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The publicity of the list of objects to be awarded in the "Harmonious Relocation" of Sanming City in 2018

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年度市区“和谐征迁”冲刺100天行动中表现突出、成效显著的个人,拟授予梅列区小溪路改造工程项目征迁指挥部、三元区东霞D项目征迁指挥部、三元区三钢南大门项目征迁指挥部3个集体为先进征迁团队;对 梅列区徐碧街道党工委书记 伍英、 梅列区徐碧街道重化社区居委会副主任张兴政、三元区政协副主席黄忠灶、三元区群二社区主任康丽飞、三明市政府办公室副主任王冬 5 人记三等功(含参照三等功奖励);对 梅列区列东街道党工委副书记 汤建生、 梅列区房屋征收服务中心主任张金根、梅列区城市管理局副局长戴建文、三元区拆迁办公室常务副主任罗家禧、三元区富兴堡街道党工委副书记郑晨毅、三元区城东乡党委书记李鸿、三元区城关街道党工委副书记李斌、三明市土地收购储备中心干部林国波 8 According to the instructions of the municipal party committee and government leaders, in order to reward individuals who have performed outstandingly and effectively in the 100- day sprint in the "Harmonious Relocation" in 2018 , it is proposed to award the Relocation Command of the Xiaoxi Road Reconstruction Project in Meilie District, The three collectives of the Dongxia D Project Relocation Headquarters in Sanyuan District and the Sangang South Gate Project Relocation Headquarters in Sanyuan District are advanced relocation teams; Wu Ying, Meilie District Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xubi Street , Meilie District Zhang Xingzheng, deputy director of the neighborhood committee of Xuhua Subdistrict Community, Huang Zhongzao, deputy chairman of the Sanyuan District CPPCC, Kang Lifei, director of the Sanyuan District Qun'er Community, and Wang Dong, deputy director of the Sanming Municipal Government Office . ; Tang Jiansheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Liedong Subdistrict, Meilie District; Zhang Jingen, Director of the House Collection Service Center of Meilie District; Dai Jianwen, Deputy Director of Meilie District Urban Management Bureau; Luo Jiaxi, Executive Deputy Director of Sanyuan District Demolition Office; Sanyuan District Fu Hing Fort street Party working Committee Zhengchen Yi, Sanyuan District east of the township party secretary Li Hong, Chengguan street Party working Committee Sanyuan Li Bin, Sanming City, land purchase and reserve center cadres Lin Guobo 8 people Awards (including bonus awards reference).

In order to further increase transparency and accept social supervision, it is now publicly announced.

2019 1115日到1121 Publicity time: November 15 , 2019 to November 21 , 2019

(政府表彰与考核任免科) Tel: 7506639 (Government Recognition and Evaluation Division)

Sanming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

1115 November 15 , 2019

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