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Cultural and tourist fusion, popular! Sanming winter cultural tourism health products appeared at the 2019 Fujian Tourism Life Exhibition!

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The Fujian Tourism Life Exhibition 2019 opens today at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center! At this exhibition, through the combination of Sanming's colorful culture and tourism, guests and exhibitors can experience and experience Sanming's high-quality ecological environment and deep cultural heritage. Wu Xiande, Director of the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Liu Jieming, President of the Fujian Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Federation, Chen Yangbiao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Fujian Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Fujian Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. Leaders such as Chang Huangye inspected the Sanming Pavilion.

Thousands of years of intangible cultural heritage performances, realistic modeling of Youxi simulation dishes, and green ecological clear-flow health-care products have attracted a lot of citizens to stop and experience, and the scene is extremely popular. The popularity of the Sanming Pavilion is inseparable from the following five major measures:

The first is to highlight the theme image. This time, the Sanming Museum is based on a large-span red streamer, highlighting the theme images of "Fengshan Picturesque Red Flag" and "China's Green Capital, the Most Oxygenous Sanming". The high-definition scenic pictures and videos are used to show the overall image of Sanming City to the citizens of Fuzhou. An invitation to travel "Red Sanming, Civilization Sanming, China Green Capital Welcomes You" was issued.

The second is to highlight cultural integration. Many non-heritage items such as Le Hakka tea, Mingxi micro-carving, and Ninghua wood type printing attracted many visitors to stop and watch. At the invitation of the staff, many tourists also personally experienced the process of making tea and wood type printing and took a sip. Take the tea made with it, bring a piece of blessing printed by yourself, and shoot a video of non-genetic inheritor making Mingxi micro-carving. The non-heritage display of Sanming Museum is lively.

The third is to highlight the integration of sales and marketing. Cultural and tourism companies from all counties (cities, districts) in Sanming exhibited enthusiasm. Jianning Wenxin Lianye, Youxi Shenlang Township, Mingxi dried meat, Jiangle brown sugar and other cultural and creative products, tourism products, cultural tourism companies, The 28 companies of Kangyang Holiday participated in the exhibition, which is close to the theme of "Love Travel, Love Life" in Fujian Tourism Life Exhibition, and further highlights the sales function.

The fourth is to highlight winter products. Combining winter tourism hotspots with the introduction of winter wellness products to the citizens of Fuzhou, Qingliu Tianfang Yuetan, Jianning Jinyu Mountain, Yongan Yudai Longquan and other scenic spots planned promotional tickets, program performances, code-scanning hot spring eggs, germanium spring soy milk and other promotional methods To attract tourists to Sanming to experience hot springs and snow.

The fifth is to highlight government-enterprise cooperation. In September this year, Fujian Provincial Tourism Development Group signed a project cooperation agreement with Jiangle County, which will independently set up a pavilion at the current tourism life exhibition, and will present the Leyuhuadong Scenic Spot with high exposure on the entrance to the life exhibition. Provincial tourism development group exhibition halls and other publicity pages, fully demonstrate the "China's first city of deep breathing" style.

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