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Report on the implementation of the National Economic and Social Development Plan of Sanming in 2018 and the 2019 National Economic and Social Development Plan (Draft)

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---- At the third meeting of the 13th People's Congress of Sanming on January 8, 2019

Xie Jiaqin, Director of Sanming Development and Reform Commission

Distinguished delegates:

Entrusted by the Municipal People's Government, I report to the General Assembly on the implementation of the National Economic and Social Development Plan of Sanming in 2018 and the National Economic and Social Development Plan (Draft) of 2019. Please consider and invite comments from members of the CPPCC and other attendees. .

I. Implementation of the National Economic and Social Development Plan in 2018

In 2018, the whole city adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, firmly grasped the general tone of steady progress, earnestly implemented high-quality development requirements, and coordinated and promoted the work of the "six stability". The national economy and society The overall implementation of the development plan is good, and the economy and society maintain a steady and healthy development trend.

It is estimated that the annual gross regional product value will be 233.2 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4%; the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery will be 44.5 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3%; the added value of industries above designated size will be 91 billion yuan (the same caliber), an increase of 8.8%; The added value was 84 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5%; the investment in fixed assets increased by 12.0%; the total retail sales of consumer goods was 59.211 billion yuan, an increase of 11.0%; foreign trade exports were 16.1 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%; the actual use of foreign direct investment was 247 million yuan; the local general Public budget revenue was 10.764 billion yuan, an increase of 6.83%. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 34,874 yuan and 16,581 yuan, respectively, an increase of 8.1% and 9.0%. The consumer price index rose by 1.6%, and the urban registered unemployment rate was 2.39%.

(1) New results have been achieved in economic development. Implement the "10 Billion" project and four major action plans for industrial upgrading, and introduce policies and measures to cultivate and grow 10 billion leading enterprises and 100 billion industrial clusters, and build the "four beams and eight pillars" of the industrial development system. The foundation of food security has continued to be consolidated, with a total annual output of 900,000 tons expected. There were 52 new municipal-level agricultural business demonstration units and 33 “three products and one standard” agricultural products were added. Jianning County was included in the list of national rural industrial integration development demonstration parks. Industrial enterprises' main business income and total profit increased by 14% and 20% respectively. Emerging industries have developed rapidly. 125 emerging industries projects with investment over 10 million yuan have completed an investment of 9 billion yuan. 70 projects have been completed or put into production. Strategic emerging industries such as rare earths, fluorine new materials, graphite (ene), biomedicine, etc. have realized output value. 78 billion yuan. The city's investment in technological transformation increased by 15%, and two companies including China Rubber Automatic Control and China Machinery Welding were listed as provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises. Modern service industries such as e-commerce, modern logistics, global tourism, finance, cultural creativity, and health and pension services accelerated development. 100 key projects in the service industry completed an investment of 10.2 billion yuan. Sanming was listed as a production and service-oriented national logistics hub carrying city and Shaxian snacks. Cultural City was included in the province's third batch of modern service industry agglomeration demonstration zones. Four counties were evaluated as China's county-level e-commerce demonstration top 100 counties, 28 service enterprises above designated size, 5 logistics enterprises above 3A, and provincial demonstration logistics There is one park, receiving 33.22 million tourists throughout the year, and realized a total tourism revenue of 32.5 billion yuan, an increase of 20.5% and 32.5% respectively. The digital economy has developed steadily, and five "Internet +" regionalization pilot projects have been advanced in an orderly manner. Jianning County and Ninghua County have been included in the "10 counties, 100 towns, and 1000 villages" pilot projects for informatization demonstration.

(2) New work on project work. The “five to five sun” project competition was carried out in depth, and 3660 provincial “five batch” projects were newly added in the city, with a total investment of 452.31 billion yuan. The "five batch" project sprint for 100 days was carried out. During the tackling period, a total of 402 projects were planned, attracted, started, and completed, which solved the difficulties and problems in the progress of 122 projects. The total investment of 288 provincial and municipal key projects was 39.69 billion yuan, and 75 projects were completed or partially completed. Listed 120 priority projects to implement listed services and completed an investment of 10.61 billion yuan. A number of major projects speed up and improve efficiency. South Sanlong Railway, Youxi Xingtou Reservoir, Xiamen Tungsten New Energy Ternary Cathode Materials and other projects have been completed and put into operation. Sanming Information Industrial Park, Sanhua Electronic Grade Hydrogen Fluoride and other projects have begun construction. Wuyi New District arrives at The preliminary work of the Shaxian Expressway (Sanming Section) and the Minjiang Flood Control Project Sanming Section (Phase II) has been advanced in an orderly manner. The 14th Cross-Strait Forestry Expo was successfully held, actively participated in the "6 · 18" project results fair and "9 · 8" investment fair, set up city government investment consultants, strengthened "first-hand" investment, industry chain investment, cities and counties The joint investment invitation and business invitation mechanism attracted 1,077 new projects and a total investment of 107.16 billion yuan, of which 312 were more than 100 million yuan and 70.73 billion yuan were signed. Actively integrated into the construction of the Southwest Fujian Coordinated Development Zone. The city's 13 projects with a total investment of 52.736 billion yuan were included in the first batch of major project ledgers of the Coordinated Development Zone.

