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The Provincial Rural Ecological Rejuvenation Work and Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Site Promotion Meeting was Held in Jiangle County

2019-11-25 09:18 Source: Sanming Daily Font size: Large, medium and small Reading: {{pvCount}} times

On November 20th, the province's rural area revitalization of ecological environment work and rural domestic sewage treatment site promotion meeting was held in Changkou Village, Jiangle County. Fu Chaoyang, secretary of the party group and director of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, and Lin Junde, deputy mayor of Sanming attended the meeting.

The meeting requested that, in the process of promoting rural ecological revitalization, we should be close to the reality of the village, fully respect the wishes of the villagers, respect the law of rural development, conduct in-depth research and comprehensive planning to ensure that the direction is correct, the path is scientific, and the method is effective. We must strengthen safeguards and steadily promote the implementation of various tasks. Closely focus on the goals and tasks proposed in the work of rural ecological revitalization, improve the leadership system, consolidate work responsibilities, improve innovative working methods, establish long-term mechanisms, strengthen policy and system guarantees, maintain stability and resilience, and persistently grasp the implementation of various measures, Continuously create a new situation for rural ecological revitalization. (Sand Viewing Ball)

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