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Government Work Report 2019

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---- At the third meeting of the 13th People's Congress of Sanming on January 8, 2019

Yu Hongsheng, Mayor of the People's Government of Sanming

Distinguished delegates:

Now, on behalf of the Sanming Municipal People's Government, I will make a government work report to the General Assembly for your consideration, and I invite the members of the CPPCC and other attendees to make comments.

I. Work Review in 2018

In the past year, government departments at all levels throughout the city have thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, and fully implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party ’s Central State Council, Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, and Municipal Committee. With solid work, economic and social development has maintained a steady and progressive trend. The city's total GDP is expected to be 233.2 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4%; the added value of industries above designated size is 91 billion yuan (the same caliber), an increase of 8.8%; the local general public budget revenue is 10.764 billion yuan, an increase of 6.83%; and the investment in fixed assets is up 12%; Foreign trade exports were 16.1 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%; total retail sales of consumer goods were 59.211 billion yuan, an increase of 11%; per capita disposable income of urban residents was 34,874 yuan, an increase of 8.1%; per capita disposable income of rural residents was 16,581 yuan, an increase of 9%; household consumption The overall price level rose by 1.6%. New breakthroughs in some key areas and projects:

——Strong support for major projects. The Nanlong Railway was completed and opened to traffic, and the Yan-Yan Expressway was started. The major infrastructure projects such as the Pumei Railway, Xingquan Railway, and the trials of ecological protection and restoration of forests, lakes, and forests were accelerated. Implement the "10 Million Million" project, plan to implement 105 major industrial projects with a value of over 1 billion yuan, with a total investment of 137.85 billion yuan, of which, the total investment is 3.11 billion yuan for Sanhua's high-purity ultra-clean electronic-grade hydrogen fluoride, with a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan. Sanming Chemical Machinery's high-end intelligent injection molding machine and other projects are under construction, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan in Sangang Minguang IOT Cloud Commerce, a total investment of 1.05 billion yuan in tungsten tungsten new energy ternary cathode materials, and a total investment of 720 million yuan in Mingyi Milk powder and Hassford (Phase III) lithium battery electrolyte with a total investment of 500 million yuan have been completed and put into production.

——First try the key reforms. The nation's first nationwide implementation of the "four-level co-guarantee" project, packaged payment of medical insurance funds, and C-DRG collection and payment reforms. The comprehensive reform of public hospitals in Sanming City and Jiangle County was encouraged by the State Council's supervision. Consortium, re-starting for the health of the people "The typical experience of medical reform was praised by the Fifth State Council Supervision and Inspection Report; continued to innovate inclusive financial products, and promoted the" Fulin loan "and" fast farm loan "model nationwide; took the lead in the province Promote green finance reforms with mortgages on emissions rights, the establishment of carbon sink funds, and environmental pollution liability insurance as the main content, and successfully host a green finance forum.

——The ecological quality is at the forefront of the province. The air quality compliance rate in urban areas was 99.2%, the first in the province; the air quality of 7 counties, including Le, Taining, Jianning, Mingxi, Qingliu, Ninghua, and Datian, entered the top ten of the province's 58 county-level cities. The number is the first in the province; the proportion of Class I-III water quality in 110 small watershed sections of the city is 96.4%, the first in the province; the water quality of 18 sections (province) controlled sections is 100% or better than the class III water quality, the first in the province; The city's 18 drinking water sources at or above the county level reached 100% or better than Class III water quality, the first in the province; the province took the lead in eliminating Class IV and below water bodies. "Youxi United Terraces" was selected by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as an important global agricultural cultural heritage, and it will be ranked as the second batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration counties. Yongan won the title of "2018 China's Most Ecologically Competitive City".

——The business environment continues to improve. Organized the "six best" business environment benchmarking activities, and comprehensively promoted the reform of "separation of licenses and licenses", "multi-certificate integration", and "multi-review integration". The time limit for approval and service was controlled within 20.2% of the statutory time limit, which is the province. The shortest; municipal real estate registration was reduced from the original 15 working days to less than 5 working days; the city's business start-up time was reduced to less than 4 working days, 4 days less than the provincial government required.

——The people's livelihood guarantee is more affordable. 28 provinces and municipalities are fully completed for private real-life projects, basically eliminating public toilets in towns and villages two years in advance; the province is the first to implement a targeted poverty alleviation medical subsidy policy, and file poverty-stricken people within the scope of this city (in the field medical insurance directory) ) Each person who sees a doctor pays a cap of 300 yuan per year; he fully realizes the urban-rural integration of the standard of subsistence allowances and special hardships; the reform of the “master school system” at the county level has progressed in an orderly way; Forefront of the province.