(3) The three major battles have achieved new breakthroughs. In terms of precision poverty alleviation, we have firmly grasped the goal of "two guarantees" and the standards of "two cares and three guarantees", and implemented the National Action Plan for Poverty Alleviation Reform as a carrier to implement a plan of action to combat poverty. It is estimated that Jianning, Qingliu and other two key counties for poverty alleviation and development work and 14 city-level key poverty alleviation and development work villages can achieve their goals. For the city's benefit project, 653 households and 2813 people were relocated, and a total of 469 million yuan in poverty alleviation microcredit risk guarantee loans were granted to support the development of 10,600 poor households. In terms of preventing and resolving major risks, we implemented orderly prevention and control of credit risk, and resolved 4 billion yuan in non-performing loans throughout the year, with the NPL ratio falling to 1.91%. Guiding banking institutions to optimize the credit structure, the city's loans to small and micro enterprises was 43.375 billion yuan, an increase of 2.78%. In terms of pollution prevention, we will promote the construction of a national ecological civilization experimental area, complete 6 annual reform tasks, and select Lexian as the second batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration counties. Pilot construction of ecological protection and restoration of landscapes, forests, lakes and grasses was implemented, and 88 pilot projects completed investment of 2.05 billion yuan. The city has completed 200,000 acres of land greening, 1.61 million acres of forest cultivation, 410,000 acres of closed hills and forests, and 480,000 acres of comprehensive soil erosion control. Implemented an action plan for the prevention of air, water, and soil pollution. The proportion of days in which urban air quality reached the standard reached 99.2%, and the air quality of 7 counties ranked among the top 10 in the county-level cities in the province. In the province, we took the lead in eliminating Class Ⅳ and below water bodies. The city's centralized drinking water source above county level reached 100%. The water quality compliance rate of 18 national (province) controlled sections of the three major river systems in the jurisdiction was 100%.

(4) New developments in urban and rural development. The new round of national civilized city creation passed the annual assessment with excellent results. Efforts will be made to create a "modern city with famous mountains and rivers", complete the preparation of the "city double repair" overall plan, implement 47 "urban double repair" projects, and complete the investment of 1.667 billion yuan. We implemented 969 short-stay projects for people's livelihood infrastructure, adding 186 kilometers of urban roads and 143 kilometers of green roads, 169 kilometers of water supply networks, 150 kilometers of sewage pipes, and 150 kilometers of rainwater pipes. The gas pipeline network is 146 kilometers, with 7,309 new public parking spaces in urban and rural areas, and 615 new public toilets. Implemented 125 beautiful village construction projects of "renovation of thousand villages and demonstration of 100 villages" and 12 beautiful village demonstration villages. The city's 520 administrative villages have established a normal mechanism for the treatment of domestic waste. The city has completed 9 township domestic sewage treatment facilities and newly rebuilt 33,000 rural three-level septic tanks. Meilie District has started a pilot program for the classification of domestic waste.

(5) Reform and innovation release new vitality. The reform of the medical and health system has continued to deepen. For the third consecutive year, our city has been appraised by the State Council as a comprehensive reform city for public hospitals that has implemented major policies and measures that have achieved real results. The reform of packaged payment of medical insurance funds and hospitalization expenses according to related groups of disease diagnosis was implemented, and 17 kinds of anti-cancer drugs negotiated in the country were included in the medical insurance catalog. The Green Finance Forum was successfully held, and inclusive forestry financial products were continuously promoted. Fulin Loan granted credit of 1.36 billion yuan, and accumulatively issued loans of 1.15 billion yuan. Promote the standardized transfer of forest rights. The city has 1,596 forest rights transfers, covering an area of 202,000 mu, and the transfer amount is 432 million yuan. Financial reform continued to deepen, and industrial park asset mortgage loans were comprehensively promoted, and new corporate park mortgage loans were added to 2.652 billion yuan. Strengthening innovation drive, adding 3 new provincial R & D institutions, 44 provincial high-tech enterprises, 23 small tech giants leading enterprises, 178 enterprises entered the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise database, and national high-tech enterprises exceeded 100.

