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"The Red Banner of the Wind Show Picturesquely Watches the Justice and the Law Run Wanjia" performed at the theater

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7日下午,在第6个宪法宣传日、第二个宪法宣传周之际,由市委政法委、市委依法治市办、市司法局主办的宪法宣传周暨律师制度恢复重建40周年文艺演出在三明影剧院精彩开演。 In the afternoon of December 7 , on the 6th Constitution Publicity Day and the Second Constitution Publicity Week, the 40th anniversary of the Constitution Publicity Week and the restoration and reconstruction of the lawyer system organized by the Political and Law Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Office of the Municipal Party Committee under the Rule of Law, and the Municipal Justice Bureau The performance started at the Sanming Film Theater. City leaders Ji Xiquan, Liu Wannian, Wang Xizhang and Bao Ping watched the performance.
The theme of this performance is "Pictures of Red Flags in the Wind Show-Watching the Justice and the Law and Running the Family". The chorus "I and My Motherland", red song ensemble, dance "application to join the party", interview show "Passing on Fire", soundtrack Poetry recitations such as "The Constitution is in My Heart" and other wonderful programs show that our city adheres to Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics as the guide, and respects the Constitution, studies the Constitution, abides by the Constitution, safeguards the Constitution, and uses the Constitution to implement it. It shows the effectiveness of our city in promoting the spirit of the Constitution and spreading the concept of the rule of law.

年来,我市律师事业取得长足发展,队伍不断发展壮大,广大律师以法为业、以律为师,参与防范化解社会风险、扫黑除恶专项斗争、社会矛盾纠纷调解,助力营造法治营商环境,为经济社会发展贡献了正向力量,展示了应有担当。 In the 40 years since the restoration and reconstruction of the lawyer system, the lawyers in our city have made great progress and the team has continued to grow and develop. The majority of lawyers use the law as their profession and the law as their teacher to participate in the prevention and resolution of social risks, the fight against evil and the mediation of social conflicts and disputes. It helped build a business environment governed by law, contributed positive forces to economic and social development, and demonstrated its due responsibility.

多人观看演出。 More than 500 people in charge of relevant municipal units, lawyers in the city, and people from all walks of life watched the performance.

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