The main work and achievements of the past year are:

Over the past year, we have made great efforts to implement catch-up and improve economic development while maintaining stability. Developed the "Opinions on Implementing the" 10 Billion "Project to Promote High-quality Development and Strive to Catch Up", formulated and implemented eight supporting measures for the development of 10 billion leading enterprises, 100 billion industrial clusters, and the development and expansion of 10 billion leading enterprises, and pushed forward Implementation of high-quality development catch up. Further promote structural reforms on the supply side. The city merged and reorganized 4 enterprises, reduced 1.35 million tons of coal production capacity, and helped enterprises reduce various costs by 1.3 billion yuan. Strengthening the construction of scientific and technological research and development platforms, the Haixi Branch of the General Research Institute of Machinery Science implemented a new round of "tripartite co-construction", the establishment of the China Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute Sanming Branch, and the Sanming New Energy Industry Technology Research Institute. Progress awards and 5 patents won provincial patent awards. Implemented a new round of technological transformation and upgrading, doubling of strategic emerging industries, innovation and development of modern service industry, and modern agricultural upgrading and development. Four metallurgical and rolling, automotive and mechanical equipment, forestry products processing, and textile industries achieved output value of 248.856 billion. The growth rate was RMB 10.2%, and strategic emerging industries such as rare earths, new fluorine materials, graphite (ene), and biomedicine realized an output value of RMB 78 billion, a 20% increase. Tourism, culture, sports, health and other hotspots are accelerating the development, and 90 new business enterprises and regulated service companies have been added. Online retail sales of e-commerce have increased by 24.7%. The responsibility system of the governor of food security is at the forefront of the province. 33 new products with “three products and one standard” were newly added, and five special industries including high-quality food, green forestry, fine gardening, ecological farming, and modern tobacco realized an output value of 140 billion yuan, an increase of 8%.

Over the past year, we have worked hard to overcome difficulties and effectively solve bottleneck problems. We will do our best to attack the project, launch the “five to five” project competition, organize the “five batch” project to sprint for 100 days, and add 3660 provincial “five batch” projects with a total investment of 452.31 billion. Yuan, the number of new projects ranked first in the province, including 976 newly started projects, ranked second in the province, 180 new capital increase projects, ranked first in the province; strengthened the "first leader" investment, cities and counties Joint investment invitation and establishment of the municipal government investment advisory system. A total of 1077 projects were signed throughout the year, with a total investment of 107.16 billion yuan. We will do our best to "three major battles", continue to carry out in-depth three major special operations to implement the trial of financial cases, crack down on malicious escape of debts, and bad debts of public officials, and resolve 4 billion yuan of non-performing loans throughout the year, reducing the non-performing rate to 1.91%. Local government debt control is within the limits approved by the province; accelerate the construction of the national poverty alleviation reform pilot zone, organize special inspections of poverty alleviation funds, special inspections for relocation of poverty relief projects, special governance of poverty alleviation areas, and visits to poor households All the poverty-stricken people who have set up a file have been lifted out of poverty. It is estimated that 2 key counties, 14 key townships, 220 poor-set villages with a set up file, and 122 poor empty shell villages can be lifted off; To further promote the comprehensive management of water environment focusing on "industrial pollution, livestock and poultry breeding pollution, urban and rural domestic sewage garbage, sand-related behavior, and small hydropower ecology", and organize the development of "eliminating backward production capacity, mine improvement, and comprehensive management of rural environment". Special actions to deepen the system of rivers and lakes, and was awarded for four consecutive years in the provincial government's implementation of the most stringent water resources management system assessment Rated "excellent". All-out efforts were made to tackle the "urban double repair" and "harmonious requisition" campaigns. The expansion of the primary school affiliated to Sanming College, the construction of the bicycle lane on the west bank of Shaxi, the Provincial Tourism Factory of Sansteel, and the Longgang Night Market were completed. A number of difficult issues such as "used cars" occupying roads have been effectively addressed. 3017 mu of land has been acquired, 651 houses have been acquired, and 12 enterprises have been acquired. The urban development environment has been further improved.

In the past year, we have focused on coordinated development and vigorously promoted urban and rural construction. Actively integrated into the construction of the Southwest Fujian Coordinated Development Zone, planned and implemented 13 major collaborative projects with a total investment of 52.736 billion yuan, and docked with 52 Xiamen enterprise projects with a total investment of 10.812 billion yuan. Promote the rapid development of the urban economy, grasp the construction of nine specialized industrial parks, complete the investment of 10.712 billion yuan in 154 key urban economic projects, Xiangfenghua Phase II, Sannong's new fluorine-containing materials and supporting intermediates, and Xigong Transmission Equipment and other batches of projects are under construction or partially put into operation. Continue to grow the county economy, Yongan maintains the top ten counties in the province's county economic strength, Jianning maintains the top ten counties in county economic development, and five key county-level poverty alleviation and development work accelerate the development of Youxi Yangzhong Town at the provincial level. The pilot reform of "small cities" and the construction of five provincial-level characteristic towns are progressing smoothly. Compiled the "Sanming City Implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategic Plan (2018-2022)", carried out 125 village environmental improvement, built 12 beautiful rural demonstration villages, 26 provincial rural tourism villages, and Yongan passed the national "Four Good Rural Road" demonstration The county was named and reviewed, and the Ninghua Soil and Water Conservation Science and Technology Demonstration Park was included in the national soil and water conservation science education base. Implementation of 969 urban and rural infrastructure short board projects, the city's newly started and continued construction of 100 kilometers of trunk roads, 343 kilometers of rural roads, 150 kilometers of new sewage pipes, 1203 kilometers of new and improved urban and rural power distribution networks, new There are 7,309 public parking berths in Zengcheng and rural areas, and 615 public toilets have been newly constructed.