(6) People's livelihood and welfare have been improved. 28 provinces and municipalities have completed all practical projects for the people. Make overall plans for the employment of various key groups, and increase the number of urban employment by 18,400. Social security has been promoted in an orderly manner. The number of urban and rural residents 'medical insurance, urban and rural residents' social endowment insurance, urban employee basic endowment insurance (on-the-job), work injury insurance, and unemployment insurance has reached 2.225 million, 1.228 million, 435,400, and 40.35. Million and 211,000. Realize the integration of urban and rural standards, and take the lead in launching accurate assistance for urban families in mountainous areas in the province. Promote the reform of home and community aged care service pilots in China, deepen the integration of medical care and elderly care, signing rate of elderly care institutions and medical institutions is 100%, home care service centers cover more than 80% of streets and towns in central urban areas, and various types of care service facilities such as rural happiness homes54 % Of formed villages. A total of 725 new housing projects were started in the city, and 1,496 were basically completed. Promote the construction of the Hakka Culture (Western Fujian) Ecological Protection Experimental Zone, and the construction of Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park and the radio and television integration media platform will progress in an orderly manner. The quality of basic education is at the forefront of the province, and 118 and 52 basic education supplementary shortcomings projects including inclusive kindergartens, expansion of elementary and middle schools, and weak ordinary high schools have been put into use, and 5,600 new elementary and middle school degrees and kindergarten degrees have been added. 7020. 68 medical and health projects were implemented, and projects such as the comprehensive building of the surgical ward of the First Hospital were completed or partially completed.

Fellow deputies, it is not easy for us to achieve the above results in the past year. While seeing the achievements, we also clearly realized that there are still many difficulties and problems in development. For example, the growth rate of main indicators is slowing down, and the downward pressure on the economy is still large; the industrial structure needs to be further optimized, and the company's independent innovation capacity is insufficient; there are not many good projects for large projects, especially high-tech industrial projects, and the financing of private enterprises is difficult and financing Your problem has not been alleviated fundamentally; there is still insufficient supply of high-quality public services, and shortcomings in education, health, and old-age care still exist, and so on. In the face of these difficulties and problems, we will take effective measures to resolve them with perseverance to overcome difficulties.

Major Expectations for National Economic and Social Development in 2019

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is a crucial year for the successful completion of a well-off society, adherence to high-quality development, implementation of catch-up, and completion of the goals and tasks of the 13th Five-Year Plan. The government work report proposes that this year's GDP will grow by about 8%. Corresponding plans and arrangements: The total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery increased by 4.5%; the industrial added value increased by 9%; the value added of the service industry increased by 9.5%, the investment in fixed assets increased by 12%, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 11.5%, and the foreign trade export increased by 3 %, Actual utilization of foreign direct investment increased by 3%, local general public budget revenue increased by 3%, urban and rural residents' per capita disposable income increased by 8.5%, and 9%, and the consumer price index rose to about 3%, and urban registered unemployment The rate is controlled within 4.2%, and the energy consumption per unit of GDP, the total energy consumption, and the discharge of major pollutants are controlled within the provincial targets.

The determination of the above goals is the need to maintain the overall economic stability, stability and progress, to meet the needs of economic stability and change, and to worry about change, and to stimulate the cadres and the masses to work energetically and strive for upstream needs, and to maintain high quality Development needs to catch up and lay a decisive foundation.

