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The Central Civilization Office's investigation team came to investigate

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On December 10, Wu Xiangdong, the director of the Second Bureau of the Central Civilization Office, led a research team to investigate the work of spiritual civilization construction and attended the symposium. Chen Tiangui, Director of the Civilization Office of the Provincial Party Committee, and city leaders Lin Xinglu, Lin Bin, and Zhang Wenzhen participated in the survey or discussion.

The research team went to Sanming Spiritual Civilization Construction Exhibition Hall, Sanming City Museum, Dongxia Community, Fuxingbao Street, Sanyuan District, Sangang Group Company and other places to communicate with grassroots cadres and volunteer representatives. After hearing the report on the construction of spiritual civilization in our city, the research team fully affirmed the construction of spiritual civilization in our city. The research team pointed out that the creation of a civilized city is a leading project in the creation of a spiritual civilization, which reflects the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, improves the civilized quality of citizens and the degree of urban civilization, promotes new urbanization with people at the core, and promotes the national governance system and governance capacity Modernization is of great significance.

The research team emphasized that in order to do a good job in building a civilized city, we should use Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics as a guide, study and implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and thoroughly study and implement President Xi Jinping. The Secretary's important instructions on the construction of spiritual civilization and the construction of civilized cities, strengthen the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", achieve "two maintenance", and combine the ongoing theme of "do not forget the original heart and remember the mission" Education, adhere to the people-oriented work orientation of the people's city, persist in cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism, focus on cultivating newcomers of the times who are responsible for national rejuvenation, promote the new era of the era of building a better life together, and promote urban scientific planning, careful construction, Fine management, promoting urban production and development, livable life, and good ecology, creating a beautiful city environment, good order, and high-quality services, continuously improving the quality of citizens' civilization, the degree of urban civilization, the quality of urban culture, and the quality of life of the people, and continuously improving the ability of urban governance and Governance level, and strive to build Chongde to good Culture heavy, harmonious and livable, civilized city people's satisfaction. (Liu Yansong)

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