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Jianning County Innovates Elderly Service Methods and Explores Establishing a New Mutual Aid Elderly Care Model

2019-12-11 15:49 Source: Jianning County Government Website Font Size: Large, Medium and Small Reading: {{pvCount}} times

Since the beginning of this year, Jianning County has innovated the way of providing care for the elderly and explored a new type of mutual aid care mode-"Time Bank", which allows volunteers to contribute their love and benefit from "love storage", forming "I help you today, and tomorrow he will Help me "cycle of volunteer service model.

On this day, the reporter encountered Aunt Luo who opened her own "time bank" account in the home care service center of Shuinan Community on the first day. She told us that in 2018, she took care of a paralyzed old man free of charge for a whole year. Although it was very hard in the process, she felt warm at heart.

Volunteer Luo Jianling said, "I participate in this elderly volunteer is a feeling from the heart, I hope not to forget my original intention, to do a good job of this position, I hope to continue forever, and happily spend time with the elderly old age".

There are still many loving savers like this. Everyone uses their strengths to help each other, make new friends, and enhance each other's feelings. Volunteer Lao Fan comes to the community every day to clean up, organize books, tables and chairs, which makes him a very meaningful life.

Volunteer Fan Yingming said: "I'm very happy here, sweeping the floor every day, doing sanitation, living a fuller life, more people here, more lively."

Starting from June this year, Jianning County has innovated an elderly care service model. For volunteers who provide services such as bathing, meals, video, cultural and sports activities, the "time bank" passbook is used to transfer the elderly and healthy elderly from "care for the elderly". To "help the elderly" to achieve "care for the elderly".

Fan Shuyuan, a staff member of the home care service center in Shuinan Community, Jianxi Town, Jianning County, said: "Time Bank is a service for senior citizens who serve the elderly, and record their service time in the form of a passbook. When you need it later, Then you can extract your stored time from the bank to serve yourself. "

This "time bank" passbook records the time, place, and content of each volunteer service. For those who have accumulated more than a certain amount of service, they are rated as one to five stars. Volunteers will pass on their love through this way of saving and redeeming "love".

Fan Shuyuan, a staff member of the home care service center in Shuinan Community, Jianxi Town, Jianning County said, "At present, there are more than 50 volunteers in our time bank, and the total service time is more than 800 hours. I hope more people will join the time bank. Come and provide services to more elderly people who need help. "

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