Main tasks of economic and social development in 2019

(I) Make every effort to promote high-quality economic development

Deepen the structural reform on the supply side, implement the "10 billion" project, and lay a solid foundation for high-quality development in Sanming. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Continue to implement a new round of technological upgrading and upgrading projects, make good use of the sufficient technological upgrading fund and subsidies for technological upgrading, and make every effort to build 300 municipal key technological transformation projects. Carry out special operations for intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the pace of "machine replacement", and strive to implement more than 300 (machine) "machine replacement" throughout the year. Actively cultivate emerging industries. Improve the "one industry, one professional park, and one set of support policies" mechanism, make full use of the first phase of the 500 million yuan emerging industry development fund, implement a number of key projects in the industrial chain, and promote rare earth, graphite (ene), and fluorine new materials The four resource-based strategic emerging industries, biomedicine, and the accelerated development of strategic emerging industries achieved annual output value of over 90 billion yuan. Vigorously develop modern service industry. Promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, focus on the development of productive services such as modern logistics, financial services, cultural and creative services, business services, leisure tourism, and health care services, and continue to advance the focus of 100 municipal service industries Project construction, and strive to complete or partly complete more than 30. Vigorously promote the construction of Sangang Minguang Data Center, Sanming Brothers Logistics Industrial Park and other projects, and promote upgrading and upgrading of service industry clusters such as Sanming Highway Port and Shaxian Snack Cultural City. Relying on the regional collaboration platforms such as the Sanming Brand Scenic Spot Marketing Center, Deep Breathing Tourism Alliance, and Dawuyi Tourism Alliance, it will continue to launch the "China Oxygen Bar · Leisurely Sanming" tourism brand, and create fine tourism such as Southern Sanlong Motor City Intercity Tourism and "Three Front Construction" cultural tourism line. In-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. Strengthen the strength of scientific and technological innovation, and strive to increase the growth rate of investment in research and experimental development of the whole society to 22% and account for 1% of GDP. Give full play to the role of enterprises and strive to add 30 provincial high-tech enterprises and 20 national high-tech enterprises throughout the year, and build more than 90 provincial-level and above various research and development platforms. Carefully prepare and participate in the second Digital China Construction Summit, and vigorously incubate and cultivate digital economy enterprises. Pay more attention to the development of the real economy. Strengthen financial services to the real economy and guide more funds into real enterprises. Comprehensively implement various tax reduction and fee reduction policies, implement a list of fees for enterprises involved, and clear up illegal intermediary service fees. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises and the personal and property safety of private entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, promote and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, boost the confidence of private entrepreneurs, and allow private enterprises to concentrate on starting a business, invest with confidence, and operate with confidence.

(2) Actively expanding effective investment

Deepen the construction of "five batches" of projects. Carry out high-quality development and implement catch-up competitions, and strive to add more than 1,000 "five batches" of projects worth more than 100 million yuan throughout the year. Promote the construction of key projects at the provincial and municipal levels, and strive to complete investment of more than 30 billion yuan throughout the year. In terms of transportation, the construction of the Pumei Railway, Xingquan Railway, and Sanming Section of Zhiyan Expressway will be promoted, and construction of the Wuyi New District to Sanming Section of Sha County will begin, and the construction of 95 kilometers of ordinary national highways will be continued. In terms of energy, we will speed up the construction of the Sanming section of the second-phase project of the Haixi Natural Gas Pipeline Network, the Sanming Laoshan (Jianning) 220 kV power transmission and transformation project, and continue to deepen the preliminary work of the Sanming nuclear power and pumped storage power stations. In terms of water resources, the construction of projects such as the Wentan Water Control Project in Youxi County, Shuangxi Reservoir in Sha County, Yongan Xiyuan Reservoir, and Sanming Section of the Minjiang Flood Control Project will be accelerated. In terms of urban construction and environmental protection, we will focus on promoting the relocation and expansion of Sanming Liedong Sewage Treatment Plant in different places, and the protection and restoration of international migratory bird migration passages in Mingxi section of Shaxi River Basin. New urban roads and underground pipeline networks of more than 500 kilometers will be newly constructed and new urban and rural 2,500 public parking spaces and 120 kilometers of greenway. Increase efforts to attract investment. Focus on investment promotion in the industrial chain, explore collaborative investment promotion, focus on the missing links in the industrial chain, make great efforts to introduce a large number of large projects with good support, and good projects, and strive to invest in the city's contracted projects totaling 140 billion yuan. Stimulate effective private investment. We will fully implement equal market subject treatment for private investment and further remove hidden barriers to entry of private capital into key areas. Carry out solid benchmarking activities of the "six best" business environment, continue to deepen the "decentralization of service" reform, and promote "one-net-community", "one-handed", "one-time-run" and "multi-trial integration" to facilitate investment by enterprises.

