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The city held a special symposium on advancing patriotism education and citizen moral construction in the new era

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On November 22, our city held a seminar to study, propagate and implement the "Outline of Patriotism Education in the New Era" and "Outline of the Implementation of Citizen Moral Construction in the New Era." And discuss measures.

The meeting requested that relevant departments at all levels should raise awareness and profoundly understand the important background and far-reaching significance of the two Outlines; they must grasp the key points, and learn from the original, learn deeply, and understand; "Articles", earnestly lead the demonstration, build a position carrier, carry out propaganda and education activities, and effectively implement the study of the two "outline" to specific work actions. It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership and regard the implementation of the two Outlines as the basic engineering and important starting point for the practice of civilization in the new era. We must strengthen publicity and create a good atmosphere in which everyone cares and participates, and everyone consciously practices.

In recent years, our city has attached great importance to patriotism education and civic moral construction, adhered to diversified practical activities to unite people's hearts, planned and carried out colorful patriotic education and civic moral construction activities; adhered to multi-position resource sharing, same-frequency resonance, and patriotic education bases. Educational bases such as national defense education bases and other educational bases have formed a strong momentum; adhere to multi-angle training of typical models with examples, Huang Xiuquan has been selected as the "eight Fujian model", Lin Shangdou, the most beautiful retired soldier in the country, Baisha police station, the national demonstration point of Leifeng activities, the province State-owned enterprises demonstrate a set of advanced models such as Sangang Group; adhere to colorful cultural activities to culture people, carry out various, lively mass cultural activities, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people; Online-offline interactions and inter-network and inter-network communication have created a strong atmosphere of patriotism education and citizen moral construction.

At the meeting, the heads of relevant municipal units and civilized units, the most beautiful people, moral models, and representatives of teachers and students from universities, schools, etc. exchanged speeches. (Nie Yixuan)

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