In the past year, we have focused on reform and opening up, and our vitality has been continuously released. Consolidate and improve the reform results of the "three medical linkages", and gradually improve the "general hospital" operating mechanism. Continue to deepen forestry reform and financial reform, innovate and promote financial products such as "Futian loan", and add 2.652 billion yuan in mortgage loans to corporate assets and 560 million yuan in forest rights mortgages throughout the year. Promote the "three-right separation" reform of rural land in an orderly manner, basically complete the task of registration and certification of contracted land, accumulative transfer of land contracted management rights of 815,000 mu, comprehensively promote the reform of the rural collective property rights system, and the basic work of rural collective asset clearance carry out. Complete the national demonstration tasks of small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation base cities, and Yongan City and Jianning County were selected as the typical rural entrepreneurship and innovation counties in the country. Promote the institutional reform of cities and counties in an orderly manner, and complete the reform of public institutions undertaking administrative functions. Ming-Hong-Kong-Macao-Taiwan overseas exchanges and cooperation continued to deepen. The 14th Forest Expo was successfully held. International friendship cities have achieved new results and exchanges and cooperation with the “Belt and Road” countries and regions have become closer.

Over the past year, we have worked hard to make up for the shortcomings and accelerate the development of social undertakings. Last year, the total living expenditure of the citizens was 23.477 billion yuan, accounting for 79.18% of the general public budget expenditure. The social security system has been continuously improved, with 18,400 new urban jobs being added in the city, and 725 new housing projects started, with 1,496 basically completed. A total of 118 basic education supplementary programs were implemented, with 5,600 new primary and secondary school degrees and 7,020 kindergarten degrees. Deepen cooperation with high-level hospitals, add 4 provincial-level clinical key construction disciplines, and start the implementation of the Sanming Traditional Chinese Medicine Revitalization and Development Project. Sanming City was included in the third batch of national home and community pension service reform pilot cities, and Ninghua, Taining, and Jianning were listed as rural pension service reform pilot counties. We carried out mass cultural and sports activities such as “watching every week”, “matching every month and every month” and “half-play”, and our athletes won 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze respectively at the Asian Games and Asian Games Good results, successfully hosted the Ninth Minority Traditional Sports Games in Fujian Province and hosted the 10th Municipal Sports Fitness Games for the Elderly. The intensive campaign of combating evil and eliminating evil and the five special treatments were carried out in depth, and the people's security rate and law enforcement satisfaction rate were among the highest in the province. Actively resolve the case of letters and visits, and solidly promote the "July Five" law popularization. Strengthen the reform and development in the field of production safety, and further improve the ability of disaster prevention and reduction. In-depth implementation of the treatment of "table pollution", the construction of "food assured project", and the "one product, one yard" traceability system have been effectively promoted. Consolidate and enhance the achievements of the nation ’s civilized cities. Sanming was included in the nation ’s “Volunteer City” pilot city and passed the “National Health City” review. The village (neighborhood) committee re-election work is fully completed. The Fourth National Economic Census was launched in full swing. The work of the elderly, labor unions, adolescents, women and children, and the disabled has continued to advance. Science popularization, ethnic religions, archives, local history, hydrology, meteorology, earthquakes, immigration in the reservoir areas, and counterpart assistance to Xinjiang have been carried out. Co-building of both sides and the building of civil air defense and national defense reserve forces have been further advanced.

Over the past year, we have focused on optimizing our services and constantly strengthening our own construction. An upsurge of Xi Jinping's "big study" of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Strengthen the comprehensive and strict administration of the party, strengthen the construction of a clean government, conscientiously implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and implementation rules and provincial and municipal implementation measures, further strengthen audit supervision, and seriously investigate and punish top-line violations of the discipline and the "four winds" hidden variation. Practice "get it right now and really do it", deepen the efficiency building of the organization, continue to deepen the "thousand cadres serve thousands of enterprises" activity, and take the lead in establishing a city non-public enterprise service center in the province. Accelerate the construction of a government ruled by law, consciously accept the legal supervision and work supervision of the People's Congress, and democratic supervision of the CPPCC, attach great importance to and seriously handle the suggestions of the People's Congress and the proposals of the CPPCC, support the participation of democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and non-partisans in the deliberations, and submit to the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress "Sanming City Gardens Greening Management Regulations", promulgated "Sanming City Construction Waste Management Measures." Deepen the reform of "decentralization and management services", cancel, decentralize and adjust 213 items of authority and responsibility at the municipal level, sort out 363 items of "at most one run", 291 items of "no need to run", and 745 of 38 units at the municipal level Items for approval and service are located in the online office lobby.