(3) Steady Promotion of Rural Rejuvenation

Cultivate the main body of rural revitalization. We will deepen agricultural industrialization operations and strive to achieve an output value of 24.9 billion yuan for 289 leading agricultural enterprises throughout the year. Promote the construction of agricultural brand industrialization bases and add more than 20 “three products and one standard” agricultural products. Increase the cultivation and support of new types of business entities such as family farms and farmers' cooperatives, actively implement the "cooperative cooperatives + leading enterprises + farmers" model, and increase the number of new municipal-level agricultural business entities by 50 demonstration units throughout the year. Implement "One Revolution and Five Actions". To create a beautiful and ecological countryside with clean and beautiful ecological environment and harmony between human and nature. Promote the rural "toilet revolution", and 120 new public toilets will be built (rebuilt) throughout the year. Promote the construction of a demonstration county for the classification and resource utilization of rural domestic garbage in Mingxi County, gradually promote the classification of rural domestic garbage, and increase the level of garbage reduction, resource utilization, and harmlessness. Speed up the construction of domestic sewage facilities in rural areas, and strive to basically complete and put into use all domestic sewage treatment facilities in all villages in the city. Carry out farm house renovation and promote the implementation of 60 farm house renovation demonstration sites. In combination with the "renovation of a thousand villages, demonstration of a hundred villages" beautiful rural construction project, continue to promote the renovation of the front and rear of the village. Continue to promote the construction of the "Four Good Rural Roads" and rebuild and expand more than 200 kilometers of rural roads. Promote the integration and development of rural industries. Promote the integration and development of one, two and three industries, accelerate the construction of pilot villages (towns) at the national and provincial level for the development of rural industrial integration, and organize the implementation of industrial integration projects such as the Jianning County National Rural Industrial Integration Development Demonstration Park. Create characteristic towns according to local conditions, and solidly promote the creation of 5 provincial-level characteristic towns.

(4) Strengthen the construction of ecological civilization

Deepen the construction of the National Ecological Civilization Experimental Zone. Improve the green development indicator system, the evaluation system for the construction of ecological civilization, and the audit system for the departure of natural resource assets. Completion of the spatial planning of Sanming City. We will deepen the reform of the collective forest tenure system and improve the "river and lake system." We will deepen environmental credit evaluation, environmental pollution liability insurance, and emissions and carbon emissions trading reforms, increase the reform of the ecological enforcement system, and improve the level of ecological management and protection. Promote ecological restoration and the development of green and low-carbon cycles. We will steadily promote the trials of mountains, rivers, forests, lakes and grasses in the Minjiang River Basin, and implement a number of project constructions around five major projects. 1.95 million acres of land greening and forest management, 107 kilometers of safe ecological water system construction, and 380,000 acres of soil erosion control area were completed throughout the year. Accelerate the comprehensive improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection of coal-fired boilers, implement 30 key projects for energy-saving technological transformation and 20 key projects for the development of circular economy, and strive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 4.5%. Fight the tough battle of pollution prevention. Resolutely win the defense of blue sky, clear water, and pure land. Carry out pollution control of diesel trucks, implement ultra-low-emission transformation of Sansteel and environmental improvement, and further improve air quality in urban areas. Continue to carry out tackling actions for comprehensive ecological environment management, implement urban black and odorous water body protection, water source protection, comprehensive water environment improvement in small watersheds, and agricultural and rural pollution control, and strive to achieve water quality at or above Class III in each river basin section, and drinking water sources above county level The proportion of ground water quality has further improved. Promote the construction of soil environmental protection pilot zones in Sanming City, Youxi County, and Datian County, and start trials of soil risk prevention and control, start surveys and sampling of land use by key industries and enterprises, and promote the pilot construction of agricultural land restoration.

(5) Continuously deepening reform and opening up

Deepen reform in key areas. In terms of "medical reform", we continued to advance the reform of medical insurance payment methods, improve the payment method for hospitalization expenses according to disease diagnosis related groups and the packaged payment policy, and form a dynamic price adjustment mechanism for the joint purchase of pharmaceutical consumables. In the area of “forest reform”, we will establish a “three rights separation” operating mechanism, improve the management system for forest rights circulation, continue to promote forest rights mortgage loans, forest rights support loans, and “Fulin loans” and other products, and develop forestry “insurance loans” Integrated exploration. In terms of "golden reform", we will focus on the development of green finance and strive to create a national green finance comprehensive reform and innovation pilot zone. Strengthen reform in key areas. We will steadily advance the reform of state-owned enterprises, accelerate the asset reorganization and resource integration of municipal state-owned enterprises, and complete the corporate restructuring of enterprises managed by the municipal SASAC within the year. Strengthen the construction of the social credit system, promote the construction and application of the "Credit Sanming" platform, realize the interconnection of various types of credit information, comprehensively implement the joint reward and punishment system and the "double publicity" work, and further improve the "good faith Sanming" construction level. Continue to expand opening up. Take the initiative to connect with the “Belt and Road” construction, actively integrate into the “Hai Si” core area, adhere to the “going out” and “introduction”, deepen economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges with foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and expand our city's construction machinery, automotive, and chemical industries Export of other advantageous products in the "Belt and Road" market, and successfully run the 15th Cross-Strait Forestry Expo. Accelerate integration into the construction of the Southwest Fujian Coordinated Development Zone, implement a good action plan, and focus on cooperation in areas such as infrastructure connectivity, industrial development coordination and integration, public service co-construction and sharing, and eco-environment co-governance and mutual protection. .

