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The municipal committee's ideological work conference was held

2019-11-15 09:36 Source: Sanming Daily Font size: Large, medium and small Reading: {{pvCount}} times

On November 14, Lin Xinglu, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over a special meeting on the ideological work of the Municipal Party Committee to listen to the publication of red stories, the construction of an education base for civilization, the design of a civilization practice square, the implementation of the citizen civilization credit system, the planning of the red sitcom, the design of the red exhibition hall, and longevity The preparations for the 20th anniversary of the archaeological discovery of the rock ruins academic seminar and the operation of the Shirong Media Center will be arranged to make arrangements for the ideological work. City leader Lin Bin attended the meeting.

Lin Xinglu emphasized that ideological work is an extremely important task for the party. It is necessary to carry forward the tradition of reform and innovation, implement ideological work on specific projects and specific guarantees, and further implement a detailed ideological work responsibility system. We must proactively comply with the new trends and new requirements of ideological work, promote content innovation and form innovation, and move in response to the situation. We must adhere to the concept of integrated development, improve the work system and mechanism, promote the in-depth integration of ideological work with party and government work, departmental services, livelihood hotspots, and industrial development, and comprehensively improve the ability and level of ideological work. (Raming stove)

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