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Our city held a key industry project investment promotion conference

2019-12-04 09:56 source: Sanming Daily Font size: big, medium and small reading: {{pvCount}} times

On December 3rd, Mayor Yu Hongsheng hosted a conference to promote investment in key industrial projects, and listened to reports on the construction of Quansan High-end Equipment Industrial Park and Xiaming Torch New Material Industrial Park, 12 key industrial investment projects, and state-owned enterprise docking. Deputy Mayor Cheng Pengying attended the meeting.

While fully affirming the effectiveness of this article in the old industrial base this year, Yu Hongsheng emphasized that it is necessary to further strengthen overall coordination and coordination, further improve the investment promotion mechanism for special classes, further strengthen element guarantees, and promptly plan to promote next year's key investment projects, especially to promote Fluorine new material project, KraussMaffei high-end injection molding machine project, Xiamen Tungsten New Energy ternary cathode material project, Keshun waterproof material project, China General Group Tencel project and cooperation project with Beijing Graphene Research Institute, etc. To promote the high-quality development of our city's industry. (Yang Yanrong)

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