDP this year. Corresponding plans and arrangements: the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery increased by 4.5%; the value added of industry increased by 9%; the value added of services increased by 10.5%, the investment in fixed assets increased by 15%, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 11%, and the export of foreign trade increased by 3% The actual utilization of foreign direct investment increased by 6%, the local general public budget revenue increased by 6.5%, the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by 8.5% and 9%, the consumer price index rose to about 3%, and the registered urban unemployment rate was controlled. Within 4%, the energy consumption per unit of production value and the discharge of major pollutants are controlled within the provincial targets.

Main tasks of economic and social development in 2018

Focusing on the national economic and social development plan for 2018, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, the following areas will be promoted.

(1) Actively expand effective investment. We will deepen the "five batch" project work promotion mechanism, continue to carry out the "five-to-five sun" project competition, and strive to add more than 1,000 "five batch" projects of more than 1,000 million yuan throughout the year, and continue to expand effective investment and steady growth. The first is to speed up the construction of key projects. We will focus on the construction of key projects at the provincial and municipal levels, and implement 508 major three-year action plans for the accelerated development of our city (2018-2020) with 508 major investment projects with a total investment of 297.1 billion yuan. A number of projects including Nanlong Railway, the expansion of the airport apron of Sanmingsha County, and Xingtou Reservoir were completed during the year, and a number of projects under construction such as Pumei Railway, Xingquan Railway, and Sanyan Section of Zhiyan Expressway were accelerated to strive for the Sanming Expressway from Wuyi New District to Sha County The construction of projects such as sections has begun, and three highway links including Sanmingyanqian to Mingxi Hufang, Sanming Central Urban Rail Transit, Xiamen to Nanchang high-speed rail Sanming section, Sanming nuclear power, pumped storage power generation, etc. jobs. The second is to increase investment. Strengthen the connection with central enterprises, provincial enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign enterprises, and make full use of investment platforms such as "6 · 18", "9 · 8", and "11 · 6" to carry out "small team investment", "investment by business", and "residential investment" "And other diversified investment promotion activities. Strengthen the "first leader" investment promotion, highlight the project negotiation and promotion work, and promote a number of major projects to take root. The third is to strengthen coordination. Deepen the working mechanism of “one month, one month, one quarter, one inspection, one quarter, one bulletin” and “first-line work method”, and implement the package service for the ten top projects identified by each county (city, district). Flip chart operations and listing supervision. Fully implement online approval, parallel approval and "one-stop" services for construction projects to further reduce the approval process and shorten the processing time. Do a good job of government-bank-enterprise communication and cooperation, and guide bank credit funds to invest more in key construction projects and physical enterprises. Expand financing channels, standardize and make good use of the PPP model in the areas of infrastructure, forestry and public services, and strive to issue the 1.8 billion yuan Shuanghuang incubation bond of Yongan State Investment within the year. Accelerate the process of cooperation between Sansteel and the Rural Commercial Bank, and do a good job in the preliminary work of green finance.