Fellow deputies, the hard-earned achievements of the past year are the result of the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Municipal Party Committee, the united struggle of the people of the city, and the strong support of all sectors of society. Here, on behalf of the Municipal People's Government, I would like to the city's people who have worked hard for the construction and development of Sanming, and to the people's congress representatives and members of the CPPCC, democratic parties, industrial and commercial federations, various people's organizations, non-partisans who give strong support and effective supervision of government work. Personalities, retired veteran comrades and people from all walks of life, to the central and provincial affiliated units, garrison troops, armed police officers, political and legal police who play an active role, to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese, and international friends who care about and support the development of Sanming. Express my heartfelt thanks!

We are also soberly aware that there are still many difficulties and problems in the city's economic and social development. The main reasons are: the economy is operating steadily and changing, and downward pressure is increasing; industrial transformation and upgrading are not fast enough, and the scale of high-tech and emerging industries is relatively small. The development of the modern service industry is slow; some small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulties in operating, high financing costs, and weak innovation capabilities. There are not many large projects and tax-source projects, and project service guarantees need to be strengthened. Regional development is not yet coordinated. New towns The quality of reform needs to be improved. The central city's radiation-driven ability is not strong. The shortcomings of education, health, pension and other people's livelihoods are still outstanding, and the business environment needs to be further improved. Some cadre officers need to enhance their entrepreneurial enthusiasm and responsibility. In some areas, formalism, The problem of bureaucracy still exists to varying degrees, and so on. These issues are problems in progress, and we must attach great importance to them and solve them in a targeted manner.

Work arrangements for 2019

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is a crucial year for the successful establishment of a well-off society in an all-round way and the promotion of high-quality development. We must firmly grasp the period of important strategic opportunities for China's development, set goals without slackening, unwavering confidence, cope with all difficulties, make every effort, create greater performance, lay a decisive foundation for the comprehensive establishment of a well-off society, and celebrate New China with outstanding achievements 70th anniversary.

The overall requirements of this year's government work are as follows: Guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, comprehensively implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, advance the overall layout of the "Five in One", Four comprehensive "strategic layouts, adhere to the general tone of steady progress, adhere to new development concepts, adhere to high-quality development and implement catch-up, adhere to the main line of supply-side structural reforms, adhere to deepening market-oriented reforms, and expand high-level opening up, Continue to fight “three major battles”, coordinate and promote steady growth, reform, structural adjustment, benefit the people's livelihood, and risk prevention, further stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment, and expectations, and boost the market Confidence, enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security, and strive to build Sanming into a leading green development area, an industrial transformation cluster, a leader in deepening reform, a regional collaborative bridgehead, and a livable and ecological city. The main expected development goals for this year are: regional GDP growth of about 8%; local general public budget revenue growth of 3%; fixed asset investment growth of 12%; foreign trade export growth of 3%; actual utilization of foreign direct investment growth of 3%; social consumer goods retail The total increase is 11.5%; the consumer price rises by about 3%; the urban registered unemployment rate is controlled within 4.2%; the per capita disposable income of urban residents has increased by 8.5%, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents has increased by 9%; carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP have been reduced The target control is within the scope of the province; complete the "dual control" target of total energy consumption and intensity and the annual task of reducing major pollutants. Focusing on the above goals, focus on six areas of work:

(I) Vigorously promote high-quality development and catch up. We will resolutely implement the provinces and municipalities' established deployment, check schedules, implement construction drawings, increase efforts and accelerate progress, and do everything possible to promote high-quality development and implementation and catch up with greater success.

In-depth implementation of the "10 billion" project. Further improve the infrastructure of 23 industrial parks, accelerate the construction of 105 major industrial projects with investment of more than 1 billion yuan, complete investment of more than 20.6 billion yuan, Sanming Information Economy Industrial Park, Sanhua with an annual output of 50,000 tons of electronic-grade hydrogen fluoride, etc. The batch of projects was completed and put into production. Accelerate the implementation of the Sanming City's 10 billion leading enterprise cultivation implementation plan, implement eight support measures to foster and grow 10 billion leading enterprises, promote a group of enterprises to become "golden dolls" as soon as possible; accelerate the promotion of the five hundred billion industry cluster cultivation plan, and strive to forest products processing, metallurgy and The output values of the five major industries of calendaring, automobiles and mechanical equipment, textiles, and new materials have reached 93 billion yuan, 90 billion yuan, 87.5 billion yuan, 80 billion yuan, and 60 billion yuan, respectively. Consolidate and improve the achievements of the demonstration and construction base cities for small and micro enterprises' entrepreneurial and innovative bases in the country, focus on supporting 10,000 small and micro enterprises in entrepreneurship and innovation, and add more than 6,000 small and micro enterprises.

