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New era, new role, new breakthroughs as city financing

2019-12-11 17:06 source: Sanming Financial Supervision Bureau font size: big, medium and small reading: {{pvCount}} times

The city's financial system closely focuses on the work of financial services for the real economy, implements the "four articles", advances the "four focuses", deepens the "five-to-five exposure", and fully promotes the 45 agreed matters identified in the city's financing work forum. Proactively do a good job in financing project planning, optimize docking services, expand financing channels, and promote financial innovation. Financial services have achieved positive results. As of the end of November, the city's loan balance increased by 12.908 billion yuan from the end of last year, the first increase in that year since 2014. Exceeded 10 billion yuan. Among them, the loan scale of the Postal Savings Bank exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark, and the Quanzhou Bank Sanming Branch opened smoothly and realized the investment of 320 million yuan.

Initiative planning. The competent authorities in various industries actively plan projects around the city's "five-to-five sun exposure" and the four leading industries. At present, 109 projects have been successfully docked. The planned credit amount is 13.947 billion yuan, and 2.749 billion yuan has been released.

Optimize docking services. The financial supervision department urged 16 banking institutions to implement 60 specific measures for credit services. Combining the characteristics of key investment promotion projects such as Quansan and Xiamen-ming to build an industrial park and the Pearl River Delta, it sorted out 12 types of enterprises suitable for enterprises, including mortgage loans and technological transformation loans. Credit products are encouraged to feature banks such as Quanzhou Bank, Xiamen Bank, Xiamen International Bank, and Industrial Bank to formulate comprehensive financial service plans for enterprises in the park.

Broaden financing channels. The Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau announced the first "white list" of 148 companies with financing needs, and recommended them to banking institutions and state-owned financing guarantee companies to do a good job in financing services, to increase credit by 214 million yuan and lend 116 million yuan, of which pure credit loans 12 million yuan. At the same time, we will accelerate the issuance of state-owned enterprise bonds, establish a list of 26 city-level key backup companies for listing, and invite the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Maritime Exchange Center, and investment bank to come to the capital market to create better conditions for the listing of enterprises.

Promote financial innovation. Combining "four articles", integrating innovative financial products such as the Fu series, revitalizing loans, and red project loans, actively creating a "red finance" brand and doing their best to provide financial services in the old Soviet area. Accelerate the construction of enterprise information sharing platforms supported by big data, encourage banking institutions to tap corporate credit information such as "virtual collateral", pay more attention to the first source of repayment for enterprises, and strive to alleviate corporate financing difficulties and expensive financing issues. Innovate the financing mode of state-owned projects, help integrate assets such as water supply, sewage treatment, and hospitals with good returns and stable income sources, and use the TOT model to revitalize existing assets and reduce the government debt burden.

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