Interpretation of the "Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Sanming City on Further Strengthening the" Eight Measures "for Seed Quality Supervision of Hybrid Rice Seed Production Bases"

2019-12-09 12:14:00 Source: Office of Sanming Municipal Government

On November 27, the Office of the People's Government of Sanming City issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the" Eight Measures "for Seed Quality Supervision of Hybrid Rice Seed Production Bases (Mingzheng Office ﹝ 2019 ﹞ 46). The main contents are now read as follows:

I. Background

In May 2015, the General Office of the People's Government of Fujian Province issued the "Notice on Six Measures to Support the Construction of a" Chinese Rice Seed Base "in Sanming City (Minzheng Office ﹝ 2015 ﹞ 95) to support Sanming City in building a" Chinese Rice Seed Base " . In November of the same year, the Office of the People's Government of Sanming City issued the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for the Construction of the“ China Rice Seed Base ”in Sanming City (Mingzhengban [2015] No. 103) to accelerate the implementation. In 2019, under the situation that the national seed production area is reduced and the structure is optimized, the city's seed production area is 247,000 mu, and the output is 49 million kg. The area and output account for about 17.9% and 20.6% of the country, an increase of 6.5 and 7.6 percentage points. Jianning County has become the country's first super large county for hybrid rice seed production. The seed production area in Sanming City, Taining County, and Ninghua County has exceeded the existing national seed city (county) standards. "Jianning Rice Seed" has been awarded the certification mark of National Geographical Indication, and has been authorized for use by 10 enterprises inside and outside the province for free.

The development and growth of the base is inseparable from the superior seed production environment. In the final analysis, the quality of the seeds is further improved. The quality of the seeds not only affects the yield and quality of crops, but also relates to the sustainable development of the "Chinese rice seed base" in our city. The new "Seed Law" promulgated and implemented by the state in January 2016 has played an important role in promoting the development of rice seed bases in our city. However, due to the comparative principles of some provisions of the Seed Law, it is difficult to operate in practice. The new "Fujian Province Crop Seed Management Regulations" have not yet been formulated and implemented. Jianning and Taining counties have introduced base management methods, but it is difficult to solve the new situation and problems in the management of rice seed bases in the city. Such as unlicensed production, non-compliant production or beyond the scope of production, first production after filing or no filing, irregular production files, etc. still exist; private ownership, overproduction, price competition, base grabs, set purchases, private seeds, etc. Phenomenon occurs from time to time, laying hidden dangers for seed quality and rural social stability. Therefore, in order to strengthen the quality supervision of hybrid rice seeds, earnestly maintain the "China Rice Seed Base" and "Jianning Rice Seed" brand names, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of seed enterprises, seed producers, and farmers, and promote the stability of Sanming Hybrid Rice Seed Production Bases And development, it is urgently necessary to formulate this "measure" in accordance with the actual situation of our city.

Second, the main content

(1) Strict enterprise qualification review is a requirement for the qualification of seed-producing enterprises. The first is that seed production enterprises must have the qualifications for seed production and operation licenses. It is strictly forbidden to illegally engage in production and operation activities without a license or lease of production and operation licenses; the second is to sign a standardized seed production contract; the third is to go to the local county level before seed sowing The agricultural and rural competent departments have put on record and established seed production archives. The fourth is not to encourage enterprises that have not been registered in this city, obtained production and operation qualifications, and built large-scale processing plants to directly implement production bases, and it is not forbidden to seed enterprises that are not registered in Sanming. Production, but to encourage companies outside the city to sign entrusted production contracts with registered seed production enterprises in the city, entrusted Sanming's enterprises to carry out seed production activities in accordance with laws and regulations. For enterprises that have obtained production and operation qualifications and built large-scale processing plants, they can directly implement production bases. .

(2) Strengthening the production variety license is a requirement for the production variety (combination). The variety (combination) produced must be non-GMO; it does not contain agricultural plant quarantine pests; at least one year of trial production trials are carried out, which are suitable for production in Sanming. After trial production, varieties (combinations) that are not suitable for production in the base counties are included in the "black list" of participating insurance for seed insurance.

(3) The implementation of the zoned production system is a requirement for seed production bases. The first is to promote the production of the same combination in a natural quarantine zone, a village or a quarantine zone by a licensed enterprise or individual. Seed production enterprises and seed brokers are strictly prohibited from competing for and disrupting the management order of seed production bases. At the same time, encourage and support local seed companies to transfer land in a concentrated manner, and establish a relatively centralized and stable seed production base directly managed by the enterprise.

(4) Strict control of seed production quality is the control of the seed production process. The first is to strengthen the management and coordination of seed production enterprises and seed production bases in the area under their jurisdiction, and to organize activities such as genetically modified seedling inspection, seed production base inspection, and quality supervision and random inspection; second, to increase the supervision of seed collection and storage, We must resolutely stop and crack down on illegal sales and purchase of seeds by seed traders in seed production bases. Third, it is strictly forbidden to add unqualified seeds to the "Jianning Rice Seeds" brand to undermine the "Jianning Rice Seeds" brand image.

(5) Do a good job of the management of business entities, and require the management bodies of market business entities. Market supervision and management, agricultural authorities, and seed associations must strengthen supervision and management and guidance of market operating entities.

(6) The implementation of the blacklist system is a punishment for dishonest persons. The first is to include companies that fail to pay seed money, infringe on production, produce counterfeit and inferior seeds, illegally produce genetically modified seeds, or lease production and operation licenses from other parties to the "blacklist"; Such contradictions and disputes frequently occur, quality awareness is not strong, contract signing exists in the dark box operation, not in accordance with the contract to sell seeds, private reselling of seeds and other phenomena, seed production professional cooperatives, seed production brokers are included in the "black list".

(7) Improving the dispute mediation system is a provision for the mediation of production disputes. In accordance with the principle of "local management and hierarchical responsibility", the work responsibility system for the investigation and mediation of conflicts and disputes has been fully implemented.

(8) Increasing punishment for violations of law is punishment for violations of laws and regulations.

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