Accelerate the construction of innovative cities. Strengthen investment in scientific and technological innovation, and strive to increase the investment in research and experimental development of the whole society by 22%. Vigorously cultivate "double high" enterprises, small technology giant enterprises, "specialized and special new" enterprises, and strive to add 30 provincial high-tech enterprises and 20 national high-tech enterprises. Strengthen the construction of scientific and technological research and development platforms, and continue to do a good job of the Haixi Branch of the General Research Institute of Machinery Science, the Fluorochemical Industry Technology Research Institute, the New Energy Industry Technology Research Institute, the Graphite (ene) Industrial Technology Research Institute, the Sanming Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the China Pharmaceutical Industry Research The construction of six major scientific and technological research and development platforms, including the Sanming Branch of the State Council, has continuously improved the level of scientific and technological research and development. Promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, vigorously introduce and cultivate innovative talents in science and technology, implement the "Haina Baichuan" high-end talent gathering plan, make good use of academician expert workstations, and let all kinds of outstanding talents increase, use well and retain.

Deepen the construction of "five batches" of projects. Tens of thousands of articles are developed, and no project is a white article. Carry out high-quality development and implementation catch-up competitions, pay close attention to the key links of project planning, construction, and production, improve the listing services for major projects, the "one month, one coordination, one quarter, one inspection, one quarter, one notification" mechanism, and continue to carry out "harmonious levy "Relocation", to coordinate and solve the problems of land use, forest use, financing, and environmental capacity in a timely manner, and strive to increase the city's "five batch" of more than 1,000 billion yuan projects. Highlight the construction of major infrastructure projects, speed up the construction of the Pumei Railway, Xingquan Railway, and Sanming Section of Zhiyan Expressway. Yongyan Wutong to Youxi Zhongxian Sanming Section will be completed and opened to traffic, and strive to start Wuyi New District to Shaxian Expressway Sanming Section, deepen the preliminary work of 3 highway links and Changsha (Fuzhou) high-speed railway, Yingtan Jingzixi to Jianning railway, implement water conservation projects such as safe ecological water system, flood control engineering, integrated drainage improvement project, etc., and grasp Haixi Energy projects such as the Sanming section of the natural gas pipeline network, and the transformation and upgrading of rural power grids will advance the preliminary work of Sanming nuclear power and pumped storage power generation projects.

(2) Vigorously promote the development of the real economy. Regarding the revitalization of the real economy as the main task of supply-side structural reforms, we will work hard to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, work to remove institutional obstacles, optimize the business environment, and unswervingly grasp the real economy.

Deepen supply-side structural reforms. Consolidate the results of "three eliminations, one reduction and one supplement", enhance the vitality of the micro-subjects, raise the level of the industrial chain, and smooth the virtuous cycle of the economy. Implement a new round of technical upgrading and upgrading action plan, implement 300 municipal-level key technical upgrading projects, complete investment of more than 20 billion yuan, and promote the four traditional industries of metallurgy and rolling, automotive and mechanical equipment, forest products processing, and textiles to become high-end, intelligent Development of green, green and cluster. Implement the strategic emerging industry doubling plan, unswervingly promote resources to the industry, accelerate the implementation of key industrial chain projects such as rare earth separation, graphite anode materials, high-end fluorine fine chemicals, and promote rare earths, graphite (ene), new fluorine materials, biotechnology The four strategic emerging industries of medicine accelerated development. Implement the action plan for the innovation and development of modern service industry, commit to the simultaneous development of service consumption and physical consumption, accelerate the promotion of quality and expansion of service consumption such as education, child care, old age, medical care, culture, tourism, etc., and guide the physical consumption improvement of food, automobiles, and electronic products. Upgrade, promote the construction of the national tourism demonstration zone, focus on the deep integration of manufacturing and modern service industries, the construction of modern service industry clusters, and the development of platform economy, and accelerate the Sanming Land Port Cold Chain Logistics Zone and Zhongtong Express in Fujian and Jiangxi The construction of headquarters and other projects promotes the improvement of the quality and proportion of the service industry. Implement the modern agricultural development and development plan, strictly implement the governor's responsibility system for food security, ensure that "the rice bowl is in your own hands", and continue to promote high-quality food, green forestry, delicate horticulture, ecological farming, modern tobacco and other five characteristic industries, 20 The development of the industry chain, the vigorous implementation of the "Five Hundred Projects", and further upgrade the level of modern agriculture development.