(2) Continuously deepen the supply-side structural reform. The focus of economic development is on improving the quality and efficiency of the real economy, deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, and supporting the development of the private economy. The first is to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing. Give play to the role of technology reform funds to enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries such as metallurgy and rolling, automobiles and mechanical equipment, forestry products processing, and textiles, and focus on promoting the second phase of the high-end equipment industrial park of the Haixi (Fujian) Branch of the Machinery Institute and the energy-saving and emission-reduction system of Sangang Reconstruction and construction of IOT Cloud Commerce, two-wheeled machine intelligent injection molding machine, etc., implemented 300 municipal-level key technological transformation projects, and completed or partially completed more than 200 within the year. Cultivate and expand emerging industries such as new fluorosilicon materials, graphite (ene), new rare earth materials, biomedicine, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and focus on promoting the construction of 100 key emerging industry projects such as the construction of new agricultural fluorine-containing materials and supporting intermediates, Strive to achieve more than 78 billion yuan in output value of strategic emerging industries. The second is to accelerate the development of modern service industries. Focus on promoting the construction of 100 key projects in the service industry, and strive to start 30 new projects, with 30 projects completed or partially completed. Strengthen logistics standardization work, speed up the construction of the cold chain logistics system of commerce and trade, and focus on the construction of logistics gathering areas such as Sanming Land Port, Sanming City Logistics Park, and Osaka Logistics Park. Increase the scale of traditional commerce and trade enterprises, and increase the number of commerce and trade enterprises to 50 or more in the year. Continue to introduce national commercial banks to set up branches in our city, develop inclusive finance, and promote "Fulin loans" and "Futian loans". Continue to hold the annual theme marketing activity of “Youran Sanming Four Seasons”, promote the establishment of national-level global tourism demonstration counties such as Taining, Jianning, and Youxi, accelerate the construction of tourism projects such as the Sanming Country National Geopark, and build a diversified and personalized tourism Product and service systems. The third is to continue to do a good job of "three go, one drop, one make up." Complete the annual task to resolve excess capacity. Maintaining basic stability of housing prices, accelerating de-stocking of commercial real estate, and promoting a rental and sale housing system. Increase equity financing and reduce corporate leverage. Intensify efforts to reduce fees and factor costs, and effectively reduce the burden on enterprises and society. Accelerate the repair of shortcomings in the fields of education, health and health, pensions, and urban and rural livelihood infrastructure, and continue to implement a number of shortfall investment project packages. The fourth is to implement innovation-driven development. Support the independent research and development of science and technology, and the construction of industry collaborative innovation platforms, improve the ability of linking and transforming scientific and technological achievements of the "6 · 18" Virtual Research Institute, and accelerate the development of key industries such as fluorine chemical, graphite (ene), biomedicine, and new energy materials. Increased more than 10 technological innovation platforms such as engineering and technology centers, key laboratories, and new research and development institutions of enterprises at the provincial level or above; actively cultivated innovative entrepreneurs, and added new high-tech enterprises, technology giant leaders, innovative enterprises, and intellectual property advantage enterprises 50, and more than 50 science and technology plan projects above the provincial level. Fifth, expand opening up. Proactively integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction, strengthen production capacity docking, economic and trade exchanges and technical cooperation with countries along the Hesse, and support enterprises to actively explore international markets.

(3) Implement the strategy of rural revitalization. The first is to promote agricultural and rural economic development. Promote farmland water conservancy, mountain ridge reclamation and reconstruction, and high-standard farmland construction, fully implement the governor's responsibility system for food security, and ensure that the area planted with grain is more than 3.2 million mu, with a total output of more than 1.15 million tons. Accelerate the development of 20 characteristic agricultural industrial chains in 5 major industries, and accelerate the establishment of a number of standardized production and demonstration bases for green planting agriculture. Insist on quality agriculture and green agriculture, carry out the establishment of national and provincial agricultural product quality and safety counties, and strive to add more than 20 "three products and one standard" agricultural products. The second is to promote the integration and development of rural industries. We will steadily advance the construction of pilot villages (towns) at the national and provincial rural industrial integration development pilots, promote the establishment of five characteristic small towns, and promote the "industrial, urban, human, cultural" agglomeration and development. Vigorously develop in-depth processing of agricultural and sideline products, rural e-commerce, and leisure agriculture, and add more than 260 new agricultural and forestry management entities. The third is to speed up the "three rights separation" reform of rural land. Complete the issue of rural land rights confirmation. Promote the reform of the rural collective property rights system, basically complete the collective clearing of capital in villages and villages in the city, and Shaxian, Youxi, Yong'an, Datian and other pilot counties at the provincial level and above have completed the confirmation of the membership of rural collective economic organizations. .

