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Our city held a working conference to protect the wages of migrant workers

2019-11-22 16:09 Source: Website of Sanming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Recently, the Municipal Inter-Agency Joint Meeting to Solve the Problem of Wage Arrears of Enterprises Held a Work Conference to Guarantee the Wages of Migrant Workers. The leaders of each member of the joint meeting attended the meeting.

年度保障农民工工资支付工作进行综合评议,提出考核等级建议方案。 The meeting conveyed the provincial government's assessment of the protection of migrant workers 'wages in 2018 in the city , studied the city's list of issues for rectification and reform, and made a comprehensive review of the protection of migrant workers' wages in each county (city, district) in 2018. suggestion. At the same time, the meeting made research and deployment to further improve the current work of guaranteeing wages for migrant workers in the city: First, we must unify our ideology and understanding, and further strengthen our sense of responsibility and urgency to fight the hard battle against wage arrears. It is necessary to take the protection of migrant workers' wages as a major political responsibility, strengthen the responsibility, and take resolute and effective measures to solidly advance the annual work goals and tasks, and go all out to win the battle against radical wage arrears. Second, it is necessary to highlight the problem orientation and further consolidate the joint efforts of the department to tackle wage arrears. To treat the work of eradicating wage arrears as usual and deal with it at the source, we must highlight the problem orientation, implement the "local management, hierarchical responsibility and industry supervision" working mechanism, and compact the responsibility of eradicating wage arrears. Third, we must grasp the focus of work and earnestly do a good job in protecting the wages of migrant workers. Relevant departments must fulfill their responsibilities, organize earnestly the winter tackling action against the arrears of wages, take the risk points of arrears of wages found in ordinary work as the focus of the government's efforts to cure the arrears of insurance in the near future, and effectively achieve "two clearings" to ensure the government There are no group or sudden extreme events caused by wage arrears in investment engineering projects and state-owned enterprise projects.

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