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Strengthening the Green Finance Reform Road and Consolidating the Achievements of Ecological Civilization

2019-12-11 17:13 Source: Sanming Financial Supervision Bureau

In recent years, the financial system of Sanming City has actively implemented the concept of green development, taking green finance reform and innovation as an important starting point for promoting green development and promoting the construction of ecological civilization, constantly strengthening the driving force for green development, and striving to build ecologically high-value and high-quality New Sanming.

The first is to make innovations and live green credit. On the basis of the continuous promotion of green credit products such as "Fulin Loan" and "Farm Farmers Loan", innovative launches of forestry financial products such as "Yinlin Loan" and "Minlin Loan" have been launched to open up forest property mortgage loans and real estate registration. Information channels, using ecological public welfare forest compensation or natural commodity forest subsidy income rights as pledge guarantees, truly make "live trees" more variable to "live money" and meet the diversified and concise loan needs of forest farmers. In just four months, Mingxi County alone has distributed “Yilin Loans” of 110.995 million yuan, benefiting 248 farmers.

The second is a bold attempt to innovate green bills. In order to solve the problems of miniaturization of forest tenure structure, decentralization of forest land resources, and complexity of forestry management, the country has taken the lead in carrying out pilot work on the reform of the forest ticket system, and issued the "Sanming City Forest Ticket Management Measures (Trial)". The new model of "Four Communities", cooperative afforestation, and trusteeship management are combined to introduce social capital, revitalize forest resources, and increase farmers' forestry credit lines. At present, the Shaxian Rural Commercial Bank grants a comprehensive credit of 5000 to the entire village of Chonghou Village and Yuzhu Village. 10,000 yuan and 30 million yuan.

The third is to gather together and build a financial platform. Relying on Internet information platforms such as "Golden Cloud" and "e Sanming", we will strengthen the integration of public credit information such as industry and commerce, energy consumption, taxation, environmental protection, social security, etc., and prepare a comprehensive green financial service platform to form an automatic identification, evaluation, and posting of greenness of financing projects At the same time, it also provides preferential policies in terms of preferential interest rates, pledge rates, financial discounts, and performance evaluation to provide banks with a full range of "Internet + public credit information" services. At present, the feasibility study of the platform construction plan has been completed.

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