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Escort and escort for development-our city introduced a "white list" system to help companies develop

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"The introduction of the" whitelist "system in the city is really a timely rain for our private enterprises. I am grateful that the company is expected to be light on the battlefield." On December 3, Sanfa Group Co., Ltd. The person in charge Lin Jinxin praised the "white list" system in this way.

At the end of September, the city's court system took the lead in establishing a "white list" system for companies involved in cases. At present, the first batch of 148 financing guarantee “whitelists” and the first batch of 5 “whitelist” companies involved in financial cases have been released, helping 5 companies to temporarily unseal and refinance 830 million yuan.

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"My company has been dragged down for a few years because it guarantees other companies, and I can't even breathe" "If there is no effective way, my company may be tossed down" ...

In recent years, due to various reasons, the problems of "mutual protection circle" and "mutual protection chain" of many enterprises in our city have become more prominent, affecting the normal production and operation of enterprises. In this regard, the relevant departments of our city conducted in-depth investigations and studies, actively visited the companies involved in the guarantee, listened to the company's debt claims and their bank loans, learned about the asset mortgage and account security issues involved in the refinancing and refinancing process, and analyzed the guarantee related claims. 2. The impact of enforcement measures on the production and operation of enterprises. At the same time, earnestly understand the trend of the risk-solving policy of creditor bank institutions, the requirements of refinancing and refinancing conditions, consult with the enthusiasm and initiative of the companies involved in fulfilling the guaranteed debts, find out the crux of the problems in the process of bank-enterprise docking, and form a comprehensive opinion .

Create a favorable environment for the benefit of enterprises

"Enforcement issues affecting production and operation of enterprises", this is the concentrated reflection of most companies on the "mutual protection chain" problem. It can be said that this problem is the bottleneck of enterprise development.

On September 18, the Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Intermediate People's Court, and the Municipal Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau jointly issued the "Measures for the Administration of Financing Guarantee" White List "Enterprises, and" About Doing a Good Job of the "Mutual Insurance Chain" Enterprise Sub-Loan Transforming Notice "Implementation Opinions on Optimizing Financial Judicial Services and Establishing a" White List "System of Case-Related Enterprises".

According to the "Opinions", the debt-related companies registered in Sanming City, operating, paying taxes, good credit, marketable products, promising projects, competitive technology, normal production and operation, and complying with industrial development policies can apply to enter "whitelist".

On November 21, the Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the People's Bank of China, and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the People's Republic of China, as well as creditor's banks, released the first batch of 5 "white lists" of financial-related companies.

The person in charge of the company praised the city's implementation of the "white list" system.

Lin Laifa, the person in charge of Sanming Minsheng Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. said that the terms and conditions of the "white list" system are all dry goods, which is of great help to enterprises. For example, for the “white list” companies and their persons in charge, who actively declare property and cooperate with the implementation, due to the needs of business and business negotiation, after reporting to the court for approval, they can be temporarily excluded from the untrustworthy list, temporarily not taken or temporarily cancelled. Restrictions on high-spending purchases of air tickets and tickets. If in the past, if it was included in the "blacklist", there would be no such preferential policy.

Solve problems and promote development according to law and regulations

The implementation of the "white list" system is a regulatory and policy-oriented move. The original intention of the city to implement this system was to establish a negative credit punishment mechanism and positive support incentive mechanism for companies involved in financial cases in conjunction with the special action of "visiting enterprises, solving problems and promoting 'six stability'", and to keep creditors equal and lawful in accordance with the law. Rights and guarantees Debt companies can develop their production and operation, improve their ability to perform their duties, optimize the financial ecological environment, create a good business environment and social credit, and help enterprises coordinately solve financing problems, prevent and resolve credit risks, and effectively promote economic and financial benignness Circular and healthy development.

"The government's implementation of the" white list "system is a boon for our private enterprises and a new opportunity for enterprise development. In the past, we have gone through some detours, and we have not only learned a lesson, but also deeply realized that in the future, we must follow the law. Regulate production and operation. "Five financial" whitelist "companies involved in this case generally share this sentiment.

Zhang Zhiming, director of the Executive Bureau of the Sanming Intermediate People's Court, said that in the specific handling of the case, the requirements of the "white list" system were seriously implemented, and flexible measures were adopted to "release water and raise fish" to avoid aggravating business difficulties due to improper implementation. Try to avoid the intensification of conflicts between creditor and debt parties, and realize the organic unification of protecting financial claims and supporting corporate development.

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