Graphic: Policy Interpretation of "Digital Sanming · Broadband Project" and Action Plan to Accelerate 5G Development in the New Era

2019-11-08 09:59:00 Source: Government Information Disclosure Office


In order to deepen the construction of "Digital Sanming" and accelerate the development of 5G in our city, with the consent of the municipal government, our Office drafted the "Digital Sanming · Broadband Project" and Action Plan to Accelerate 5G Development in the New Era (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"). The description of the drafting of the document is as follows:

I. The Necessity of Formulating the Action Plan

In recent years, with the increasingly prominent role of the information and communication industry in driving the national economy, the country is actively promoting digital industrialization and digitalization of the industry, guiding the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, promoting high-quality economic development, and promoting regional information consumption levels. The development of the digital economy requires the support of a complete information and communication infrastructure network. Provincial and local cities have paid more and more attention to the construction and layout of information and communication infrastructure, and have issued policy documents to support the construction of communication infrastructure. In order to thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of the national network to strengthen the country, deepen the construction of the "digital sanming" in the new era, and promote the scientific development of the information and communication industry in our city, it is urgent to clarify the development ideas and position the development according to the new situation and new trends of the current industry development. Direction and clear development focus. At the same time, in order to accelerate the deployment of 5G networks in our city, solve the problems existing in 5G construction, and create good conditions for 5G construction, it is necessary to introduce policy documents to support the construction of the city's information and communication infrastructure network.

Basis for the formulation of the Action Plan

According to the "Regulations on the Construction and Protection of Telecommunication Facilities in Fujian Province", "Opinions of the General Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government on Further Accelerating Broadband Network Construction and Promoting the Development of the Information and Communication Industry" (Minzheng Office [2016] No. 51), "Fujian Provincial People's Government Office The Office of the People's Republic of China issued a circular on the "Digital Fujian Broadband Project" Action Plan (Minzheng Office [2019] No. 1) and other documents.

The main content of the "Opinions"

The Action Plan is divided into three parts: "main goals, main tasks, and safeguard measures."

(1) The first part is the main goal. This part mainly determines the target of wired and mobile information communication users and the information infrastructure construction tasks of optical fiber network, 5G base station, NB-IoT (mobile Internet of Things) in our city in each of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

(2) The second part is the main task. This part focuses on the goals and carries out the following tasks: 1. Building a high-level all-optical network; 2. Accelerating 5G development; 3. Expanding NB-IoT network coverage; 4. Promoting IPv6 network upgrade

(3) The third part is the safeguard measures. The first is to establish an overall promotion mechanism, the second is to open up resource sharing, the third is to strengthen power security, the fourth is to strengthen security, and the fifth is to strengthen factor protection.

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