Optimize the development environment of the real economy. Unswervingly encourage and support the development of the private economy and truly treat private enterprises and entrepreneurs as their own. We will further clean up and streamline administrative examination and approval matters involving private investment management and enterprise-related fees, regulate the behavior of intermediate links and intermediary organizations, and reduce the burden on private enterprises. We will resolutely break all kinds of "rolling doors", "glass doors" and "revolving doors", promote the transition of industrial policies from differentiation and selectivity to inclusiveness and functionality, and create a level playing field for private enterprises. Implement and improve policies and measures to promote the healthy development of private enterprises, effectively solve problems such as corporate financing, markets, and technology, and allow private enterprises to gain a sense of gain from policies and measures. Establish a new type of government-business relationship that is pro-clear, carry out in-depth activities of "thousands of cadres serving thousands of enterprises", and create a good atmosphere of "understanding private enterprises, loving private enterprises, and helping private enterprises." Protect the personal safety and property safety of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, ensure the legal operation of enterprises, and let entrepreneurs unload their ideological burdens and move forward lightly. We will deepen the reform of "decentralization of service" and comprehensively implement the approval service "do it now, do it online, do it nearest, and do it once". The “Six Best” business environment benchmarking activities will be carried out in depth. All administrative permits that can be cancelled and decentralized that do not conflict with the existing laws and regulations will be cancelled and decentralized; all other provinces and cities in the province that are not included in the approval or permission will , All will not be included in the examination and approval; everything that can be done in the business environment in other similar areas will be done in principle to create a better service environment for the development of the real economy.

Strengthen the effectiveness of investment promotion. Improve the investment promotion mechanism, give full play to the role of the city's seven project investment promotion working groups and the city government investment advisory role, highlight the "top leader" investment promotion and city and county joint investment promotion, deepen the "return project" of Ming merchants, and make good use of "6 · 18" "9 · 8 "And other investment platforms, and strive to total investment of 140 billion yuan in signed projects throughout the year. Focus on investment promotion, continue to strengthen the connection with the world's top 500 and central enterprises, provincial enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign enterprises, implement "one-to-one" full-track tracking services, and strive to accelerate the implementation of a number of cooperation projects such as China GM Zhutiansi and China Nuclear Group Industrial Park . Innovate investment forms, promote business investment, industrial chain investment, professional investment, explore industrial fund investment, third-party investment, and promote more investment results.

(3) Vigorously advance the three major battles. We have always maintained the spirit of overcoming difficulties, focusing on highlighting issues, and playing well in key battles. The special team is responsible for combating with wall charts, keeping an eye on, and accomplishing various tasks with quality and quantity.

We will resolutely fight against major risks. Improve the local financial supervision work mechanism, carry out special rectification of Internet financial risks, standardize the development of local finance and similar financial institutions, and keep the bottom line where systemic financial risks do not occur. Strictly crack down on illegal fundraising and other illegal activities, and effectively help the masses keep their hard-earned money, life-saving money, and pension money. Strengthen the financial industry's ability to serve the real economy, support financial innovations such as high-quality companies listed on the stock market, and mortgage loans to assets in the park, increase credit investment for key projects, livelihood projects, small and medium-sized enterprises, and increase loans by more than 13 billion yuan. Regulate the government's debt-raising behavior, actively seek local government special bond support, and strictly control the scale of local government debt. We will improve the long-term mechanism for stable and healthy development of the real estate market, adhere to the positioning of "houses are used for living, not for speculation", and implement the main responsibility of the city. Due to the city's policy and precise regulation, the land price, house prices, and expectations are effectively stabilized.

We will resolutely fight against the poverty. We will steadily push forward the three-year campaign to fight poverty. We will do a good job in the five major battles of industrial poverty alleviation, stable income growth, employment poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, health poverty alleviation, and housing security. We will fully implement the "two cares and three guarantees" for the poor, and ensure the construction of 29 Pilika poor villages, 31 poor empty shell villages, 2 key townships for poverty alleviation and development at the municipal level, and 2 key counties for poverty alleviation and development at the provincial level realized their withdrawal. Deepen the construction of the National Poverty Alleviation Reform Pilot Zone, enhance the "348" precision poverty alleviation mechanism, promote the experience of the city's "precise poverty alleviation pilots in urban areas" experience, further explore the long-term mechanism of precision poverty alleviation, and create a replicable and popular Sanming for the whole province experience. Insist on the responsibility of poverty alleviation, the policy of poverty alleviation, the assistance of poverty alleviation, and the supervision of poverty alleviation.