(D) solidly promote the construction of beautiful Sanming. Firmly establish the concept of “green mountains and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, build a beautiful Sanming with bluer sky, greener ground, clearer water, and better urban and rural environmental quality, and promote the “high value” of ecological environment and “high quality of economic development” "Organic unification. The first is to promote the construction of a national ecological civilization experimental area. Complete key reform tasks such as the preparation of the spatial planning of Sanming City. Establish an emission right reserve system and comprehensively implement an emission right trading system for industrial pollutant discharge enterprises. Carry out comprehensive ecological protection compensation pilots. We will improve the law enforcement system of rivers and lakes, and establish a three-line management system of river bank ecology protection, drinking water source protection, and groundwater alert protection. Establish and improve the cross-departmental environmental protection coordination mechanism, and complete the vertical management of environmental protection agencies' monitoring, supervision and enforcement. The implementation plan for the reform of the property rights system of natural resources in Sanming was introduced. Explore the compilation of the city's natural resources balance sheet. The second is to fully implement the action plan for the prevention and control of atmospheric, water and soil pollution. Strengthen the comprehensive management of air pollutants in key industries and enterprises, carry out special treatment of ozone pollution, and further improve air quality. Continue to deepen the river length system, strengthen comprehensive water environment management in key river basins, carry out comprehensive management of small watersheds and rural environments, implement the construction of a safe ecological water system demonstration area in Sanming Ecological Industry and Trade Zone, and comprehensive water treatment pilot counties in Sha County and Jianning County, and strive for water quality throughout the river Reached above class III. Strengthen the prevention and control of soil pollution, complete the detailed investigation of the pollution status of agricultural land, and start the construction work of the city's soil pollution demonstration zone. The third is to strengthen ecological restoration and energy conservation. The pilot project of ecological protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, lakes and grasses in the Minjiang River Basin was implemented, and 1.95 million mu of afforestation and forest management were completed, and 370,000 mu of soil and water were comprehensively treated. Implement 50 key energy-saving and circular economy projects, and strive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 4.5%. We will steadily carry out the construction of a pilot city of "Double Urban Rehabilitation" and implement 107 projects with a total investment of 9.55 billion yuan.

(5) Efforts to improve protection and improve people's livelihood. Adhere to the people-centered development ideology, provide accurate solutions to the issues that the people care about, and run practical projects for the people to further meet the people's needs for a better life. The first is to steadily advance the fight against poverty. Promote the construction of the National Poverty Alleviation Reform Pilot Zone, aim at the precise development of poverty-stricken people in the filed archives, ensure that all the national and provincial poverty-stricken people in the city are lifted out of poverty, and ensure that 11 key poverty-stricken townships in the city and 2 key counties in the provincial poverty-reduction and development work are removed. . The second is to focus on the development of social undertakings. Implemented three-year action plan for preschool education, comprehensively improved basic school conditions for schools with weak compulsory education, expansion projects for elementary and middle schools, and plans to expand education for senior high schools, including 11,900 new degrees, and launched the second phase of the vocational education park project and Sanming Medicine Construction of a number of projects such as the comprehensive training building of the Vocational College of Science and Technology. Improve the operation mechanism of county-level general hospitals and the two districts medical consortium, promote the innovation of modern hospital management systems, build an orderly hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, implement World Bank loan projects, and enhance the city's comprehensive medical and health service capabilities. Consolidate and enhance the achievements of the demonstration area of the national public cultural service system, and accelerate the construction of the Shaxi Shili Cultural Landscape Enhancement Project, Sanming 1958 Cultural Creative Park and other projects. The third is to comprehensively strengthen the protection of people's livelihood. Accurately assisted employment of key groups such as college graduates, people with employment difficulties, independent job hunting, and retired military personnel, and more than 18,000 new urban jobs were added throughout the year. The shantytown reconstruction started 933 sets, and basically 405 sets were completed. Promote the establishment of pilot cities of national-level integration of medical and nursing care and pilot demonstrations of provincial aged care services, and build 55 new rural happy homes and 10 community day care centers. Vigorously promote the "toilet revolution", newly rebuilt 256 public toilets in urban and rural areas, and more than 5,000 toilets in rural households. The fourth is to strengthen work safety. Promote reform and development in the field of production safety, deepen special governance in key industry areas, effectively prevent and curb major and serious accidents, and ensure that the city's production safety situation continues to be stable and better.

Dear delegates! The new era begins a new journey, and new missions give birth to new actions. To fulfill the goals of the 2018 national economic and social development plan, the task is arduous and the mission glorious. We must unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, we consciously accept the legal supervision, work supervision, and supervision of the Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee. The CPPCC's democratic supervision, attaches great importance to the opinions and suggestions of the Municipal People's Congress representatives and CPPCC members, and does a good job in the spirit of staying on the clock and striving for peace and stability, in order to accelerate the construction of a more vigorous, more powerful and more competitive New Sanming And work hard!

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