(6) Efforts to protect and improve people's livelihood

Resolutely win the battle against poverty. We will solidly advance the construction of the National Poverty Alleviation Reform Pilot Zone, further improve the establishment of a "double income" mechanism for village collectives and poor households, a development-oriented poverty alleviation and guarantee poverty alleviation mechanism, and an overall mechanism for solving urban and rural poverty. As individual households implement effective assistance measures, strengthen the dynamic management of the poor, increase the relocation of poverty alleviation projects, strengthen the prevention of microcredit risks for poverty alleviation, and strengthen the training of poor village entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to ensure that 29 poverty-stricken villages have been established, 31 poverty-stricken empty villages, 2 key towns for poverty alleviation and development at the municipal level, and 2 key counties for poverty alleviation and development at the provincial level. Weaving social security nets firmly. Properly run provincial and municipal projects for the people. A comprehensive social security system covering urban and rural residents will be established. The basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance and critical illness insurance systems for urban workers and urban and rural residents will be improved, and the unemployment and work injury insurance systems will be improved. We will improve the employment and entrepreneurship service system, and actively assist key populations in their employment. More than 18,000 new urban employees will be employed throughout the year. Coordinate the urban and rural social assistance system, steadily expand the coverage of the subsistence allowance, and comprehensively establish a township (street) temporary assistance reserve system. Actively improve the coverage of urban and rural home and community aged care services, solidly promote the pilot reform of home and community aged care services in our city, and the rural aged care trials in Jianning, Taining, and Ninghua counties, and strive to cover more than 55% of rural aged care facilities . Promote the stable and healthy development of real estate, continue to implement affordable housing projects, guarantee the construction of 50 shantytowns and start construction, and basically build 940 units. Coordinate the development of social undertakings. We implemented 78 educational supplementary programs such as public kindergartens, urban elementary and middle school expansion projects, and added 11,600 new degrees. We strive to cover 80% of inclusive kindergartens, and basically eliminate the phenomenon of large classes with 56 students or more in the compulsory education stage. To make up for the shortcomings of medical and health resources in weak areas, the city's medical institutions added 600 new beds. Strengthen the construction of "three platforms and six centers" for county-level medical services, improve the capacity of primary-level medical services, and strive to reach 90% of county-level medical consultations, and the number of primary-level medical and health institutions' consultations will account for more than 60% of the total consultations. Strengthen the protection and restoration and utilization of red cultural sites and cultural relics, and promote the construction of Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park, Shaxi Shili Minxue Cultural Promenade, and Sanming Country National Geopark. Improve social governance. Consolidate and enhance the achievements of the creation of civilized cities, and deepen the creation of civilized cities across the country. Improve the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system and speed up the construction of the "Xueliang Project". We will further advance reforms in the field of work safety, strengthen prevention and control of hidden dangers in production safety and systematic governance, resolutely curb serious and serious safety accidents, and fully fulfill the goal of production safety responsibility. Strengthen the construction of emergency management system and strive to improve disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities. Strengthen financial risk prevention and resolution, take effective measures to speed up the disposal of non-performing assets, severely crack down on and deal with illegal activities such as illegal fundraising, evasion of obsolete debt, false leases, etc., strengthen supervision of emerging businesses such as Internet finance, maintain the stability of financial operations, and resolutely keep from happening The bottom line of systemic financial risk. Further create a harmonious and stable social environment and enhance the people's sense of security.

Dear delegates! To fulfill the goals of the national economic and social development plan for 2019 proposed in the municipal government work report, the task is arduous and the mission glorious. We will be more closely united around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee, we will consciously accept the legal and work supervision of the Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee The democratic supervision of the CPPCC and the CPPCC attaches great importance to the opinions and suggestions of the representatives of the Municipal People's Congress and CPPCC members, and implements the fine traditional style of “do it now and do it really”. Development and implementation catch up with unremitting efforts!

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