We will resolutely fight against pollution. Highlight the prevention and control of air, water, and soil pollution, and deepen the five tasks of "industrial pollution, pollution from livestock and poultry breeding, urban and rural sewage, sand-related behavior, and small hydropower ecology" and "eliminate backward production capacity, mine improvement, and comprehensive management of rural environment" To accelerate the construction of key projects such as energy saving and emission reduction of Sansteel, accelerate the water environment treatment and ecological restoration in the three major river basins of Jinxi, Shaxi, and Youxi, accelerate the construction of provincial demonstration zones for soil environmental protection, and ensure the cross-sections of various river basins in the city The average value steadily meets or exceeds Class III standards, the proportion of days when air quality meets standards continues to be at the forefront of the province, and the soil safety utilization rate has improved significantly. Vigorously promote the development of a low-carbon cycle of the green economy, improve the level of green industry technology and equipment, and promote the pilot construction of ecological protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes in the Minjiang River basin, completing 1.95 million mu of land greening and forest management, and 380,000 mu of soil erosion control areas.

(4) Vigorously promote regional coordinated development. Unswervingly remove the regional coordinated development strategy, increase the intensity of "unification", do a good job of "integration", speed up the pace of "unification", and push the urban-rural integration development to a higher level.

Take the initiative to integrate into the construction of the coordinated development zone in southwestern Fujian. Earnestly implement the "Development Plan for the Southwest Fujian Coordinated Development Zone" and "Sanming City's Initiative to Integrate into the Southwest Fujian Coordinated Development Zone Construction Action Plan (2018-2020)", focus on project collaboration, and accelerate the promotion of 13 major collaborative projects and 52 Xiamen enterprise projects , Actively integrate into the southwestern Fujian aviation economic circle, promote the full integration of "land ports" and coastal port functions; grasp the platform construction and support the five provincial-level poverty alleviation and development key counties and Datian, Yongan and other places to build industrial parks with the coast to promote industry Closely "marriage"; grasp the mechanism innovation, dock with the southwest Fujian cooperative investment promotion mechanism, participate in the formation of the Southwest Fujian Urban Cooperative Development Group and the "Fujian Two-Wing Development Investment Fund", promote the improvement of cross-regional ecological compensation mechanisms, and continuously enhance the effectiveness of collaborative development.

Further improve the level of urban development. Efforts will be made to strengthen the industry in the urban area, implement the construction plan of key urban economic projects in depth, grasp the construction of nine specialized industrial parks, and accelerate the development of Sangang to build the 100 billion group, high-end intelligent injection molding machine of Sanming Chemical Machinery, Xiangfeng Huasan The construction of key industrial projects such as the Wanshouyan Site Park and the Sanming Suburban National Geopark will accelerate the construction of key service industry projects, accelerate the construction of a number of suburban agricultural projects, and further enhance the level of industrial development in the urban area. Efforts to promote the beauty of the urban environment, and further promote the "urban dual repair", focusing on the implementation of micro-renovation of old urban districts, ecological restoration of the Shaxi River, improvement of the "two along one ring" forest landscape belt, urban greening, and Guixi Foreign ecological wetland parks, urban public parking facilities and other demonstration projects will promote the construction of smart cities, carry out the second round of "two violations" comprehensive governance actions, and accelerate the creation of a modern and famous city. Efforts will be made to promote the improvement of social undertakings in urban areas, further improve the education level of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in urban areas, accelerate the creation of high-quality urban education highlands, strengthen the construction of medical service capabilities of the city's first hospital and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine hospitals, and start the “Weekly Watching the Movie” Cultural brand, and constantly improve the level of public service supply in urban areas. Efforts will be made to increase the space in the urban area, continue to promote the integration of the urban area with Shaxian and Yongan, and grasp the construction of the second phase of the urban expressway, the 534 national highway from Huailin to Jingdong, and the 205 national highway Taijiang connection line, and accelerate the north The development and construction of the “One Belt, Six Districts” and “Five Major Sectors” of the New City, Southern New City, and Ecological New City will coordinate the development and construction of small towns around Yangxi, Chenda, Tongkou, and Yanqian to further open the urban framework.

Accelerate the development of county-level characteristic economies. We will implement policies and measures to accelerate the development of county-level economic development, and support local governments to vigorously develop special industries based on location conditions, resource endowments, and industrial foundations, run key industrial parks, and follow the path of industrial-city integration. Support Yong'an and Shaxian to create the top ten counties in the province's county economic strength, support Jiangle, Youxi, and Datian to create the top ten counties in the province's county economic development, support Mingxi, Qingliu, Ninghua, Jianning, Taining accelerates poverty alleviation and stability. Promote the construction of the "Big City Pass", strengthen the planning and leadership of county towns, speed up the development of new districts and the transformation of old cities, further improve supporting functions, do a good job of migrating agricultural migrants already employed in cities and towns, and raise the level of urbanization.

