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Important Weather Warning Report 2019036 (Rainstorm Warning Level IV)

9th to 11th our city still has heavy precipitation

2019-07-08 17:53 Source: Sanming Meteorological Bureau Font Size: Large, Medium and Small Reading: {{pvCount}} times

(Posted at 17:30 on July 8)

Abstract: Heavy rain is expected in Jianning, Taining, and Jiangle on the 9th, heavy rain in the north-central part on the 10th, and local heavy rain.

I. Early warning situation

According to the current weather situation, the Sanming Meteorological Observatory continues to issue “Rainstorm Warning Level IV”.

2. Forecast and early warning services

From July 6th to 8th, a total of 117 issues of decision service materials such as "Important Weather Warning Report" and "Short-term Strong Weather Report" were issued. There were 52 warning signals for thunder and lightning, including 4 red warning signals and more than 320,000 early warning text messages. People, various types of early warning information are also released through the media, such as the website, Sanming Daily, Southeast Network, Sanming TV, Weibo and WeChat. At 10:30 on July 8th, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau adjusted the Grade III emergency response for major meteorological disasters (storms) to Grade IV.

Analysis of weather trends in the next three days

20:00 on the 08th to 20:00 on the 9th: heavy rain in Jianning, Taining, Jiangle, with rainfall of 50-100 mm in 24 hours; moderate rain to heavy rain in other counties (cities), 20-50 mm in 24 hours.

20:00 on the 09th to 20:00 on the 10th: heavy rains in Jianning, Taining, Jiangle, Ninghua, Qingliu, Mingxi, Shaxian, Yong'an, local heavy rain, Youxi, Datian heavy rain.

20:00 on the 10th to 20:00 on the 11th: heavy rain to heavy rain in Youxi and Datian, and moderate to heavy rain in other counties (cities).

Sanyuan District, Meilie District Forecast

20:00 on the 08th to 20:00 on the 09th: moderate rain to heavy rain with a rainfall of 20-40 mm.

20:00 on the 09th to 20:00 on the 10th: heavy rain to heavy rain with rainfall of 40 to 70 mm.

20:00 on the 10th to 20:00 on the 11th: moderate rain with rainfall of 10-25 mm.

Concerns and suggestions

1. Please continue to prevent secondary disasters such as mountain floods, small and medium watershed floods, urban and rural floods and landslides, landslides, mudslides, etc. that may be caused by heavy rainfall. Special attention should be paid to the superimposed effects of heavy rainfall.

2. The geological hazard meteorological risk in our city is high, please pay attention to prevention.

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