Promote the implementation of rural revitalization strategies. Focus on industrial revitalization, adhere to the "continuous succession" of characteristic agriculture, accelerate the construction of a city of agricultural product quality and safety, and continue to launch a number of specialty agriculture such as Ninghua River Longgongmi and Jianning Lotus Seed Brand, promote the intensive processing and circulation of agricultural products, develop a variety of new business formats such as agricultural tourism, "Internet + modern agriculture", and add more than 20 "three products and one standard" agricultural products throughout the year. Pay attention to the promotion of talents, implement the science and technology special commissioner system, encourage migrant workers to return to their hometowns to start business, and college graduates, business owners, agricultural science and technology personnel, and other talents to go to the countryside to start business, implement a new type of professional farmer cultivation project, and focus on training a cultured, A new professional farmer team who understands technology and can manage. Implement cultural rejuvenation, strengthen rural ideological and moral construction, strengthen the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural resources and traditional villages, promote the construction of a new era of civilization practice center, vigorously carry out customs and customs activities, and improve the level of rural civilization. Pay close attention to ecological revitalization, in-depth implementation of the "Thousand Villages Rehabilitation, 100 Villages Demonstration" project, comprehensively carry out three-year action to improve rural human settlements, focus on "One Revolution and Five Actions", and accelerate the comprehensive rehabilitation along the Xiangya Railway and Nanlong Railway The town and township domestic sewage treatment facilities have been basically completed and put into use, and more than 200 kilometers of rural roads have been rebuilt and expanded. Strengthen organizational revitalization, vigorously support the development of new types of business entities such as farmer cooperatives, family farms, actively cultivate service, public welfare, and mutual assistance rural social organizations, and promote the construction of a "one-stop" and "one-stop" comprehensive service platform to improve rural areas Effective governance system.

精品套图 (五)大力推进改革开放。高举新时代改革开放旗帜,弘扬改革创新精神,强化改革开放担当,敢为人先、先行先试,坚定不移将改革开放进行到底。

Deepen reform in key areas.精品套图深入推进市、县机构改革,确保在3月底基本完成。坚持以大卫生大健康理念统领医改工作,坚持“三医联动”改革方向,完善全民健康“四级共保”工程和医联体建设,把更多救命救急的好药纳入医保,提升慢性病一体化管理水平。加快全国集体林业综合改革试验区建设,深化集体林地“三权分置”和集体林权股权化、资本化运作等改革,继续推广林权按揭贷款、“福林贷”等林业金融产品。推动绿色金融改革,积极创新绿色金融产品,争创国家绿色金融综合改革创新试验区。巩固提升国家生态文明试验区建设成果,完善环境信用评价、环境责任保险以及排污权、碳排放权交易等体制机制,提升河湖长制管理水平。加快国资国企改革,注重从管企业向管资本转变,积极推进市属国有企业改革重组。深化基础教育“总校制”、教师“县管校聘”等办学体制机制改革,不断提升教育发展水平。

Continue to expand opening up.积极融入海上丝绸之路核心区建设,主动对接复制福建自贸区试验成果,完善“一带一路”投资合作项目库,引导海西重汽、海斯福化工、南方制药等一批优质企业“走出去”。培育进出口规模超亿元企业10家以上,力争生产型出口增长10%以上。用好中国国际进口博览会平台,提高进口质量和水平。进一步拓展对外交流交往,办好第十五届林博会,密切与港澳地区的沟通联系,促进明台合作,加强与国外友城友好往来,鼓励海外华侨华人及其社团来明投资创业。









精品套图 (二)始终注重担当作为。把担当负责、奋发有为作为履职尽责第一要务,强化改革创新,主动思变、积极应变,探索更多好机制、好做法、好经验,不断向改革创新要空间、要活力、要效益。强化狠抓落实,着力在务实戒虚上下功夫,坚持“能在现场就不在会场”“能在第一线就不在办公室”,把更多精力放在解决一个个实际问题上来,把更多时间花在推动一项项工作落实上来,以钉钉子精神把定下的事干实干好,把承诺的事办成办妥。强化担当负责,发扬斗争精神,鼓励创造性贯彻落实,完善正向激励、容错纠错机制,旗帜鲜明为敢于担当的干部担当,为敢于负责的干部负责,激发干部干事创业精气神。

精品套图 (三)始终注重清正廉洁。把为民务实清廉作为政府第一形象,坚持依法行政,全力保障宪法和法律实施,主动接受人大法律监督和工作监督、政协民主监督,接受社会和舆论监督,健全依法决策机制,严格规范公正文明执法,提升政府立法能力,加强法治政府建设。转变政府职能,大幅减少政府对资源的直接配置,凡是市场能自主调节的就让市场来调节,企业能干的就让企业来干。加强作风建设,弘扬“马上就办、真抓实干”优良作风,集中整治形式主义、官僚主义,今年市级对基层的督查检查考核事项、频次同比均减少50%以上,把干部从一些无谓的事务中解脱出来。坚守廉洁底线,严格落实中央八项规定及实施细则精神和省、市实施办法,健全重点领域廉政风险防控机制,全面实施预算绩效管理,更好发挥审计监督作用,坚决整治侵害群众利益的不正之风和腐败问题。


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